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How to make money for a student while studying on the Internet - the best ways to have pocket money


Good day, dear students! Tired of living on one scholarship? Do you constantly have to choose between payment for accommodation and entertainment? How to earn money for a student is an acute question that arises during study.

I’ll tell you where to get the money, I’ll charge you with motivation, you just have to gain determination and act.

Why do 65% of students earn less than 6,000 rubles?

Poverty among students is high. Many manage to find a side job on which you can only survive. Do you have the same situation? Most likely the wrong settings settled in your head.

Stereotypes that interfere with wealth:

  1. Study. To stay with a scholarship, not to fly out of the university, you must attend all lectures, close the session. You can risk and neglect education, but this puts the future in doubt. Flexible freelance solves the problem.
  2. Lack of skills. After graduation, you did not do anything, you have nothing to offer the employer. The Internet is full of sources of income, you just have to dig.
  3. Fear. Open a business as a student? No, I’m better off going to work as a waiter - most people think so. The Internet eliminates the need to be in one place. Getting a good passive income is really possible while studying or being at home.
  4. Environment. You’ll get a diploma, you’ll go to work, but for now, focus on your studies — relatives and acquaintances repeat. Due to the constant repetition of this pattern is sitting in the head, lowers self-esteem.
  5. Laziness. Remember the dragonfly and ant fable? Students who want all their youth to just have fun sit on pasta for a month and walk.
  6. Parental custody. The financial assistance of loved ones is wonderful. But it prevents to become independent.

Because of these blocks, you are missing out on opportunities.

Poor student = lazy. Dreaming of easy money? In vain. Read the success story of any businessman. You will be convinced that months, years of painstaking work are hidden behind big money.

What do you need to prepare for?

Easy money is a scam trap. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your free time. Do not worry, everything will be rewarded: experience, money, strong endurance.

Difficulties that await you:

  1. Responsibility. One or two lectures at the university can be skipped, and then ask classmates for notes, but the employer will not tolerate a disregard for the matter.
  2. Lack of time. To combine study and work, you need to learn how to make a to-do list, prioritize.
  3. Psychological discomfort. The extra hour behind the project, instead of going to the cinema with friends, is frustrating. Get ready for it.

If you manage to overcome these obstacles, you will receive a bonus - the respect of classmates, teachers, parents.

5 reasons to start earning right now

Adulthood is not a sign of growing up. Some, even at 28, are provided by their parents. The direct path to independence is to start making money.

At 19, I had to fill 8 teeth. My family is simple and my parents could not pull me. Concern about health made me look for a way out myself. Jobs saleswomen, waitresses are not satisfied. Legs are buzzing towards the end of the day, nerves are on edge. I found a solution on the Internet. I still remember 3,000 rubles for 10 articles. It was copywriting - a business to which I have dedicated my life.

Advantages of earning in student years:

  1. Increase self-esteem. Parents are trying in every way to influence your life, not taking into account your opinion, if they give money. You feel guilty, obligated.
  2. Desired Shopping. New iPhone, a two-week holiday in Thailand and other pleasures you can afford.
  3. Experience. The ability to work in a team, to find a common language with superiors, as well as professional skills, is a plus for your resume.
  4. Financial literacy. You learn to invest, save money to ensure stability, to buy the desired.
  5. Communication. Working on a text exchange confronted me with interesting, useful people. I met a blogger who helped me maintain my blog and earn income from it.

My girlfriend worked as a sales assistant in a regular mobile phone shop. She studied to be a marketer. To persuade a person to buy goods for her was a matter of 5 minutes. Sales rose 5%. She was promoted to deputy director with a salary of 50,000 rubles.

A simple side job can be a vocation, drastically changing your life.

Cousin from Irkutsk, moonlighting, met her future husband. She became a part-time travel secretary. My cousin liked the young guy who bought the tour so much that he went there under various pretexts, until he had the courage to call her on a date. Now they have been happily married for 5 years.

Copywriting + rewriting

Wrote essays, essays? So go to the text exchange to scribble articles for real money. Prices depend on the type of order, volume and generosity of the customer.

