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How to invite a guy to meet


You know that the young man plans to call you out on a date, or already called. It is difficult to find the right answer, especially if you have never been in a similar situation before! Whether it will be 100% “Yes!”, Categorical “No” or blurry “Maybe”, make sure that you first listen to your feelings and ask yourself which option is right for you. Do not agree with anything that makes you uncomfortable, and remember: asking for time to think things through is normal.

What does it mean to “meet”

It's about a romantic relationship. Couples can meet since school years, but this does not always mean that their relationship necessarily has an intimate background. Young people just spend time together: go for walks, to the movies, theaters, to the rink, to amusement parks and other interesting places. Also, such relationships involve caring for each other, signs of attention, support. At the same time, the company of a guy and a girl, as a rule, is aware that they are a couple.

Mostly the initiative of such a relationship comes from a young man or man, but, of course, exceptions often occur.

Who should make an offer to meet a guy or girl

There is no single answer. As already mentioned, more often this prerogative goes to the guy.

There are situations when you can start a relationship yourself:

  • You often spend time together, and the young man clearly makes you understand that you are not indifferent to him. He invites you to dates, just trying to constantly keep in touch with you, in every possible way showing his sympathy. In this case, it may be that the young man cannot decide to declare his desire to meet. Perhaps you show a lack of interest, and he is afraid to be rejected.
  • The young man has virtually no free time - he is completely immersed in study, work or some other field (sports, music). He fears that he will not be able to pay enough attention to you, and you do not need such a relationship where the partner often disappears somewhere.
  • In general, it is difficult for him to imagine that he is able to please someone, so he thinks little about relationships with the opposite sex. Another option is also possible - his last novel was so painful that it undermined his faith in himself, and now it is very difficult for him to open up to someone again.
  • He either did not have a serious relationship, or they had a very long time. He became accustomed to loneliness, and from the outside it seems that he does not worry at all about this. As a rule, such a guy has many friends, but it does not occur to him to consider them as potential life partners.

How to offer a date to a man

1. The right moment. When you offer a man a romantic meeting, make sure that nothing distracts you from your conversation. This can be done via SMS or VK, or in person. Let no one bother you - such a conversation does not need witnesses. Therefore, even if your proposal sounds at work or study, you choose the moment when you will be alone with the person you like.

2. Do not be intrusive. Do not watch him for hours before you catch the moment when he will be alone. It is not necessary that everyone around you understand that you need something from this guy. Also, you do not need to write to him on social networks: “Where are you?” I need to talk urgently! ” When you are ready, just go up to the man and offer to discuss something, moving aside from the team. In VK, wait until he writes to you on some neutral occasion, or start your conversation with a greeting, only then moving on to the point.

3. Plan a date. It would be foolish to invite a young man to a meeting, hoping that he would subsequently think through all its details. Think about what kind of date he would be interested in. Remember what he likes, what he is interested in. Perhaps he would have been fascinated by a bike ride, a movie, a concert, or something like that. You can just visit some cozy cafe serving delicious burgers or sushi (remember that it is preferable for a guy you like).

4. Be confident in yourself. If you know that today is the day when you decide to call a guy on a date, it would be nice to pay special attention to your appearance in order to give yourself more confidence. Radiate calm and positive, do not show your excitement, much less put pressure on the young man. Show him that you would be happy to meet with him, but nothing bad will happen if the meeting does not take place.

A young man should at least slightly suggest what arouses your sympathy, and he should not be unspeakably surprised at your proposal for a meeting. So that is, try to show the guy before that he is of interest to you. This can best be demonstrated by flirting.

5. How to bring to the proposal? To avoid embarrassing situations, you must be sure that on the evening or day when you intend to meet with him, the young man will be free. The easiest way to find out about this is by asking him a direct question: “What do you plan to do in the evening?” If he is busy, he will surely ask again why you asked this question. Surely, he realizes that you want to meet, and will offer an alternative. However, if the guy says that he has things to do, and the conversation ends there, then this is not a good sign - for now, leave him alone and do not find out his plans for the next days.

6. Group date. If you don’t have enough determination to offer a face-to-face meeting, then you can get out of the situation in another way. Say that you were going to a movie or concert with a couple of friends and you have one extra ticket. In the event of a young man’s refusal, you will not be so offended, because you cannot say that you showed a clear personal interest, as in the case of a one-on-one meeting.

