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How to cheer a girl up?


There can be many reasons, and we will discuss only some of them.

She quarreled with someone. After a conflict situation with someone, almost any person feels as if "not at ease", and it is quite possible that your interlocutor also experienced a similar situation the day before. If so, and your relationship is fairly close, then she’ll probably tell you about the incident.

She is unsure of herself. Often the cause of a girl’s bad mood can be self-doubt. It may seem to her that she is not attractive enough, interesting, and the like. In addition, she believes that all her flaws are visible to others, and this depresses her. She may also be unsure of the outfit she is currently wearing. A sincere compliment can correct the situation.

Unjustified expectations. If this happened at a meeting with you, then perhaps she was waiting for something else - another date, conversations on other topics, different behavior on your part and so on. She probably thought about how everything would happen, but the reality was not what she wanted.

Problems at work or school. It is possible that she is not doing well at work or school. Perhaps she is not coping with any tasks or she has a strained relationship with someone from the team, and this upsets her.

Family troubles. It is possible that the girl’s family is not doing well now - someone is sick, there was a quarrel, someone from the family has problems of a different nature.

Health. Perhaps she had some kind of health problem - a toothache, a past injury, “female sores” or something like that makes itself felt. If this is true, you may not know about it. many girls are embarrassed to talk about such things.

Ex-boyfriend. Her former lover made itself felt, and now she is again lost in thoughts of separation and past problems. Perhaps their communication turned out to be unpleasant, or, on the contrary, he tried to return the girl, which confused her.

Change of plans. The girl planned her day or evening in a certain way, but for some reason the plans had to be changed. The changes do not seem to her equivalent to the original intentions, and this does not please her.

Fatigue. She just might get tired. Perhaps she worked a lot, was engaged in housekeeping, spent several hours “wandering around the city” on business and so on. Now she just physically does not have the strength to have fun.

Memories. She just remembered something unpleasant that could have happened a few years ago. These thoughts provoked her bad mood.

Your behavior. She might have had a normal mood before meeting you, but in the end it was your behavior that confused her. It is possible that you have rude or tactless jokes (remarks), your conversation does not get sticky, and she feels awkward, she does not see any serious interest on your part, the topic of the conversation is of little interest to her, and so on.

How to cheer a girl in VK with fun correspondence?

Vkontakte is one of the most popular social networks, it is not surprising that your communication with a girl can often be through correspondence, so a lot of guys ask themselves the question of how to cheer a girl on VK.

You decided to meet a new girl, well, write to her, give a compliment, add a funny picture, music or video to the message. Believe me, this is a good start for dating or just will cheer up and amuse your girlfriend.

If your chosen one has been with you for a long time, and you have accumulated your joint photos, videos where you are happy, send her, write the appropriate entry for the photo - this will not leave her indifferent.

How to cheer a girl in correspondence via SMS?

If you recently started dating a girl and you want to chat with her, but frequent calls will have a bad effect at the beginning of the development of relations, it doesn’t matter if you get SMS messages and we will tell you how to cheer the girl up in correspondence, and what you should not joke about especially when she is sad.

So, the most important thing is not to write poems, short messages are the key to success. Mostly girls do not like:

  • Jokes over them
  • Black humor
  • When they swear
  • Common jokes.

Therefore, you do not need to watch programs like Comedy before correspondence in order to subdue it with its "brilliant" humor, which she can simply not understand. Here are some examples of SMS for a girl:

  1. You know, I'm already so tired of waiting, it seems to me that in the evening you will want to call me on a date =),
  2. When you and I meet, promise not to laugh, I have prepared a love poem for you!
  3. No strength, no desire to get up this morning, if I do not meet in the crowd of your shining eyes.

And now, let's look at how to cheer up a girl in correspondence, if she is sad, because a positive attitude always helps to improve relations, even at a distance. Try not to raise sad topics when she is in a bad mood, let her feel that at any time of the day, no matter how far you are from each other, she can rely on you and feel loved and desired.

