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How to copy contacts from phone to sim


It is rational to keep contacts on a SIM card in the following cases:

  1. When using multiple phones or smartphones in turn.
  2. To prevent adding new numbers.
  3. When you need to do a complete data cleaning, but the Internet to restore contacts, no.
  4. When contacting a service center.
  5. If you want to use a regular phone that does not support transferring contacts over a wireless network or the Internet.
  6. When replacing SIM cards.

Instructions on how to transfer contacts to a SIM card

  1. Open the Directory or Phonebook application, where phone numbers are stored.
  2. Find and click on the button with a drop-down list of parameters.
  3. Select Import / Export. If the item is missing, click on "Settings".
  4. Next - “Export to SIM card”.
  5. In the new window, mark the contacts that you want to transfer. Please note that the memory of the SIM card is limited and more often than not it can accommodate more than 250 numbers.
  6. After selecting numbers, click on the “Export” button. The phone will inform you that some of the information - music, photography, additional notes will not be saved. Confirm the action and wait for the procedure to complete.

So, following these simple 6 steps according to the instructions, you will completely copy the contacts from the phone to the SIM card.

If you still have questions or something didn’t work, then ask questions in the comments to the article and we will try to answer you. If you know other ways to quickly move contacts from your phone to a SIM card, then write your method in the comments to this article, maybe it will be suitable for other users.

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Why is it important

If you experience some difficulties when transferring contacts, then saving them to SIM is very important. As a rule, difficulties during this procedure arise due to the fact that due to inattention, many users save numbers on two media at once - SIM card and device memory.

But it is most rational to save all contacts on the SIM card, because if you replace the gadget, they will not be lost, and you won’t have to spend time transferring them. This is very convenient, because modern users buy a new phone almost every year.

More recently, specialists have developed a special application called Coolmuster Android Assistant, which quickly copies all numbers from a phone to a SIM card. But so far, it only works on PCs or iPhones. However, it allows you to copy the phonebook in any format from PC to Android in a short time.

How to copy a phone book from a phone to a SIM card

The procedure is very simple. To do this, you need:

  1. Through the main menu and call log find “Contacts” / “Phonebook”.
  2. Find the “Import / Export” option in this section, select “More” and click on “Export to SIM card” in the list that appears.

But first you need to choose the source from which the copy will be performed. In our case, this is a telephone. Then you need to click "Next" and select the storage where you want to copy information. Accordingly, we select a SIM card.

  1. Now check off all the necessary contacts, select “Finish” / “Copy”.

Note! In some phones, instead of exporting to a SIM card, there is an export to an SD card. In this case, you need to open this tab and select "SIM" in it.

Why copy contacts to SIM card

Copying contacts to a SIM card for smartphone users does not make much sense. It's easier to store them in your Google account or iCloud. Not only numbers and user names are stored in these sources - here you can write additional numbers, indicate the place of work and email address, assign a nickname, register a birthday, make notes. Image assignment is also available. All this is stored on remote servers and periodically synchronized.

A limited number of entries are stored on the SIM card - from 100 to 250 pcs, depending on the operator and the year of release. Each record corresponds to only two fields - phone number and subscriber name. Moreover, the number of characters in the name is also limited; it is not possible to enter the full name here entirely. You cannot specify additional fields - this is implemented in the phone book or when storing contacts in Google and iCloud accounts.

Copying contacts to a SIM card is performed:

  • To create a backup copy of phone numbers - they are stored in a limited format, only the name and phone number,
  • To transfer numbers from one phone (not a smartphone) to another is one of the easiest ways that does not require the use of special software,
  • When switching from a smartphone to a phone - when you’re tired of using a smartphone and want a simpler handset (there really is such a trend),
  • For security reasons, some people do not trust contact storage services, preferring to store them in the old grandfather way (on a SIM card).

Backup via SIM-card makes sense only with a limited number of numbers - no more than 230-250 pcs, depending on the type of SIM card. The easiest way is to use special applications that save the phonebook on a computer or in cloud storage. The same applies to record transfer.

If a valid SIM card can accommodate a limited number of numbers, get a modern duplicate at your nearest operator’s service office. You need to have a passport with you.