Rewriting - writing cheap texts. Price from 15 to 70 rubles per 1,000 characters. You simply rewrite articles from the Internet in your own words. I advise you to choose your favorite topics, otherwise you will quickly run out of steam.

Copywriting - articles “from the head”. They are informational (reviews, workshops) and commercial (slogans, offers). You may be paid for the volume or quantity of sales. The average price of a text is 2,000 rubles.

I recommend taking our copywriting training from A to Z in the Knowledge Base (authors Aleksey Morozov and Vasily Blinov).

When you get comfortable on a text exchange, you can resell cheap articles. Buy for 10 - 15 rubles. / 1,000 characters, and sell for 25 - 40 rubles. / 1,000 characters. It is necessary to check the text for errors, correct them.

Know how to catch a great shot? Is there a smartphone with a good camera? This is enough to register on the photo stock and sell the photo.

You can earn from 3,000 to 15,000 rubles in the photo without tension. After all, the same work does not go into one hand, but is resold many times. He took off a whole gallery and here's a passive income.

Affiliate networks

Everyone, from online stores to airlines, pay a percentage of the profit for attracted customers.

Students really earn on affiliate programs from 100 to 8,000 rubles per day.

Where to begin? Start a blog or group on social networks. Get 1,000 to 15,000 subscribers / unique visitors. Place banners, insert links in articles, enjoy passive income.

Where to look for partners? Register in any CPA network, choose an interesting topic. Girls will enjoy working with clothing stores, and boys will enjoy electronics.

Social media advertising is popular. More than 5,000 people order it daily.

Sample advertising prices for the VKontakte community:

  • 100 - 500 subscribers: 20 - 50 rubles,
  • 500 - 1,000 subscribers: 100 - 150 rubles,
  • 1,000 to 3,000 subscribers: 200 to 350 rubles,
  • 3,000 - 5,000 subscribers: 420 - 600 rubles,
  • 5,000 - 7,000 subscribers: 650 - 800 rubles,
  • 7,000 - 10,000 subscribers: up to 1,000 rubles,
  • from 10,000 subscribers: over 1,000 rubles.

To earn money on Instagram, you need to try hard. The cost of advertising depends on the activity and number of subscribers, the fame of the person, topic. If you managed to get 200,000 - 300,000 subscribers, you can ask for 10,000 - 12,000 rubles for one advertising post.

If you do not want to throw all your efforts into promoting your account, you can become an SMM specialist. His responsibilities include:

  • drawing up a content plan,
  • selection of photos and videos,
  • search, order or writing posts,
  • posting
  • analysis of the target audience,
  • creating a promotion strategy.

An SMM specialist receives about 8,000 rubles from one project.

Call center operator at home or consultant

Taxi services, banks, online stores are happy to hire remote operators and online consultants. This is a simple job. Take an interview on Skype, learn the rules, dialogs and you are already on the team.

Outgoing callsIncoming callsCost of an hour of work
8 - 15 rub.6 - 12 rub.100 - 150 rub.

The standard rate is 21 hours a week. You will earn 2 100 - 3 150 rubles.

Be patient. Customers like to be rude, especially if it's cold calls.

Student assistance

Help students with homework, advise students on Skype. For one hour of tutoring they pay 400 - 1,000 rubles.

How to find customers:

  • Post your ad on Avito or HeadHunter.
  • Contact your school teachers. In each class there is a dvoechnik, with whom you need to work out.
  • Register on special sites. On the website, a tutor of any specialization will be happy.
  • Search in communities. Pupils before exams join thematic groups, solve problems there, look for answers to homework.
  • Ask among friends, fellow students.

You can also write student work. My friend opened a small company in the suburbs and accepts orders from students online. You will learn more about this profession and where to look for orders by clicking on the link above.

Great ways to earn money while studying. You and repeat the material, and save up for the desired purchase.

YouTube Channel

There is nothing more exciting than shooting video and editing. Choose the topic of the channel as desired. Even on simple challenges, video bloggers manage to earn 7,000 - 80,000 rubles.