During correspondence, do not talk about the fact that you talked to any other girl - this will only upset her, let him know that she is the only one for you. Tell us what funny situations you have had with your friends, colleagues during the day.

Whatever she was most pleased with, and the mood rose, use such words as “hare”, “baby” and other tender words in her address. After such messages, your girlfriend will cease to be sad.

How to cheer a girl on a live date?

Decided to go on a date, don’t know how to cheer a girl up? Precisely, do not try to become a guru of humor, this will not help you. Behave naturally and not coercively, the only way you can conquer your chosen one. If she is sad, try to improve her mood, give her a surprise. Passing the flowers, buy her them or a delicious chocolate, toy.

Try to make her a memorable date, go to the theater, zoo or listen to a local group. Firstly, she will obviously like it, and secondly, she will cheer up.

If you and your girlfriend have been around for quite some time, give her surprises that she will definitely like, about which she has long dreamed. If her mood is at zero, then try to find out what is the matter, what is bothering her. Of course, she will answer that everything is fine, but still do not stop, persuade her to tell you. But do not repeat one question all the time, find an approach. When she tells you, do not make yourself a macho man who believes her sadness is not worth your efforts. Show that you are not only her boyfriend, but also a friend who is always ready to support in difficult times.

On a date, you can easily cheer up your girlfriend by telling a joke, a funny fact about yourself, or a story that your friend told you. Just do not try to memorize the text, everything should look at ease, and on the topic.

After reading this article, you can put our advice into practice, the main thing is to be confident in yourself, be yourself, cheerful and you will easily be able to withstand the oppression of female emotions. Which will lead you to strengthen relationships, or maybe you will conquer a girl you have long liked that you just corresponded with and she will go on a date with you.

The reasons for the lack of mood in girls

There can be many reasons.

Some are minor, while others are serious problems:

  1. Diffidence. One of the common reasons women are depressed. It seems to the girl that she is not attractive enough, not interesting and boring. Maybe she is unsure of the dress in which she is. A sincere compliment will help in such a situation.
  2. Broke up with a young man. A common reason after which a woman does not want to communicate with anyone and closes herself. She feels like she is not at ease. If you are close with the girl, then she herself will talk about this incident.
  3. Problems at work, in school. Perhaps your girlfriend is not coping with the tasks. The authorities are dissatisfied with her work and because of this a conflict arises. Or she has a strained relationship with colleagues.
  4. Fatigue. When a girl gets tired, her mood disappears. I don’t want to do anything, just lie down and look at the ceiling. Maybe the girl worked hard, studied, or “ran around the city” for several hours. Purely physically there is no strength for fun.
  5. Family problems. It is possible that such things are not good in the family. And such an environment puts pressure on emotionality.
  6. Health. Anything is possible here: a tooth or head ache, got injured, various “female sores”. If this is so, then you may not know this, because girls do not like to talk about such things.
  7. Your behavior. This happens because you do not know how to joke. Your jokes are tactless and rude. In this case, it is worth clarifying the reason for her bad mood. If the fault is in you, then it would be more correct to apologize.
  8. Boredom. This is commonplace, but true. Such a thing has a great effect on the emotional state. When a person is bored and does not know what to do, the void begins to crush. From idleness, nervousness appears, emotionality decreases.

How to behave a guy if the girl has no mood:

How can I cheer in VC by correspondence?

Before you start typing her a message in contact, you need to consider a few tips.

This is necessary in order not to aggravate the situation even more.

  1. The first and important point - do not be ironic. Humor can cheer you up, but only in a good way.
  2. Try to distract from a problematic topic.
  3. If you are in a bad mood, then you will not be able to resolve the situation.
  4. The most important thing is attentiveness. Listen, become a vest that you can cry into.
  5. Do not forget about the positive examples. Tell different funny situations from life.
  6. No need to use a lot of slang and obscure words.
  7. Do not try to be a clown.

