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Air cooling methods


Room coolers - monoblocks equipped with wheels, remain mobile only conditionally. In fact, the unit is “tied” to the window opening with a hose that expels hot air. It’s a sin not to take advantage of such a disadvantage for commercial purposes by offering the consumer an alternative option - a floor air conditioner without an air duct. Which is what some manufacturers of household appliances have done. Our task is to study the device structure, impartially analyze their advantages and publish some real reviews.

Why do I need a window duct

First, we propose to consider the question of why portable coolers are unable to work without air removal outside the premises. Briefly explain the device and the principle of operation of traditional monoblock air conditioners.

Home air conditioning system is assembled in a single building equipped with wheels. Inside are the following elements:

  • 2 heat exchangers - evaporator and condenser,
  • two fans that drive air through these radiators,
  • compressor unit
  • expansion valve
  • electronic control unit, sensors.

The heat exchangers, the compressor and the expansion valve are connected by tubes filled with a special refrigerant - freon. The latter circulates due to the pressure pumped by the compressor.

Functional diagram with connecting the air duct to the outdoor unit

For reference. The fundamental feature of freons is the ability to boil and pass into the gaseous phase at subzero temperatures (–10 ... –40 ° С).

All refrigerators, including air conditioners and split systems, use the Carnot cycle in their work - the transfer of thermal energy by evaporation and condensation of the refrigerant. How does this happen:

  1. Freon in a liquid state is fed into the first heat exchanger, blown with hot room air. The substance evaporates and takes away the lion's share of heat from the air stream - this is how the room is cooled.
  2. The “charged” energy refrigerant passes through a compressor unit that raises the gas pressure. This will cause freon to condense at a higher temperature.
  3. Getting into another radiator (condenser), purged by the second fan, the refrigerant goes into a liquid state and returns a supply of thermal energy. Then Freon flows to the expansion valve and is again fed to the evaporator, as shown in the diagram.
During one cycle (circle), freon changes the state of aggregation twice and exchanges thermal energy

The stream cooled in the evaporator enters the apartment. And what to do with the air heated in the condenser? It is clear that you cannot throw it back into the room - air conditioning will be zero. That's why you need to divert the hot air stream to the street through a large-diameter hose.

Key moment. The pipe connecting the refrigeration machine with the external environment is a channel for removing excess thermal energy from the room.

A classic portable home air conditioner equipped with a chimney is quite effective. Spending 100 watts of electricity, it emits at least 300 watts of cold or heat in winter mode. There are also portable models with two ducts that are led out and designed to cool the condenser. You watch more information on a subject on video:

How hose coolers work

We found that traditional home air conditioners cannot function properly without venting heated air to the outside. Indeed, manufacturers offer us climate units using a completely different principle of operation.

A mobile cooler without an air duct consists of the following elements:

  • lightweight portable housing on casters,
  • Air filter,
  • fan,
  • water filter,
  • a container filled with water
  • water pump,
  • tubular electric heater (TEN),
  • control unit and automation.

Note. According to modern trends, most models are equipped with remote controls.

Introducing the algorithm of the outdoor air conditioner, described by the words of one of the manufacturers:

  1. An electric fan blows air through 2 filters - coarse and water.
  2. A water filter is a small mesh material that is wetted by a pump. Passing through the canvas, the air stream is cleaned of dust and moistened.
  3. The second function of the water filter is cooling, which occurs due to the phase transition of water from a liquid to a gaseous state. Upon contact with hot air, it evaporates and takes a significant part of the heat, lowering the temperature of the flow by 5-7 degrees.
  4. Properly placed in the room, the cooler creates an air cushion that does not allow the cooled flows to go outside through an open window opening or balcony.
  5. In the "winter" mode, the air is heated by an electric heater.

