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How to Become an Illusionist: A Guide to Action


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Becoming an amateur magician, you will gain an interesting opportunity to surprise friends and relatives at a variety of parties and holidays. If you like to constantly impress the audience, then you can think about the professional career of a magician. First of all, it is necessary to study the basic tricks, and then begin to gradually move towards a more complex illusion repertoire. Get started by learning a few simple but effective tricks, including tricks with cards, coins, and distraction.

How do you become real magicians?

In large cities, whole schools and training centers operate today that can teach you the basics of this unusual and amazing profession. But there are a lot of self-taught people in this area who reach everything themselves. The main thing - you should not forget that in addition to mastering magical wisdom, you also need acting talent. After all, to perform on stage. The bright and colorful show hides hard and painstaking work.

Where to start? First of all, you need to independently evaluate your own readiness for this craft. Check if you can become David Copperfield or Harry Houdini?

What you need to become a true magician

A childhood dream, far away for many, is quite feasible, it is only necessary to make some efforts. Now there are even studio schools where they teach how to become an illusionist. Or you can yourself learn how to perform several tricks, if performing on stage is not a top priority. Over time, a curious hobby can be turned into an exciting profession.

Stage work is quite difficult. Behind the shining show is a huge work. Before asking how to become an illusionist like Dynamo (the famous British magician Stephen Frein), you need to check your own willingness to master this profession. So what is needed for true success?

Daily labor

Remember, in order to master this profession, it is not at all necessary to study at a specialized school and pay money. You can answer the question of how to become an illusionist at home, on your own. First of all, you need to work hard in a daily mode, hone your skills, repeating new and old numbers and tricks over and over again. Please note that it will not work quickly. Only in order to develop the necessary flexibility of the fingers, the magician needs years of training.

Patience and time

The brilliant David Copperfield spent several years creating one magnificent room. It is necessary to be a true fan of your work in order to sacrifice years of your own life for the sake of spectator delight and minute performance. How to become an illusionist? First of all, you must work hard to develop your own abilities, learn new ones and repeat old tricks.

You need to ask yourself: "Do I want to devote the lion's share of my time to this?" Prior to his first focus on the stage, considerable effort will be required. For example, to achieve the necessary flexibility of the fingers, it will take years of training.

The main qualities of a magician

Creative is very important. For home performances, a few memorized tricks may be enough for you, but if you want to speak to a large number of people, you need to invent something of your own. All who became the main illusionist themselves developed their numbers, costumes, and looked for props.

Ingenuity and dexterity

The secret to a delicious trick is often to serve right. To be able to make the necessary movement in time so that the viewer does not notice anything superfluous is a rather laborious process that requires accuracy, physical strength, and reaction speed.

People come to the show to touch miracles, you need to cause their real surprise, but for this you really need something new. How to become an illusionist capable of endlessly delighting the public? Creativity is clearly not enough here. For tricks at home, it may be enough to repeat the successful number of the star magician found on the site, in a book or magazine, but professional success can only be achieved with the help of your own ingenuity. Most famous magicians develop rooms, costumes and props themselves.

Fools have no place here

Indeed, many tricks and tricks masters mastered many tricks on their own. This does not always lead to a positive result, since becoming a magician-illusionist is very difficult. But in this case, you are guaranteed to find your own style and exclusivity.

Everyone decides how to become an illusionist. Studying at home requires a lot of effort and self-organization, as well as financial costs and free time. To become a good magician, you will have to acquire a lot of props, educational literature, and video materials. At the same time, give trainings 8-10 hours a day, and find money for life in some other way until you become a star.

Somewhat easier for children who grow up in the families of magicians. Parents often share secrets with them, passing on the secrets of their craft. And when the baby literally grows behind the curtains, then from the first years of life it is saturated with the spirit of the scene.

Intelligence and Charisma

One of the necessary ingredients for a successful number is a rigorous mathematical calculation. The sequence of actions must be precisely verified, every smallest detail is important. There can simply be no minor, random things, and a small oversight can cross out all efforts.

The success of any artist depends on the reaction of the audience. It’s not enough to say: “I want to become an illusionist and achieve recognition!” It is necessary to feel the mood of the public in order to timely produce the effect right now. Personal charm is an important part of any magician. To please the viewer, you must be able to present yourself.

First steps and subtleties of learning

Those wishing to become an illusionist should study a lot of offers. It can be courses, practical exercises, various schools. Most practitioners are ready to give paid lessons, share their best practices and secrets that open the boundaries of the magical world. Circus circus schools also teach skill, educate skills, qualities, teach the art of illusion.

An important factor in the learning process is perseverance. The most experienced aces pay enormous attention to training, bring tricks to perfection. Some techniques are repeated dozens, hundreds of times, in order to develop reflex memory. Real masters pay minimal attention to hands during tricks, this distracts the viewer. Daily workouts are paying off, but you need to be patient so that the result fully meets expectations.

How to learn to be a stage wizard

How to master the mastery of beautiful focus, get the necessary skills on stage, how to become an illusionist? Should training take place in a special institution or can you start your career as a wizard yourself? Among the famous artists of the illusion there are real masters of focus who have obtained the necessary skills on their own.