How to cheer up a girl is described in the video:

If you are worried that your girlfriend is sad, then cheer her up.

You don’t need to be a clown for this, because the simplest things can cause a lady to smile:

  1. Wish good morning, good day or good night. This helps to charge a person with a positive and good mood. If communication takes place via VK correspondence, be sure to send her a smiley or sticker.
  2. Forward a funny or cute video. Another best option. Find an interesting video with funny animals and discard the girl. The main thing is to avoid vulgar and stupid videos.
  3. Compliments. The most win-win option. Any girl likes to receive pleasant words in her address, and this is an indisputable fact.

Reference! For example: “I can’t stop wondering what your pleasant voice / beautiful eye color is”. Act as you see fit.

A successful joke helps relieve tension and support further communication.

The female gender appreciates a sense of humor, so you can tell funny stories or jokes.

Important! Remember that there should be no obscene words in jokes and avoid vulgar phrases (about sex, about the former, etc.).

Hidden compliment jokes are great. For example, we can say that she reminds someone of her voice or character. And it’s important - do not overdo it, everything should be in moderation.

Good jokes include those that have elements of comparison with objects or phenomena.

You can also play a trick on your occupation or stupidity, on nature or the paradoxes of life. Clever jokes allow not only to make a girl laugh, but also to show their wide horizons.

We are trying to make laugh on the phone and SMS

Of course, raising the mood of a girl live is quite simple, because you can watch her reaction and stop at the right time. But you can cope with such a task both by phone and by correspondence.

If communication is based on messages, then try using funny phrases: “You see, I am writing to you and a little sin. You are beautiful in moderation, undermining my faith. "

Play with your imagination and come up with something original and funny, but not vulgar.

Another option is send her a funny gift, picture and back with an interesting story. In the morning, you can also send her a cheerful SMS, and she will definitely smile.

If communication occurs during a telephone conversation, then an important role is played by the voice:

  • Intonation should be expressive and vibrant.
  • Read jokes from social networks, but watch your voice. It should not be monotonous.
  • And if you know how to parody someone’s voice, then use this chip.

Make a joke with this character. For example, copy the voice of any famous person (singer, actor, politician, etc.).

How to interest and cheer up a girl via SMS is described in the video:

Jokes if she is sad

Who doesn't like jokes? Everyone likes them because they cheer up and make you feel cheerful for a long time.

But there is one caveat - not everyone likes jokes with vulgar notes or rude phrases.

  • “If programmers come to power, then entire ministries will be replaced with a small script”
  • “When you clean the dirt from the mouse, you will learn the new features of your browser”
  • “A hedgehog walked through the forest, farted, landed and went on”

If nothing comes to mind, then ask for help on the Internet.

What question to ask?

Many men are interested in: what to ask a girl about if she has no mood and is sad? You can ask about what caused this mood. If she trusts you, she will open and tell about her experiences.

Ask questions that will be of interest to both of you. For example, ask about a profession, goals or dreams. You can also talk about crazy things that have been or will be committed in life.

Important! Respond to your lady's answers. Do not forget to express emotions.

Any question should be interesting and easy. Do not make the girl think a lot, do not drive into the paint. Communication should be based on mutual emotions.

What to write?

Imagine how nice it will be for a girl to receive a poem.

You can compose it yourself or find it on the Internet.

“What happened, baby? Are you really sad. Where is your smile! Come on, honey, don't be mad. Share with me, I’m not going to hurt you ”

“I love you even sad
But don’t try to be sad.
After all, it’s more beautiful to live with a smile on your face! ”

“Smile, my friend and dare not grieve,

You don’t need to be sad.

Look, I’m trying

To amuse you very much. ”

“Don’t be sad, look how beautiful the day is

Higher nose, wider smile

Everything is about to get better already. ”

Funny pictures and jokes

Mood is such a thing, that is, it is not. Sometimes enough annoying little things to ruin a good mood.

But this must be fought. After all, as they say - laughter prolongs life.

The best and easiest option - cool pictures.