How to monetize a channel:

  1. Gain 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing. Then you can connect to the official YouTube affiliate. They pay 0.5 - 1 $ per 1,000 views.
  2. Advertise products of CPA networks and receive a percentage of profits.
  3. Insert direct advertising from customers into the video. Rates are different. For example, the owner of a horror channel takes 20,000 rubles.

I like the channel of medical student Valentin Konon - TrashSmash. His video is 15-30 minutes long - entire scientific programs, supported by real documents.

In our YouTube guide, you will find all the information that every YouTube needs to know.

If you urgently need money, this method is not suitable. Here you need to work for the future.

Science articles

Do not think your life without science, is there something to share? Then it's time to take a positive recommendation from the supervisor, find a journal and send your work for publication.

Which journals publish scientific articles:

If the work is framed in accordance with all the rules, they refuse only in 5% of cases. For one article they will pay 3,000 to 10,000 rubles. The cost depends on the volume, topic.

Easy tasks

If you need to pay a game account or order pizza for a party, the following types of side jobs are suitable for you:

  1. Participation in surveys. Payment for completed questionnaires on a variety of topics.
  2. Earnings on comments and reviews. For one task you will receive from 1.5 to 40 rubles. Monthly income: 5,000 - 10,000 rubles.
  3. Earnings on clicks - viewing sites, videos, subscribing to social networks, and other simple actions. For improving behavioral factors, increasing the number of views on YouTube, you are willing to pay. The average cost of a task is from 2 to 5 rubles. The conclusion is instant.
  4. Set of captcha. During registration on the site, are you asked to enter letters and numbers from the image? This is a captcha. For its recognition they pay money. The cost of 1,000 pictures reaches 45 rubles.

These services will help you quickly make money on pleasant things. Skills are not needed, only free time and a computer.

8 promising business ideas with minimal investment

A side job is a temporary escape from a shortage of money. But as soon as you graduate, you will again be left with nothing. It is better to start your own business, the income from which will only grow.

If you are a student and can not afford large investments, you can do online business. The full-time student does not have to transfer to distance learning, because he does not eat up so much time. Sea opportunities. And I will throw brilliant, simple ideas.

Cleaning service

Buy cleaning products, take a friend's partner and forward. For one cleaning, apartment owners generously pay 2,000 - 8,000 rubles. And the invested expenses of 3,000 - 5,000 rubles will quickly pay off from the first orders.

Where to look for customers? Post announcements, tell friends, create groups in social networks and a site.


Infobusiness - the creation, sale of training materials. Courses from scratch to the result cost from 3,000 to 50,000 rubles. You need to choose a niche that you love and understand 100%. Students will scatter if they don’t see the light in your eyes and real cases.

Information Product Ideas for Students:

  • performance hacks
  • planning,
  • speed reading
  • earnings on tutoring.

Get your customers interested, give us sample product information.

Do not try to develop a course in a short time, so only harm your studies. Devote 1 - 2 hours a day to the information business and after 3 - 4 months, notice the result.

T-shirts with prints

Hundreds of thousands earn on t-shirts and sweatshirts with an original design, so why not get a printer and start a business?

How to sell your t-shirts:

  • cooperate with other clothing stores,
  • open your online store,
  • put up for auction Newmolot, Bonusmall, eBay.

There are enough competitors in this niche. Think about your benefits and create a unique selling proposition.


Dropshipping is a new type of business with minimal investment. No need to hire employees, rent a room. You sell and deliver products from manufacturers.

What is the benefit? You get the difference from the wholesale and total cost with a mark-up.

Let's say the price of a smartphone manufacturer is 15,000 rubles, and you sell it for 22,000 rubles. You will get 7,000 net profit.

But one cannot do without attracting customers. It is necessary to promote the group in social networks and create a website.

Creation of handmade products

Knit, draw, or maybe sculpt from clay? Then you have no price! Tell fellow students about your talent, advertise on Avito, Etsy, Masters Fair, create groups on social networks, and customers will reach you.

My friend knits children's toys - bunnies. It takes 4 - 5 hours a day to create eared masterpieces. Her favorite pastime per month brings her 10,000 rubles.