The manufacturer recommends operating a mobile air conditioner without an air duct with an open window, and putting gel thermocouples into the tank, they are also cold accumulators. A hot air outlet pipe is not needed. How it looks in reality, look at the video from the manufacturer, but do not take it to heart:

Reliability of information about air conditioners

Now consider the reliability of the information presented in each paragraph of the list:

  1. Fan air injection and two-stage filtration are indeed present. In parallel, the flow is humidified.
  2. Cooling the air at 5-7 ° C due to evaporation is a myth. A stream with a temperature of + 30 ... + 40 ° C is unable to heat water to 100 degrees and turn it into steam.
  3. The receipt of thermal energy from the street through an open doorway can be limited (but not excluded!) Only by an air curtain. The cooling unit without a hose does not create one, which means that the statement about the air cushion does not correspond to reality.
  4. Heating during the winter period from the heating element takes place.

Clarification. The air stream passing through the wet material simply tears off and carries away water molecules, saturated with moisture. Conventional humidifiers and climate systems function in a similar way.

In fact, floor air conditioners, not equipped with an air duct, are engaged in cleaning, heating and humidifying the house, but only not cooling the environment. The manufacturer expressly warns in the instruction manual: the device should not work in a closed room, it is necessary to open the window. This is understandable - from waterlogging, the residents will become stuffy, not cool.

Positive and negative sides of the product

The main disadvantage of floor-mounted models of air conditioners without a street tap is that they practically do not cool the air, only moisturize. But if you have already bought a similar device, do not rush to get upset - try to find the real advantages of the product:

  • complete lack of installation - to start the household appliance just plug it into a wall outlet,
  • high mobility - the unit easily moves around an apartment or a private house,
  • low weight in comparison with freon "brothers",
  • economical consumption of electricity (until the heater is turned on),
  • availability - the price of the device is approximately 20% lower than a full-fledged cooler,
  • silent work - the design provides one fan instead of two.

Note. Together, a water pump and an air conditioning fan consume energy literally for a penny - up to 200 watts. But it is worth turning on the heating mode, and the heating element will begin to “reel” every hour on the 2-3 kW meter.

I must admit that the products in question have a modern design and do not lag behind in terms of functionality - there are several modes of operation of the fan and pump, heating temperature control, digital display and so on.

Now about the negative aspects of the operation of mobile air conditioners without an air hose:

  1. No pipe - there is no channel for removing excess heat to the street. Summer heat, penetrating the apartment from the outside, remains inside, no matter how much the climate unit operates in maximum mode.
  2. The device lacks the function of maintaining the temperature of the refrigerated room. This is not surprising - the air conditioner does not emit cold. Only the heating temperature is controlled.
  3. A feeling of coolness occurs in the first 10-30 minutes after switching on. Then the air is saturated with water vapor and becomes stuffy. No wonder the manufacturer recommends opening windows.
  4. The inner tank must be replenished with water, preferably very cold. Even better is to put ice or gel thermal accumulators, previously frozen in the refrigerator, into the container. Which also releases heat into the room - a circular process comes out.
  5. The heating mode loses to conventional split systems in efficiency - the heater converts electricity into heat with an efficiency of 99% (one to one kilowatt). Split takes heat from the outside and transfers it into the room, spending 1/3 of the electricity.
Cartridges for cold storage

Tip. If you want to know how much ice is enough to cool a room, check out the calculation in the instructions for making an air conditioner with your own hands.

User reviews on forums

If you collect all the pros and cons of water conditioners, then the picture is unsightly: paying 20% ​​less than a conventional cooler, you get a defective humidifier (there is no control of relative humidity) plus a cleaner and air heater. How much this suits users, we read in the reviews:

Valentine, Volgodonsk.

Last year I bought such a “condo” - it was very hot, there was a haze right there. I wanted to quickly solve the problem and not engage in installation. Result: the device buzzes, makes noise, does not save from heat at all. One consolation is that it does not take much electricity. I turned to the office for installing split systems.