On the Internet you can find pictures for every taste. Girls love the humor associated with pets and other animals. Such cute creatures cause not only tenderness, but also increase the emotional balance by 100%.

Important! A funny picture should not contain obscene and vulgar expressions. After all, such a joke can offend a girl even more. Better send her a photo with funny cartoon characters, with animals, with unsuccessful shots, etc.

Watch a video collection of funny pictures:

Girls are emotional creatures, and sometimes it’s hard to understand when their mood is spoiled. But the main question is how to raise it.

You can ask for help with tips that indicate the correct path. Try to trust your instincts, analyze the situation and only then try to cheer the girl.

Remember that each person is different, and you only need to find an approach.

Have a nice day in the morning

Good morning wish can charge you with a good mood for the whole day - especially if it comes from a person who is pretty girl. Write to her in the morning that today will certainly be a good day, let her smile more often, and, as usual, charges everything around with her bright energy. You can send her a cute postcard - a kitten frolicking on the grass, a snowy city, a snowdrop breaking through melting snow, a forest path lit by the sun and the like. In general, choose what seems most appropriate to you, and what a girl will surely like.

Funny short sms

If something funny happens to you, then you can talk about this girl in SMS. If nothing like this happened, then just send her the jokes that many groups on social networks are full of. Choose short jokes so that girls do not have to spend a lot of time reading them.

Send a fun video

Many people like to watch funny videos, and perhaps your chosen one was no exception. Send her something funny related, for example, with animals. Avoid vulgar or overtly stupid videos. Note that it’s not always a joke that you can throw off to a friend will be perceived “with a bang” by a girl.

Compliments are always a win-win

Girls love compliments, and this is an indisputable fact. Если вы недавно или сегодня виделись, можете написать ей: «На тебе было очень красивое платье, мне оно почему-то запомнилось», «Не устаю удивляться, какой у тебя невероятный цвет глаз», «Ты сегодня особенно шикарно выглядишь».If you have personal communication, then say compliments right away, without putting them off for later.

How to quickly cheer up your girlfriend in pen pal

By correspondence on a social network to cheer a girl a little easier than just by SMS. If you know for sure that the interlocutor is free now, then you can tell her a long funny story that once happened to you. Since we are talking about a beloved girl, we can recall some pleasant and funny moments that happened together with you. You can reinforce pleasant memories with the corresponding photo.

You can also send videos that you just shot - let it contain a sweet declaration of love, or just some kind and kind words. If you are not in the mood to shoot videos, then they can be found on the Internet, focusing on the taste of your chosen one. For example, you know for sure that she likes kittens and she loves children - in this case send funny videos with mischievous cats and babies. Surely, they will be able to cheer up the girl - in addition, there are usually a lot of such videos on the Web and the collection is regularly updated.

You can start by correspondence in VK to build with your girlfriend any plans that she will surely like. It could be a trip to another city, a trip to another country, a coming birthday, and so on. Many girls like to plan, and it really cheers them up.

Send her a beautiful love poem. You can write it yourself or choose the right work, having studied some of the works of famous classics. Surely, the beloved will be pleased to read the words of love in this form.

Cheer with the right words

If your girlfriend is sick, and in this regard she has no mood, then it is in your power to cheer her up and direct her thoughts in a completely different direction. Invite her to go or go to some interesting place immediately after she gets better. Choose a pastime option that she will definitely enjoy. Say that you miss her smile, and ask what you can do to make her feel at least a little easier.

Distract beautiful verse or sms

A sick girl not only, as a rule, does not feel well, but also suffers from bad thoughts. It may seem to her that while she will fight the disease, you can pay attention to another person. She is also now less confident in her attractiveness. any disease usually in some way affects the appearance. Your task is to dispel all doubts of the chosen one, giving her as much attention as possible - including by correspondence. Let her know what you often think of her. Write her touching and sensual SMS - she will appreciate it. Do not disappear for a long period, try almost always to be in touch. It will not be superfluous to send your beloved a beautiful verse about love - written by you or found on the Web. Also pick up a romantic song, study the text, make sure that there are only pleasant and exciting words - send this work to a girl, noting that it reminded you of it.

