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Grilled corn


Well, what is summer without golden sweet and juicy corn! “But cook it for so long,” you say, and you will miss.

The key word here is young, because if overripe cornno matter how hard you try, it’s not softer and tastier to make it. However, such a product will make excellent tortillas (Spanish tortillas) and mamalyga (from grains ground in a blender). But that's another story, and today the ball rules corn on the cob. Meet three recipes!

How to cook corn

Corn in 20 minutes

Experienced chefs are sure: it is not necessary to boil corn for hours! From this, it will not only not soften, but vice versa: it will become rubber. Hence the digestive problems. 20 minutes - it will take so much so that the young corn is completely cooked and remains juicy.


6 ears of sweet corn

butter to taste


On the bottom of the deep pan, lay the corn leaves, then lay the peeled ears.

Pour boiling water over the corn and cover. Put the pan on the fire, after boiling, reduce the heat to a minimum, cook for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat, pour the juice of half a lemon into the pan, leave it under the lid for 5 minutes.

Drain the water, sprinkle the ears with salt, grease with butter.

Fragrant Baked Corn

The best recipe to surprise your family with something unusual! For this method, milk of ripeness is needed. It is better to use more ripe for cooking, since after baking it will still remain harsh.


4 ears of sweet corn

100 g butter

ground coriander to taste

dried thyme to taste

ground black pepper to taste

paprika to taste

0.5 beam. dill or parsley


Mash the softened butter with spices and salt, add chopped herbs and garlic. Shuffle.

Free the corn from the leaves, cut off the tips on both sides. Lubricate thickly with an oil mixture. Try to rub it between the grains.

First, wrap each ear separately in a sheet of parchment, then in foil so that the corn retains its juiciness and bakes evenly.

Send the rolls of ears to the oven, preheated to 180-200 degrees, for 40 minutes.

Grilled creamy corn in soy sauce marinade

With one hand, take the cob, which has not yet had time to cool off, from the grill, lightly sprinkle it with grated cheese with the other and ... enjoy! Simplicity, harmony, nothing more.


4 ears of sweet corn

2 tbsp. l soy sauce

60 g butter

3 tbsp. l lemon juice

1 tbsp. l chili sauce

1 tsp dried provence herbs


In a deep bowl, mix the softened butter with sour cream, soy sauce, chili sauce, lemon juice and Provencal herbs.

Rub each ear thoroughly with the prepared mixture. Separately put on sheets of foil and wrap. Soak the bundles for 15–20 minutes at room temperature.

Put the parcels with corn on the grill of a heated grill or grill until medium heat, cook for about 20 minutes. Turn over every 5 minutes for even frying. After the set time, check the readiness of the corn. If necessary, keep it on fire for another 5–7 minutes.

Sprinkle the prepared corn with grated cheese if desired.

90% success in making corn - choosing the right ears. Be sure to pay attention to the size and shape of the cobs, as well as the color and maturity of the grains. Read more about this in one of our past articles (just follow the link highlighted in a different color).

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Tasty grilled corn is a great addition to the main course. Such a side dish can be prepared at home or in the country, as well as take with you on a picnic. In order to make this quick dish you will need special skewers and grill. You can use not only an electric grill, but also a special pan.

You have all the ingredients, let's start cooking!

What ingredients are needed

  • a pair of peppers (canned),
  • half a cup of melted butter,
  • finely chopped garlic clove,
  • a third of a cup of aromatic honey, perfect meadow or linden,
  • half a teaspoon of salt,
  • eight ears of corn.

It’s not difficult to cook grilled corn; any novice cook will cope with such a task. The cooking process involves pre-heating the grill, while while the device is heating, you can prepare the corn by soaking and cleaning it. Then at 15 corn is placed on the grill, a charcoal barbecue is an ideal option for this recipe. At this time, while the corn is on the barbecue, you can mix oil, honey, peppers, garlic into a homogeneous mass.

What to do next?

Our BBQ recipe for corn cobs implies that after baking, the cobs will need to be greased with the prepared sauce and then put back on the wire rack for about five minutes. During this time, the cobs should acquire a pleasant brown tint. This recipe for vegetables on a barbecue is considered one of the simplest. After the corn has turned brown, you can remove it and serve with olive oil.