Selling communities and social media accounts

Promoting a group on social networks is costly and time consuming. Many businessmen understand this and are willing to pay good money for communities with a “live” audience. For example, a public VK with 20,000 subscribers costs 5,000 - 6,000 rubles. Master SMM and you can quickly gain an audience.

A site is a platform for making money. Are you a talented freelancer? So start a blog, add a portfolio, and more customers will be added.

You can dedicate a site to anything. The main thing is to understand the topic. Especially for you, we have prepared step-by-step instructions for creating a blog so that you can quickly and cool bring your project to life. Do not forget to share the results in the comments later.

You will discover a dozen opportunities for passive income - affiliate programs, teaser and contextual advertising.

Initial investments of 2,000 rubles. This includes the cost of hosting and domain per year.

How to save up for a major purchase?

Even an income of 200,000 rubles will be small if you do not learn financial literacy.

These few tips will help the student save up for an apartment and a car:

  1. Save money on the principle of 50/20/30, where 50% - for compulsory expenses (food, utilities, study), 20% - entertainment, 30% - a large purchase (real estate, car).
  2. Do not save on training, develop. Not enough money? Increase income, and do not try to limit yourself in everything.
  3. Stop underestimating yourself. Anyone can start a business. Fear of risk and low self-esteem are your enemies.
  4. Open a deposit in a reliable bank without the possibility of early withdrawal.


Each student is able to earn a full life. We must stop doubting and start acting right now. You will be surprised how much your life will change for the better.

And how did you earn as a student? Tell us in the comments.

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How to make money for a student - TOP ways

To obtain a stable income, remote work comes to the rescue. I talked about its visible advantages many times, but for a freshman or already an academic “demobilizer”, it’s important to learn how to allocate your time. Taking a laptop with you, you can do work in the canteen, at recess, at lectures, and it is not at all necessary to go home every time. Plus, you can do part of the tasks yourself, part - to give for commission.

Social networks

Here you can find a part-time job or a stable income for a student for every taste, from trade in goods to promotion of groups or pages. Teaser advertising is not losing popularity, but in order to be a specialist in this field, it’s worth understanding the algorithm for setting it up. Plus, you can move the brand, write reviews, and even help you complete difficult levels in games.

Call Center Operators

When wondering how to earn a student, you can pay attention to the work of the operator, especially since today many companies allow you to collaborate with them not directly in the office, but even at home - subject to access to the network and the presence of a microphone with headphones. The downside for “gnawing granite science” is that strict hours of work are provided, and it is unlikely that they will want to let you go to the session. Although, as a rule, you can earn up to 30-40 thousand rubles per month.


You know yourself - teach another, and take money for it! And if you know how to make money on the Internet, then tutoring can be turned into a stable income.Leave an ad on specialized sites and forums, and when you find a customer, provide Skype services. Among the popular areas are languages, in particular:

You can work in parallel with several students, regardless of distance, creating a convenient time grid schedule.

Website development

To students of specialized faculties - this is the very thing, and to fill your hand, and in practice to consolidate skills, and earn money. I note that this is one of the ways a student can save up for an apartment, since in the market such services are cost-effective and highly valued. As practice shows, webmasters and designers who began to practice it while studying, having received a diploma, already have several regular customers, and over time expand the scope of services, mastering new programming languages, creating from simple business cards and ending with sites of online hypermarkets.

Student Assistance

If affiliate programs require you to have a website, blog or a page in social networks, then in this case, you actually become a tutor and governess all rolled into one. It’s convenient when the schedules coincide, and after your tapes at the university you go and study with the child at home. Plus - almost the entire program is familiar to you from school. In the market, students studying:

You can also provide such a service if the task is to help the child in the development of musical instruments.

How to earn a student on the Internet

Freelance is developing, and this is an excellent platform in order to find a job for you and a substantial increase in scholarships, and for a contractor to get free pocket money. For a modern student - a representative of the millennials generation, you can find work on specialized exchanges, it is enough to set the key selection criteria:

  • subjects (direction),
  • one-time or permanent work,
  • cost
  • region (although this position is not particularly important).