Calm down with a positive outlook and attitude

Let the girl know that they are sure of her speedy recovery. At the same time, note that if the process is somewhat delayed, then you will be with her all this time, and support her in every way. Come up with some interesting pastime that she can now afford. If you can visit her, be sure to use this opportunity, but do not abuse it - a sick person needs a good rest and sleep, so one visit per day will be quite enough, and then keep in touch in another way. Let the girl understand that in spite of the fact that today she is a bit “lost”, your attitude towards her remains the same, and you are still ready to take care of her.

Nice to surprise you with a surprise

Of course, words alone are not enough in this situation, and this is exactly the case when a guy has a huge chance to prove himself, to get close to a girl. Some young people make a catastrophic mistake, telling the girl something like: "Well, so far you will recover, then we will meet, I will not strain you." Most often, this behavior turns into a break in the relationship on the part of the girl, because she understands that this guy needs only when she has no problems. If you want to impress the girl, and become the main character of her enthusiastic stories to friends, then act differently. Bring her, for example, a basket of fruits - firstly, vitamins will not interfere with her now, and secondly, it is simply pleasant and effective. You can also bring goodies that she likes - sweets, sushi, and at least sausage! It is important that you remember her tastes, and want to please. Girls of all ages have a positive attitude towards soft toys - bring her a big hare or a bear, saying that he will “look after” her while you are not around. In general, a gift can be anything - the main thing is that for a girl it should be a pleasant surprise.

By the way, the surprise may be of another kind. For example, a collage with your shared photos, a video edited from frames of your joint vacation, a bunch of balloons, a flower in a pot and much more. The main thing is that it be touching and beautiful.

Please note that if you regularly make visits to a girl during this period, this can not only please her, but sometimes put her in an uncomfortable position - this is due to the fact that you need to be looked after during tea parties, feed you lunch, and the like. This may seem like a trifle, but during the illness, not every girl is able to take care of such things every day. That is why you should bring yourself a treat for tea, eliminating possible awkward situations.

To please with flowers

Surely, your girlfriend loves flowers, and now you have a good reason to give her such a sign of attention. Choose a beautiful bouquet and bring it in person or pass it through a courier. Most likely, such a gesture will be pleasant to the beloved, and the flowers will delight her eyes for a long time, reminding you. If the recovery period has dragged on, please the girl with flowers more often - do not even doubt that she will like it.

What lifts the mood of any woman

A gift for no reason. Any woman will be happy with a good gift for no reason. And this may not necessarily mean an expensive gift. Many men are used to acting in a standard way - making surprises for major holidays, the rest of the time confining themselves to monotonous dates, or even sitting at home in front of the TV. Of course, such uniformity can get bored over time, and if you notice a similar problem for yourself - learn spontaneity, for example, in gifts, let them sometimes be without reason. If you know that the chosen one is dreaming of some thing, then if you have the opportunity, then buy it now, without waiting for the holiday date. Surely, a woman will appreciate such an impulse. Give her periodically boxes of her favorite sweets, small and cute or huge and chic bouquets, the perfume that she dreamed about and so on. If you are comfortable with your chosen one, and you feel that she makes you happy, then such signs of attention towards her will only be a joy to you.

Chocolate, sweets. Many girls are sweet tooth, and perhaps your chosen one is one of them. If this is true, then periodically please her beloved goodies. Surely during the period of communication with her, you managed to study her tastes at least a little, so it will not be difficult for you to choose sweets for her - a big bar of chocolate for her, a few kinder surprises, a bag of prune in chocolate, a box of dates or tender air cakes, beautiful cake and much more! Undoubtedly, one of the following causes delight in your sweet tooth girl! If you do not know exactly what your darling will like, do not be afraid to experiment - you may be able to surprise her with something that she herself has not tried. Saying that the path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach, but, oddly enough, a woman can also be conquered in a similar way!