Using google

This method is also worthy of attention. Allows you to save the phone book on the SIM card and in the phone’s memory through the use of android contacts and android settings. The procedure is very simple:

  1. Open the phone book on your gadget.
  2. Find the option in the menu to import the saved numbers.
  3. Select the source of the numbers stored in the phone memory to copy.
  4. Specify Simka as the final storage location for contacts.
  5. Tick ​​off important subscribers.
  6. Confirm the procedure and activate it.

It is worth mentioning that the source of information when copying the phone book can be specialized files of their device memory or flash drive, as well as the account of the owner of the phone in the Google system. In the latter case, for the successful completion of the procedure, it will be necessary to additionally log in and synchronize.

If you copy numbers from Gmail, then specify only the necessary contacts to avoid duplication of information.

A few important points

Read this information before you start copying:

  1. If the contact name was written in Cyrillic, when transferring to SIM card, it will be reduced to 6 characters. Space is also taken into account. As a result, this can greatly distort the names.
  2. Sometimes when transferring contacts to one or more errors occurs. In this case, you need to independently reduce the subscriber’s name to 6 letters and then the number will be copied successfully.
  3. If you have several numbers stored under one name, then each of them on the SIM card will be stored separately. In this case, the “name” of the contact will remain the same.
  4. You can only copy numbers to a SIM card. All additional information will remain in the phone.

Now you know how to transfer numbers from your phone to a SIM card. We hope our article will be useful to you!

Check the number where you called

How to transfer contacts from your phone to a SIM card

We turn to practice - let's try to figure out how to transfer contacts on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems. The instructions are simple and will not cause questions even for non-advanced users. As for simple telephones, the standard copying procedures implemented in the phone book are used there.

On Android

Android in terms of our task is universal, be it Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, HTC or Sony. Almost any standard “dialer” has a complete set of tools for working with contacts. As an example, take the handset from Xiaomi and look at the “Import and Export” menu - it is shown in the screenshot. Here are a few copy directions:

  • Export to phone memory - a * .vcf file with entries is generated. Subsequently, it can be imported into any device. This is a full backup, albeit with a limited number of fields,
  • Import from SIM cards - from one or two, depending on the model of smartphone,
  • Send contacts - sends notes by mail or to social networks, sending via Bluetooth and SMS is also supported,
  • Export to a SIM card is the very item that we need.

To copy the contacts from the phone to the SIM card, select “Export to SIM card” and mark the exported entries, press OK and wait for the operation to complete (takes several seconds).

If the basic export function is not provided in the standard “dialer”, install an alternative application with the function of copying records. You can also use the “Copy to SIM Card” application. It weighs only 1.3 MB, completely solving the task:

  • Install the app from Google Play,
  • Allow access to the phone book,
  • Mark the necessary contacts or all at once,
  • Select “Copy selected to SIM” from the menu.

Also, there are functions to delete marked or all contacts from SIM cards.

On Apple iPhone smartphones, only the reverse operation is available - copying the phone book from the SIM card to the device. Have to "dance with a tambourine" and come up with workarounds. There are two of them - copying through Google Contacts and copying through a * .vcf file. Meet the step by step instructions.

Almost all phones, with the exception of the simplest ones, “understand” files in * .vcf format — these are phonebook entry files transmitted via Bluetooth and SMS (and other channels). Our task is to create a backup file using the “My Contact Backup” application for iOS. Install the application, launch it and allow access to the phone book, click the "Backup" button. The application will generate a file for sending to another device - for example, by email.

The last task is to download the file to the phone in any way, for example, via cable or all the same configured mail (if the phone has the appropriate client). We launch the file and allow it to copy the contacts to the phone’s memory - from here we copy the entries to the SIM card. The method is time consuming, but working.

The main difficulty of this technique is to transfer the file from the iPhone and download it to another device. Optimally, if the phone is defined as a USB-drive - in this case, you can save the file directly to its internal memory.

The second way involves using Gmail:

  • Register a Gmail account on the iPhone and activate the "Contacts" switch,
  • Wait for the phone book to sync,
  • Take an Android-smartphone with the same account and copy the received records (they will be downloaded automatically) into the SIM-card.

These are two working ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to a SIM card.

Important points

By copying the phonebook to the SIM card, users are surprised at its strange appearance - it is cropped and without extra data. And this is normal, because the SIM does not store anything except the name and phone number. Long names are truncated, extra fields are deleted. If two numbers correspond to one person (for example, work and mobile), then the output will be two contacts with the same name, but with different numbers. It's all? what you need to remember when copying the phone book to a SIM card.

If you are tired of your operator

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