I bought the KIBOR-25 model, but I did not have time to really test it. After turning on, the device began to sound an alarm every 10 minutes - something was wrong with the cooling function. Although the air from the grill came out cool. I thought - factory marriage, passed it back.

Igor, Pervomaisk.

At first, the price of a household appliance and low weight attracted it - it’s easy to move and you do not need to connect the pipe. The seller explained that the device is more related to cold generators, and air conditioning is called purely nominal. He poured water at home, turned it on and began to wait for relaxation. At first I liked it, then it became stuffy, I opened a balcony window. In fact, it didn’t get any cooler - the wind drives the frying pan from the balcony, the unit cannot cope. This year I installed a normal air conditioner.

Not too strong in the laws of physics and really did not delve into the work of the cooler. Acquired, connected, launched - everything suits. The fan blows slightly chill, as if you would not catch a cold. I wanted it cooler - I threw a couple of cold accumulators into the container. The price is quite affordable.

For operation, the household appliance needs cold water poured into a special container

Final conclusions

Before concluding, we give a short list of manufacturers producing air conditioners without connecting an external duct:

  • Vector,
  • Honeywell (has nothing to do with the American brand of the same name offering pipe and radiator fittings),
  • Kibor.

The air conditioning system is technically air-conditioned. Let us recall the definition: conditioning is the process of bringing air to the desired condition. This includes cleaning, heating, cooling and humidification / drainage.

One trouble - the air in question is not cooled, but saturated with moisture. The meaning of the purchase is lost - a conventional humidifier is much cheaper and much smaller in size, many models are equipped with air humidity control.

And the last: no serious brand, even a Chinese one, undertakes the production of air conditioners without a branch pipe. This is a significant argument in favor of the good old split systems. If you want the floor version, purchase a model with the corresponding indoor unit, fixed above the baseboard.

Windows wide open

We all love to open windows so that fresh air enters the house, but it should be remembered that at a temperature of more than 35 degrees this is not the best solution, since the heat just through the windows will get inside. Many people try to cheat a little and open windows only where there is a shadow. But, this cannot be called the right decision, since the temperature will be exactly the same with the active exchange of air. The most appropriate solution will be a little airing, which will help get rid of stuffiness and stale air.

Airing is best done at night, or when it is cloudy or cool. It is better to complete the ventilation before the first rays of the sun appear.

Another important nuance in the fight against heat will be curtained windows. Since under the influence of direct rays of the sun about 90% of the heat enters the room. First of all, you need to close the blinds, or curtain all the windows. Curtains made of dense material will perfectly cope with ultraviolet rays and help to keep a little cool in your home. Another effective coolant in your room is reflective film. And, if you thought in advance about the coolness in the summer, then at the construction stage you can install special windows with a polarized coating. They will perfectly cope with the heat in the summer and cold in the winter and help to maintain a suitable temperature in the house.

Window curtains stop the sun


Humid air copes with the high temperature and stuffiness in the house. Dryness and stuffiness can cause serious health problems. To solve this problem, you can purchase a special device for humidification, which will be relevant both in summer and in winter. In summer, the dust is especially mobile, it can rise from the lower surfaces, shelves and places where it is difficult to get it, even though wet cleaning is carried out weekly. Dust is especially dangerous because it can cause allergic reactions, so summer is not the safest time in this case. In order to slightly soften the air and the effects of dust - it is necessary to carry out humidification. In the world of the latest technical developments, there is a special device capable of washing the air. Two main functions of the device are known.

  • Moisturizing. It is carried out using an ultrasonic membrane. It can moisturize relatively large volumes, but you need to know that effective hydration will only be carried out in those rooms where it is needed.
  • Purification of air from dust and various fungi and bacteria. In summer, the dust is in limbo, constantly moving around the room, so air purification is extremely important. The cleaning process occurs with the help of mechanical and water filters, thanks to which the air becomes much cleaner and wetter.

And for those who do not have the opportunity to purchase such a device, you can apply simpler methods.