It is really difficult, not always successful, but there is a chance not to repeat the path of others, to become exclusive. Self-study will require considerable discipline, time, effort, material costs. Training props, techniques of tricks, methods will have to be obtained by yourself, and then try to master it all. In addition to the tricks themselves, it is necessary to study acting, because every professional should have the ability to keep himself on stage.

In families of hereditary magicians, parents often teach their children the secrets of the dynasty craft themselves. From an early age, babies come backstage and absorb the necessary information. Having matured, it is much easier for them to prove themselves as artists.

The art of learning at home

If training with professionals is carried out according to the established scheme, then studying at home will be somewhat more difficult. A potential illusionist will find useful concentration, excellent and impeccable self-organization. The student should train perseverance, work with perseverance, work out each element, paying attention to the little things. It is recommended to the beginning wizard to stock up on special literature, which is presented in a huge assortment. Find the right tutorial to discover the wonderful world of tricks and bewitching illusions.

The second source of training information is the Internet. The World Wide Web will give out a ton of information on preparing a magician for free. Such a chance should not be missed for beginners who want to achieve a high level. Some things, attributes, special equipment are sold by the illusionists themselves, who for some reason decided to no longer practice secret science.

Courses and educational institutions

A magician is a rather rare profession, it is not easy to find an educational institution by this profile. Now there are courses where you can learn the basics of mastery of focus. Such a hobby over time is quite possible to turn into a craft, if you feel your own vocation in this. With an experienced teacher, you can acquire the knowledge necessary to start a career, but further success will depend on your own efforts. The famous circuses have their own studios where you can master a fascinating profession, and then get a job and perform on stage.

One of the win-win options for how to master the skill of the illusion is to enter the circus school as a magician-manipulator. Applicants will have to undergo special tests and exercises to identify whether a person can further develop the flexibility of his hands so that he can deftly perform the most subtle tricks.

Psychologist and magic magician-illusionist

Before starting training, pay attention to the psychological aspect. A successful magician must be a good psychologist, to understand people. Constant work with the audience requires studying the basics of psychology. The sorcerer will have to hold attention, amuse, distract people to create magnificent tricks. A good magician does not reveal his secrets, so the master needs to concentrate his views, the attention of the audience on things that will not lead to exposure. The secret is considered the basis of illusion, if it is revealed, the focus becomes uninteresting.

A successful illusionist will have to learn to communicate with the crowd. It is impossible to make a dizzying career as a magician if there is no contact with the public. The inability to talk, to find an approach to people suggests that it is worth thinking about another career, abandoning tricks and magic shows. The study of psychology helps to master "street magic", to find an approach to different people, knowing their character, disposition. Success will come to that illusionist who will not despair, will persistently continue training, improve on the path of self-development.

Profession Development

After illusion courses, patient training, studying already known and developing your own tricks, you can think about conquering the public. Most courses teach just the basics of interacting with small subjects - cards, balls, ropes. How to become a magician-illusionist who can also be controlled with technically complex props? Any professional must constantly develop. It is necessary to constantly search for oneself in one's favorite business, learn to cope with stage equipment, thoroughly examine what is already there, and monitor new trends in working with props. The profession of an illusionist is a way to endlessly improve your skills and own mastery.

A spectacular look - a delightful distraction maneuver

Properly thought out costume, image and image always help the magician to conquer the audience. Intricate, creative, unusual outfits will attract, hold eyes, distracting people from the hands of the master. Spectacular surroundings, a colorful suit, an unusual headdress - all this will play in favor of the sorcerer.

A future magician should not forget that his hands are his unique tool. "Inventory" should be clean, well-groomed, neat, so you should think about purchasing a moisturizer and talcum powder. The illusionist will have to work on stretching the brushes, develop elasticity, do strength exercises, supporting the tone of the hands. Today, there are many exercises to achieve a good stretch of the hands.

Riddle and uniqueness - the key to successful performances

The constant repetition of one issue will not cause excitement and attention of the audience. The crowd wants to see creative numbers filled with mysticism, riddles, magic tricks. The wizard will be popular, have an army of fans, while he will create unique tricks that competitors do not have.

Props, entourage, number - everything is carefully thought out, worked out so that nothing could obscure the performance. Carefully choose assistants, details, an outfit to make a splash the first time. When composing the program of a show, usually the magician leaves the most “delicious” numbers for the final of the performance. This technique keeps the viewer intrigued, warms interest and excitement.

Where to learn magic tricks?

An experienced teacher will help as quickly as possible to master the largest possible theoretical and practical material. Well, if it is an experienced professional who works, for example, with a circus. So in the arena you will have the opportunity to go through the first practice in front of real spectators.

You can go the most reliable way - to enter the circus school as a magician-manipulator. The curriculum includes special exercises and tests to help develop the flexibility and sleight of hand that will be needed when performing complex tricks.

How to achieve success in the profession?

After completing the initial training, it is worth taking care of the solution to the question of how to become an illusionist and conquer your audience.

At the beginning of the profession, you will learn the most popular techniques - the ability to handle balls, cards, nodes. Then you have to learn how to work with more complex props. After all, the main thing is to constantly develop and not stop there. If you follow daily new trends in the world of magic tricks, work with the latest technical innovations, then you are guaranteed to achieve success.