Get-togethers with girlfriends. Many guys are very jealous of the fact that their girls can spend a lot of time in the company of friends. If your relationship also has such a problem, then over time it will lead to serious consequences. Thus, you demonstrate your mistrust to the girl, which involuntarily pushes her away from you. Let her spend time and have fun with her friends - she is quite entitled to it. If you express any dissatisfaction, then soon she will begin to miss the time when you were not in her life. Believe me, if she does not have any obstacles in her meetings with her friends, then they will not become her longed-for “forbidden fruit”. If you objectively understand that these gatherings do not go beyond the reasonable, then do serious psychological work on yourself in order to understand why you have a negative reaction.

Time with your loved one. If it seems to you that your girlfriend is more interested in spending time with someone than with you, then you can fix it. Make really interesting dates, and the girl will begin to smile more often next to you. The main thing is that diversity reigns in your pastime, and then the two of you will be fine in these respects.

So, what dating options can be thought out:

  • Picnic. Organize a romantic picnic for your girlfriend. Wait for warm, but not hot weather, choose a picturesque place, stock up on fruits and goodies that your girlfriend likes, take a thermos of coffee, a bottle of wine or just some tasty drink, and invite your chosen one.
  • New coffee shop. Many couples prefer to go to the same already familiar dream, and sometimes they themselves do not even notice that this no longer gives them their former joy and interest. Invite a girl to date in new establishments, in those that you have never been to - probably, in your city a lot of wonderful and cozy restaurants or coffee houses with a romantic atmosphere have appeared lately.
  • Paragliding. If your girlfriend loves adrenaline, then your suggestion to paraglide can inspire her. In many large cities, some organizations have long been offering this service. And by the way, this is less scary than a parachute jump.
  • Walk on a river boat. If there is a river in your or the nearest city, then most likely in the warm season, boat trips are organized on it, which everyone can afford. This is especially beautiful in the evening, when it comes to the metropolis, and you have a view of the lights of the evening promenade.
  • Romantic dinner. Most often, such surprises suit girls for their men, but believe me, any of them would be happy with a similar gift, because she would not have to stand at the stove herself and so on. Prepare a delicious dish, pick up a drink for it, buy fruit, and light candles before your lover arrives. If you doubt your culinary possibilities, order her favorite dishes from the restaurant - for sure, she will like it no less.

What to do if a girl’s bad mood is a frequent occurrence

If you notice that a bad mood is characteristic of your chosen one more often than a good or neutral one, then, of course, you should determine the cause of this phenomenon. If this happens only in your presence, and at the same time you know that she is usually cheerful and cheerful with other people, then it is obvious that the problem lies precisely in your relationship. Perhaps the girl even told you more than once that she was not happy, but you did not attach much importance to this. Bring out your beloved for a frank conversation (of course, without aggression and irritation), find out what she would like to change in your relationship.

If a girl is discouraged not only in your society, then there may be several options.

Perhaps she herself is a pessimist, so this accordingly affects her character. If a girl is aware of this problem, then it can be solved by attending relevant trainings, studying literature on this topic or meeting with a psychologist. It is possible that you are a born optimist by nature - then it is possible that in time you will infect her with your optimism.

Not everyone knows that some health problems are characterized by a depressive and irritable mood, increased fatigue, and apathy. This is a very common occurrence, and your girlfriend may not even be aware of her problem. She should be examined in a clinic, and this especially applies to a visit to an endocrinologist - such symptoms are often characteristic of people who have problems with the thyroid gland.

Maybe there are problems in your girlfriend’s life that she still cannot solve, and this leaves a certain imprint on her general condition. Speak frankly with her and, if possible, try to help her solve her difficulties. Perhaps she has trouble in the family, in the team, or elsewhere, and she does not know how to deal with them. It is possible that your advice or active participation will correct the situation.