  • The atomizer is an excellent tool for humidifying the room. You can periodically spray water around the house, due to which the temperature will decrease. But, one should not get carried away with this, since with a large amount of water the room can be turned into a real steam room. The optimal frequency for this procedure is approximately once per hour. You can purchase an automatic atomizer (humidifier), for greater efficiency, ice can be added to the liquid container.
  • Wet towels. Famous old grandmother's way. It is necessary to soak a few towels in water and hang them around the room, it will not look very aesthetically pleasing, but lowering the temperature will certainly help, verified by our ancestors.

In addition, you can periodically take a cool shower yourself, or wet your head. The temperature in the room will not decrease, but your well-being will be much better, especially when it is unbearably hot outside. As another method, you can use a cold moistened towel, putting it on your neck, which will also help to alleviate the condition for some time.

Wet towels are the easiest way to cool.

Down with household appliances

Household appliances have become an integral part of life, but they also generate heat. This is especially noticeable in the summer, when it is so hot outside, so there is nothing to breathe in the house. Take an ordinary refrigerator, it cools inside, and gives out a large amount of heat that remains in the room.

No one says turn off the refrigerator, but the use of other less important appliances can be minimized. Most of all, this recommendation applies to the kitchen, where the air temperature is usually slightly higher than in other rooms.

Cooking in the summer season also affects the temperature in the room, since hot air spreads quickly enough throughout the territory. Therefore, in the cooking process, it is necessary to close the doors tightly and open the windows. Стоит также обратить внимание на полотенцесушители, которые не только выполняют свою основную функцию, но и нагревают воздух. Любой прибор, работающий от электричества, выделает определенное количество тепла, поэтому в жару стоит обратить на это особое внимание.

Ошибочное мнение

Множество людей заблуждаются, когда думают, что вентилятор может охладить воздух, потому как данное устройство наоборот нагревает его. It only creates a feeling of coolness, creating additional ventilation. The sweat glands in the human body secrete fluid (sweat) that evaporates. This process is called exothermic and helps cool our body. As for the fan, it does not cool the room itself, but if it is located close to the workplace, it will greatly facilitate the condition during the heat. Efficient use of a fan is when it is located towards a window or door. Its task is to move the hot air mass from the room to the street. This is especially necessary for rooms that are on the sunny side and overheat. If there is too much humidity, then this is not good either. Often people hang damp things, curtains, etc. throughout the house, making the room much cooler. But, do not forget that a large amount of moisture in the room can lead to heaviness and stuffiness.

The fan does not cool the air, but moves it

Homemade air conditioning

When there is no air conditioner in the house, and you want coolness so much, home-made air conditioning will come to the rescue. For this we need:

  • cold water tank
  • ice,
  • fan.

If you just take a fan, it will not cool the air throughout the room, it will only create a pleasant feeling of coolness, increasing airflows and contributing to the rapid evaporation of sweat from your body. But, a refrigerated machine will not save you in the hot summer heat. In order to enhance the effect, put a container of water in front of the fan and lower the ice there. Evaporations of cold ice in combination with air will spread throughout the room, due to which the temperature will decrease and the air will become more humid.

If your house does not have an electric fan, then you can just take a container of water and ice and put it nearby. The effect will not be so strong, but you will make it easier for yourself for a while to stay in a hot place.

Homemade air conditioner cools and moisturizes the air

General recommendations

In hot weather, you need to drink more cold liquid, this will allow you to cool the body not from the outside, but from the inside. Do not drink too quickly, as you can get sick, slowly, in small portions. It is believed that hot tea is even more effective because it helps stimulate the body to self-cooling. Try to wear lighter clothing made from natural materials, loose. Cotton items are great. If it’s hot and stuffy at night to sleep, then you can try putting a pillow with buckwheat inside. Experts say that it is much better than any other in the hot period, since it does not keep heat.