Invite a guy to meet in contact

It is not necessary to directly offer a relationship - you can hint a guy to suggest that he meet if he writes, but does not offer to meet. Just start a conversation about personal topics. Ask if he is free, what kind of girls he likes. On these issues, he will understand that he is attractive to you. You can write that you wanted to visit a certain place (cinema, exhibition, park). You can also write to your interlocutor that it would be interesting for you to meet with him without making proposals directly.

However, if you understand that all your hints do not achieve the goal, just ask the guy if he is ready for a new relationship. If yes, ask if he can introduce you to him. You can act more radically: “I like you. Let's meet!". This is a very bold step, but it can have a lot more effect than walking around and around.

Call and in a conversation hint at a date

Talking on the phone can be more productive than SMS. Perhaps he will not immediately see your message, and all this time you will worry about why he is not responding. Before starting a conversation with a guy, get rid of excitement, be calm and positive. Talk about neutral topics for a couple of minutes, then come to the point. Learn from the young man how he treats you. You can directly say that he likes you, but you cannot understand each other or that. If the conversation comes to the fact that the guy has similar feelings for you, then you can offer: “Maybe we’ll go for a walk together?” In general, this can be called the beginning of a relationship.

Throw a date invitation note

Are you afraid to immediately admit to the guy that you like him, and besides, are you prone to adventures? Then it is quite possible to throw an anonymous note to the young man, which will contain an invitation to a date. Write that you really like him and would like to know him closer. Set a time and venue. Naturally, you must be convinced that the chosen one does not meet with another girl. Of course, such a note may not be anonymous.

Use the help of friends

Before you invite a guy to start a relationship, you can reconnoiter the situation with the help of mutual friends or acquaintances in whom you are sure. Let one of them carefully ask the young man how he treats you, explaining his interest with a suspicion that he likes you. Even if it turns out that the feelings are not mutual, you will not feel embarrassed, because other people's suspicions do not have to coincide with reality.

How nice to invite a guy to meet

In verse. If you are convinced that your chosen one is romantic, you can offer him a relationship by writing a poem specially for him. You can use the works of classics. In the end, you can add that this verse contains everything that you feel for it. Of course, it will be more appropriate to use this technique in correspondence.

At the concert. Go with a guy to a band concert that he definitely likes. You two should have a great mood and a lot of positive emotions during such a joint pastime. After the concert or closer to its completion, tell the young man that you had a lot of fun together, and you want these meetings to take place more often. At the end of the conversation, directly offer him a relationship.

In the cafe. Invite a young man to a cozy coffee shop or pub that he likes. Start a conversation with neutral positive topics, and then take an interest in his attitude towards your person. Having understood what the interlocutor likes, invite him to meet.

On the party. If you know that you have to see a guy you like in a club or a group of friends, then prepare for this event in advance. You must look spectacular and confident. Invite the young man to a dance during which you tell him about your desire to start a relationship. If dancing is not meant, then just seize the moment when you are left alone or invite the guy to go on a conversation.

Romantic letter. Compose a romantic letter in which you tell your loved one about your feelings for him. Describe what emotions you encounter with him, admit that you would like to have a relationship. The letter should, if possible, be put in the pocket of his jacket or in a cover with a laptop, but so that he does not immediately see it. You can also give an envelope at a personal meeting: saying goodbye after study or work, by chance meeting in the corridor, after gatherings in one company and so on.

What to do if a guy does not want to date

Do not tune yourself to such an outcome, but be prepared for it. The guy’s negative answer doesn’t need to be taken with aggression, or even worse, a drama should be created from this.

  • Accept the answer with dignity. You may ask what is the reason for this reluctance. After listening to him, say that nothing terrible has happened, thank you for giving me attention, and say that you will always be glad to see or hear him.
  • When meeting, do not show hostility or try again to start a conversation on the topic of relations. Behave as if nothing happened, and communicate in the same vein as before.
  • Perhaps you decided that he does not realize how much you fit together, and you need to demonstrate this by any means. This approach can cause irritation and hostility in a guy. If you do not want him to start avoiding you, be neutral.
  • If after talking with a young man you still have negative emotions, this is not a reason to complain to friends and common acquaintances, considering yourself an offended side. Understand that you could be in his place, and it is not known what reaction you would have.
  • Do not focus all your attention specifically on this person. If you understand that the guy is not too keen to keep in touch, then do not act as if the light has wedged on him. There are a lot of interesting young people around who you can be pretty and who can cause no less interest in you.