Resale of goods

The principle is simple: bought cheaper, sold more expensive, and, as a rule, wholesale lots allow you to save money. This is one of the ways to make money on a blog, especially if it has good positions in search engines, and thematically it is close to what products will be sold. What is in demand?

Sometimes it is possible to establish a business by reselling equipment, bringing it to order or with further prospects for implementation in our country from abroad.

Hand-made products

Significant additional earnings will make up handmade goods. When all the classmates have already bought your creations, and the hostel neighbors too, you can expand further by using your profiles on social networks, as well as advertising platforms. What uses millet? Author's exclusive clothes, decor items, and besides this decorations for weddings, birthday parties and atypical bouquets, for example, from sweets, vegetables, sausages and cheese, tea and coffee packages, the more atypical and wider the list of products you provide, the more orders receive.

Selling accounts on social networks

I would call this direction “work for the future”. A page is created, filled, the number of subscribers increases, and then it is sold under a certain brand. Many brands at the start of entering the market are considering this option, because it is fast, and offers to launch advertising content for an already assembled and formed audience.

Quite often, 2 accounts are bought at once in different social networks for further parallel promotion. This is a good way to earn a student full-time, because it does not distract from the pairs and prepare for them. You can create and promote a page at a convenient time, and, as a rule, no one restricts the deadlines.

Online investment

Passive income for an applicant or an undergraduate does not have to be based on physical work, which is why I propose to consider investments in various tools, as well as investments in cryptocurrency. The latter does not mean that you need to buy exclusively top-end bitcoin, you can also consider currencies at a more affordable cost, which show a good increase. Received tokens can be invested in projects, displayed on exchanges, sent to trust.

When your resource already makes a profit, you can think about expanding the direction of work tools, and after making a profit, think about where to invest money so as not to live on one scholarship. A personal resource can act as a platform for selling goods or services, placing links or advertising materials. Plus, it’s always good when you are in charge of a leader, and you can manage the work of the resource in the library and in between writing a thesis.

How not to make money

If the task is not just to learn, but to have fun and memorable student time, then you can’t do without pocket money, and the freelance exchange is one of the most popular ways to find customers. Although, especially when it’s a couple of weeks before the scholarship, and there’s nothing besides squash caviar in the refrigerator, other options arise in your head where you can get money.

Among what I would not recommend, I will name a few methods:

  1. Work with web models (the only plus is in perfecting foreign language skills),
  2. Participation in pornographic films (you won’t get an Oscar, ruin your reputation),
  3. The provision of sex services.

But at the same time, everyone makes a choice based on their situation and their capabilities.

At the end of my article, I will summarize: students are the time when there is not enough money all the time: you can just worry about it, you can ask your parents, you can make connections and look for customers. Knowing how to make money on your site, you can not only choose a job that requires your efforts and time, but also receive a profit for the automated work, and gradually expand your customer audience. By a good tradition, at the end of the material, I wish something to my readers, this time using a popular student plot: “Ball, come!”.

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1) Work for the student

Do you have a correspondence course, a lot of free time and only a session can unsettle you? Then feel free to go to work, preferably to the one with which you plan to associate your future professional career. The first step for this is to leave a resume. How to write a resume, read this article.

When you get a job, do not forget to devote proper time to study, just correctly plan your time and write down current tasks in a daily log.

3) Own business

This income option is suitable for enterprising and proactive young people. If you have the same commercial vein, then the easiest way to start is to resell goods and services. Find someone who offers them and become his freelance sales agent. So you can develop a commercial talent and make good money - from $ 500 and above, and this will require you only 3-4 hours of free time per day.

For example, a friend of mine, his name is Alex, began selling cinder blocks - these are special building bricks. He just found a company that makes them and at 22 he makes money from 60 000 rubles per month (about 1000 $ ) But he devotes only half a day to this. Our article “How to start a business from scratch” will help you learn how to open your own business. Be sure to check it out.