  • Pay attention to the behavior of your pets. When it's hot, they become inactive, sleep more, do everything lazily and slowly. The modern rhythm of life does not allow us to do anything all day, but if possible in the summer heat it is recommended to make less movements and spend more time in a horizontal position.
  • Remove carpeting. In the summer, they will only exacerbate the situation and gain dust.
  • Cover the pile furniture with a light cloth. The fabric will reflect heat, unlike a soft surface.
  • Use bottles with ice inside them, you can either put them next to the bed or put them to bed before you go to bed.
  • You can plant a tree on the hot side of the house. Trees are a great solution in the summer, they can close the room from the scorching sun, thereby preserving you a piece of coolness.
  • The walls and roof of the house can be painted white. It is radical, but in regions with a hot climate is popular.

If your house is still under construction, it is better to foresee all the nuances. Thermal insulation is an excellent solution to your problems: in the summer it is cool, and in the winter warm.

In addition, pay attention to materials, brick is a universal thing, suitable for any temperature conditions. In summer, it does not heat up, and in the winter, it retains heat. The roof is best made from materials with reflective properties.

The roof of the dark color will attract the rays of the sun, in your house in the summer it will be hot and stuffy. Summing up, we admit that it is really possible to do without an air conditioner even on the hottest days of summer. But, for this you will have to remember a lot of things and put them into practice. It’s easier to run to the store and buy a miracle technique that can keep you cool around the clock, but not everyone has the opportunity. Yes, and air conditioning does not have a beneficial effect on health, and it costs not a little money. In addition to cooling the room, do not forget about cooling your body: a lot of fluids, showers, baths, all this also contributes to the coolness and well-being in the summer.

It is also important to be able to adapt yourself, because our ancestors lived on this earth for millions of years and were able to coexist in harmony with nature. It is necessary to maintain your physical shape, maintain an active healthy lifestyle, and then you will be able to tolerate both summer heat and severe winter frosts.

We are preparing the apartment correctly

Beautiful sunny weather makes us happy. It allows you to open the windows wide and let fresh air into the house. Anyone who has to put up with cold and inclement weather for most of the year is dreaming about it. Therefore, you can see how in the summer the wind freely walks in a draft and fills the entire space of living rooms.

In hot weather, this approach is inappropriate. Together with the sun's rays, heat pours, so the rooms quickly heat up. To reduce the temperature without using air conditioning, you need to learn how to properly ventilate the apartment in the summer. You can effectively cool it without an air conditioner if you open the windows in the early morning from 5.00 to 8.00 and let the cool in. It will help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the premises during the day without air conditioning. In the hot heat, one more evening airing is simply necessary. It must be made after 22.00. For the working period, it is better to keep the windows closed.

Artificial dimming instead of air conditioning

Residents of the southern regions have to prepare for the heat more carefully. Very often, in such geographical areas, when the sun is at its zenith, the air heats up to very high temperatures. Then the morning and evening airing does not allow to cool the premises qualitatively. We have to use additional protection against heat.

Experts advise the owners of apartments without air conditioning to close the windows on the south side with foil for the summer. This is the cheapest way to deal with heat. For designated purposes, it is allowed to use ordinary baking foil. You can buy it at any grocery store. Its surface perfectly reflects the sun's rays, does not allow them to penetrate into the room and heat the air in it. Sticking it on windows is easy. To do this, use ordinary tape. If there is a desire to cool a room without an air conditioner in this way, you need to remember that the foil does not let in daylight, so after gluing the rooms will become dark. And the window itself from the outside will not look very decent.

How to cool a room with a special film without air conditioning

There is another solution to the above problem, which can cool rooms without air conditioning. There are special curtain films on sale that are easily attached to a plastic frame by gluing. They are more expensive than foil, but the described product has a number of advantages. They fully compensate for material waste. The material from which the films are made is much stronger and more reliable than brittle foil. Therefore, it will be easier to darken and cool a house without an air conditioner: there is no need to be afraid that one careless movement will damage the base. The described products are sold in rolls.