Another great way that complements the previous one is to earn money using the famous Avito classifieds site. Read all the details in our popular article - "How to make money on Avito." It is here that you can start reselling your own and other people's goods and have incomes that far exceed the average salary in your city.

3. How to earn a student - 7 advanced ways to earn decent money

As you know, it is very rare and reluctant to take students to highly paid posts, as young people do not have higher education. Young people, in turn, seek to earn money, because it is difficult to live on one scholarship.

Therefore, earnings over the Internet are gaining more and more popularity among students, as well as using non-standard methods, where your income far exceeds your efforts. This will be discussed below.

Method 1. Earnings in writing essays, term papers, information articles

You can find customers for your intellectual product on freelance exchanges (for example, or using special services. Moreover, you can not only earn from 50 to 150 rubles per printed page, but also expand your own horizons.

Also, many students successfully work as copywriters - write unique informational or selling texts.

Copywriting is a separate type of activity, which is sometimes even singled out as a separate profession, bringing tangible income. It includes rewriting, advertising copywriting and SEO copywriting. These are three levels of writing.

Rewriting Is the easiest way to write text. It represents the simplest processing of the source text by replacing words with synonyms, rephrasing and rearranging sentences.

Simply put, rewriting is the writing of a statement as in school. Not only a student, but even a high school student can cope with such work quite easily. However, rewriting is valued low, its price ranges from 10 to 60 rubles per 1000 characters.

Copywriting - writing the text “from scratch”. Examples of true copywriting include the scientist's report on the latest discovery or work of fiction. That is, it is important that the text was unique not only in structure, but also in meaning, therefore, those students who already have a "baggage" of knowledge in any field should work in this area.

On copywriting, you can earn much more than rewriting. For good copywriting written by an experienced author, customers can offer up to 300 rubles per 1000 characters.

Finally, SEO copywriting - Writing texts and their optimization for search queries.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult (and valuable) types of copywriting, but beginners are not recommended to immediately grab hold of expensive orders. SEO text is a text optimized for popular search engine queries. The purpose of this article is to promote the site. Prices for SEO articles are quite high: some website owners are willing to pay up to 500 rubles to experienced SEO copywriters ( 8$ ) for 1000 characters.

Method 2. Consultations and video lessons

If you are a specialist in a certain field, then you can earn money by giving paid consultations. Well-known experts in narrow circles can receive up to $100per hour conversation via Skype, and a personal meeting is many times more expensive. Students earn (on average) about $30 – $40in an hour consultation.

You can also create a YouTube channel and make money on it. Even a child will cope with filling it with author's video lessons. Later, when the channel gains popularity, you can start making money by showing ads while the video is showing.

Method 3. Writing computer programs

Students, "techies" can practice well in computer science, making money by writing custom-made computer programs of different difficulty levels. As with articles, customers can be found on freelance exchanges. Now programmers are very actively making money on developing applications for mobile devices. This is a hotel growing and promising market.

Even novice programmers are able to work directly with customers and receive more than 700 $ per month taking into account part-time employment in large cities.

By the way, many teachers are sympathetic to students who, from their student days, begin to practice programming. Particularly successful students can even receive automatic "tests", regularly demonstrating their achievements.

Method 4. Earnings in social networks and affiliate programs

You can register in various affiliate programs and receive money from them.

For this, a student needs to have his own active community in at least 15,000 - 20,000 subscribers (or his own visited site) in any social network. At this stage, it is already possible to negotiate with the owners of other large groups either on the mutual exchange of links, or on the paid placement of partner links on your resource.

By promoting goods, services and events of various companies on VKontakte, classmates and Instagram, you can earn from 50,000 rubles right from home.

But where to learn this? - you ask.

For this, I, for my part, recommend a FREE course of 7 video lessons by Dmitry Chevychalov, “the profession of an Internet marketer”.

This young man himself built a distance business that brings him income and visited 32 countries in 2 years.

Now Dmitry travels and trains those who want to earn money on the Internet.

This course helped me personally start a new business on the Web in addition to the site

So, guys, do not waste time learning Internet marketing, as the future lies with it. You will never starve and you can work from anywhere in the world, travel and develop.