It is possible to select the desired width (60 cm or meter). The length of one roll is three meters. If you install the film carefully, outwardly the window will look quite presentable. It effectively reflects the sun's rays, while not limiting the view of the street from the inside. Thanks to this property, you can close all the windows in the picture, providing maximum protection of the living quarters from the sun. Using this technology, it will be possible to cool the air temperature by three to four degrees without air conditioning.

Blinds instead of air conditioning

If you want to simultaneously darken the apartment, hide its interior from prying eyes, you should choose and acquire specialized systems. Sun blinds are very popular. They are of several types: rolled, horizontal, vertical. All designs are very convenient to use, all of them will help to effectively darken, which means to cool the temperature in the room without air conditioning.

Manufacturers offer different versions of the described products. There are blinds made of plastic, wood, woven material. Buyers are presented with a very wide range of colors, so it will not be difficult to choose something that is most suitable for the design style and make dimming part of the interior.

Fabric curtains

They can also be used to darken and protect from the sun. To do this, they need to be sewn from a dense material that does not transmit light. It costs a lot, so you have to spend a lot of money. And this is the main minus of the described choice. Anyone who does not have a fundamental factor in saving can afford to gently decorate the windows by combining different types of construction. Designers prefer to create complex drapery structures that can emphasize the style of decoration and contribute to reducing the degree indoors without air conditioning.

Roman, pleated, French, Austrian, heavy London - the aesthetic component comes first in this version of the dimming. To prevent the room from being overloaded with heavy dense matter, you will have to buy a veil, organza or tulle in a pair with it. This will significantly increase the estimate of blackout. This must be considered when choosing this method of protection from the sun.

Regular humidification instead of air conditioning

Experts, talking about how you can cool a room without an air conditioner, advise you to constantly moisten the air in the apartment. This can be done using mechanical devices (steam, ultrasonic systems) or a conventional spray. It is not difficult to make it yourself, using the capacity from the wiper.

Previously, it must be thoroughly washed and filled with cool running water. To cool the room a little, it is enough to spray moisture every forty minutes. If you want to completely eliminate the factor of human presence, you just need to place pots filled to the top with corners of the room. Regular humidification will eliminate the dryness of the airspace, prevent dust from flying around the apartment and cool the air in the apartment without air conditioning.

We make an air conditioner out of a fan

A conventional fan does not clean or humidify the air. It provides only its circulation within one confined space. And it helps a lot to feel quite comfortable in hot weather. Everyone knows how they work, and how such installations work. But if you try to combine their operating principle and humidifier functions, you can effectively cool the air without an air conditioner.

To do this, you need to place plastic bottles filled with ice water in a row before the device. Practice shows that this is a very effective way to solve the problem very quickly.

Another model helps to increase work efficiency and provide air conditioning throughout the apartment. To make it, you need to take a garden hose, wrap it with a fan grill so that there are gaps for the movement of the air flow. One end of the hose then connects to a cold water supply, and the other goes down into the sink or bathroom. It is enough to turn on the fan and a small pressure of water so that cool air fills the room. If you replace the rubber hose with a copper tube, the cost of a home-made installation will increase, but its efficiency will increase. In this way, it will be possible to cool the apartment without air conditioning in a few minutes.

How to cool a room in heat without air conditioning using ice

You can enhance the action of the fan if, instead of eggplant with cold water, put a container filled with ice in front of it. When heated, it will evaporate, and throw a portion of cold air into the room. A fan will blow it all over the room.

You can freeze water with ice in eggplant, and then put them in front of the fan too. Anyone who has tried this method says that it really works very well. Alternatively, if the heat makes it difficult to fall asleep, experts recommend putting an ice warmer in bed, pre-hanging the bedding in the air, and then filling it with a bed. Sleeping without air conditioning will be much easier.