Learning new things, you will no longer be a student who earns money as a loader or a waiter, but becomes the owner of an elite and highly paid profession of the 21st century.

Usually payment is carried out during the time the message is displayed with a link and depends on the number of subscribers in one and in another community. Therefore, you can earn a lot on affiliate programs - from $ 1 to $ 100 per day - tested by personal experience!

If you seriously decided to take up this direction, then our article “How to make money on affiliate programs” is for you.

Method 5. Own website or blog

Do you have the talent to gain public attention? In this case, you can easily create your own website or blog and earn money on it. At the same time, it is necessary to clearly define your target audience and choose a topic that will be of interest to her.

Of course, the creation of a site makes sense only if you are already thoroughly savvy in the field of SEO and promotion of Internet resources. Otherwise, the chances of making money on it will be extremely small.

In addition, this method of earning will not do without investments. You will need to purchase a domain (the "name" of the site) and regularly pay for the hosting on which it will be hosted. If you yourself are not able to write quality articles, then you will have to resort to the paid services of copywriters.

For example, the site, on which you are reading this article, brings 200 000 rubles per month on advertising. Read more about this method of making money on the Internet for students, read our article "How to make money on your site."

Fortunately, now you do not need to know a programming language to create a simple blog.

Modern CMS (content management systems) greatly facilitate the work of webmasters. He needs to write (or buy) content (articles, photos and videos) and post it on the blog pages. Of course, the easiest way to get comfortable in this area will be for students of information technology departments, but if there is a desire and talent, the humanities can also cope with the creation of the site.

You can already attach contextual advertising to a sufficiently promoted site (about 200 visits per day) - it will be the main source of income. You can also place banners or affiliate links in the text and get good money for them.

Earn any entrepreneurial student. The main thing is to find your niche and gain a foothold in it. I will not say that profit itself will flow into the hands, no. It’s just that experience will come along with stuffed cones, and with it stable earnings.

Method 6. Online Business

Starting your online business is best if you already have entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of information technology.

Types of online business for a student:

  1. Infobusiness. Selling your training courses (books, trainings, videos),
  2. Freelance. This is the performance of paid tasks. Among freelancers, designers, programmers, and other specialists, whose activities are associated with the creation of sites and marketing on the Internet, are especially in demand. You can start earning money on the sites and It is on these sites that you will find the widest audience of customers,
  3. Profitable informational site. I already spoke about this type of online business, here I simply included it in the list of possible types of online businesses for students,
  4. Online store. Sales on the World Wide Web are now growing by leaps and bounds. By creating your own online store, you can do business without geographical location, as well as with minimal expenses.

Method 7. Earnings on Twitter

Few people know that using regular Twitter you can not only exchange short messages, but also earn decent money.

In this social network, you can receive up to 100,000 rubles a month and this is a fact!

You can promote your account and receive money for messages if you have a large subscription audience. We have already described the ways to profit from this social network in the article “How to make money on Twitter”, you can also take and use these working methods.

Друзья, чтобы заработать в интернете хорошие деньги, читайте самую полную обзорную статью на нашем сайте.

Именно в этой публикации я подробно рассказал о популярных сегодня видах заработка, поведал также о своем личном опыте и привел отзывы моих друзей и коллег.

Конечно же здесь перечислены не все возможные способы заработать. Чтобы узнать чем заняться чтобы зарабатывать деньги, читайте отдельную статью на нашем сайте.

5.How NOT worth trying to earn a student, so as not to lose time, money and freedom

Definitely not worth earning dishonestly, getting involved in all sorts of adventures, frauds and financial pyramids. If a stranger offers you at first glance a simple job for which you supposedly will receive disparate money, then this is one of the alarming “bells and whistles”.

Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap.

Recently I watched a TV program about scammers who, on the pretext of uncomplicated work for students, took passports from them and opened dummy one-day companies for the guys, and then criminal money was withdrawn through them.

So students could simply end up in jail because of their naivety and legal illiteracy.

Be vigilant and do not risk your good name and money for the sake of quick enrichment.