We use wet sheets - forget about the air conditioner

Whoever does not have an air conditioner at home can use another simple technique. For its implementation, it is necessary to moisten bedding in water, put them neatly in a bag, place in a freezer. After a few minutes, get it and hang it in the room. It will immediately become a few degrees cooler. While some sheets are hanging, others need to be put in the refrigerator. And then alternate.

If you direct the fan to the laundry, it will turn out to cool the room faster and let cool humid air into it. The apartment will immediately become easier to breathe. The main thing is not to direct cold air at yourself, otherwise catch a cold quickly.

Other ways to cool a house without air conditioning

There are a lot of tips that you can adopt for all those who want to know how the room should be cooled without air conditioning. We list the most effective.

  1. In the very heat, you need to keep locked not only the windows, but also the front doors. This will block the ingress of hot air from the outside and cool the space around a couple of degrees.
  2. If there is no air conditioning, it is useful to lock the front doors in the entrances of apartment buildings locked up.
  3. When the apartment is on the first two floors, it is useful to plant climbing green plants or trees next to the street, which, when they grow up, will close their windows with sunlight with their crown.
  4. It is useful to minimize the use of incandescent lamps and any heating appliances (iron or kettle, for example). Cooking needs to be done early in the morning, while it's cool outside. When this is not possible, you can have lunch or dinner with cold okroshka.
  5. The temperature in the room will drop without air conditioning, if you do wet cleaning more often and wipe the floors twice a day. It is better to roll carpets for the summer and give them dry cleaning, and walk barefoot on the floor.
  6. A bowl of cold water, placed near the bed, and a clean cotton napkin are capable of cooling the room in the very heat. Before going to bed, you need to moisten it and wipe your face, neck, hands. You can cool a clean, dry sheet in the refrigerator, and then just cover it. This is exactly what our grandmothers did, who lived and did not know what air conditioners were.
  7. A wet towel wrapped around the neck and wet wristbands will allow you to safely transfer the hottest period.
  8. Turn off the towel warmers in the bathroom. They heat the air very much. Watch less on TV and computer. During operation, any household appliances heat up. This causes a temperature increase of a couple of degrees.
  9. Cool the body from the inside, drink more soft drinks, treat yourself to ice cream, chilled fruits and berries. Always keep ripe watermelons in the refrigerator.
  10. If you live without air conditioning, sleep on the floor in summer. By evening, hot air builds up under the ceiling, and below it is much cooler. Therefore, it makes sense to throw a mattress, pillows and sleep on the floor, while the heat soars outside the window. If you leave the windows open, you can easily enjoy a quiet sleep. Night is the coolest time of day. Even a small temperature difference will allow the living space to give off excess heat to the street.
  11. Walk around the house in spacious clothing made from natural fabrics. It absorbs excess moisture well, allows the skin to breathe, and blow the body out of the fan breeze.
  12. Learn from animals that live without air conditioning. In intense heat, they prefer to sleep more, move little, walk measuredly, slowly. If there is such an opportunity, you need to do just that: spend most of the day in a horizontal position.
  13. Go to the night work schedule: stay awake at night, and relax during the day.
  14. Keep yourself in good physical shape, choose foods that are quickly prepared and well absorbed by the body for nutrition. Exclude from the diet hot dishes and drinks that can heat the body from the inside (peppers, alcoholic beverages, lard, garlic and ginger).

Большую роль в сохранении здоровья в жаркую летнюю пору играет умение адаптироваться. Ведь как-то жили наши предки без кондиционеров и охлаждали жилые помещения подручными способами. Сегодня миллионов людей живут в поясе экватора, не у каждого в доме есть климатическая техника (кондиционеры), но они как-то выживают и ведут активный образ жизни. They help the ability to adapt to existing circumstances. No one is depressed about the heat, does not panic when the window is more than +45 degrees. The human body is able to survive even in more extreme conditions. The main thing is to be able to adapt to them, using the usual improvised methods. The most effective are listed in this article. And they do not have air conditioning.