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How to create a successful online jewelry sales business: what are the risks and what to consider useful video tips


Now about which sites to sell handmade items! For example, I put links to my stores with bears on these resources.

Hand Made Museum

Hand Made Design - Online store in Kharkov. Their work can be put up for free, sales without commissions. But a lot of intrusive advertising crawls out on the site. - The first Ukrainian Handmade community. The first month is free, then from 10 hryvnia. and - On this site are placed and sold by masters from all over the former union. - Absolutely free online platform where you can place without limitation your products for sale without extra charges and commissions. Etsy is a very popular platform among buyers, the main visitors from the USA. Their stores are created approximately according to the same system as at the Fair of Masters. To register, you need to have a credit card. And in order for your store to appear in the site’s search engine, you need to pay an intermediary who will promote it. - This site is not for sales, people put up “pins” - pictures that can be linked to their sites. Can be used as an advertisement.
We are interested - Site for artists and designers, where you can put up to 15 works for free, the rest of the work is paid. - Everything is absolutely free! Both the creation of the store and the sales commission are not taken. - Product placement for free. However, when selling works on this resource, the author will have to pay 5%, but this is quite a bit. - You can display up to 50 products with no commission for free, the rest on a paid account. - A site where you can sell unusual goods. If your work is original, go there. - A resource where you can also create your own store. - On this site, advertising your product can be displayed as a video. From the sale to the organizers a commission of 5% is deducted. - This site has a special online storefront for selling your work. - This site offers to print images on t-shirts, dishes and other items. You can create your own drawing, put on this resource (with copyright), if someone orders a product with your design, you will receive interest from the sale. - On the site you can sell jewelry, jewelry, antiques and vintage. Photos are rigorously selected, admins select and display only very high-quality and interesting products, interest is deducted from the sale.

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Tatyana, I just started doing manual work and created my own shops on some sites. Tell me, in your experience, which site worked in your case?

I sell mainly through contact, rarely through a fair of craftsmen.

I liked the article very much, thank you very much, I liked the site I will be published there and chose a few more) thanks)

... A wonderful analytical article by a famous blogger and master! However, the article is already a bit outdated. I would like to see new recommendations from Tatyana.
Having registered for a long time on the recommended pages, I made a sad conclusion ... Of the large sites, hand made, only a few work, as they worked. Judging by the attendance, NM is a big separation from everyone else, gradually turning into a hand-made Avito. Where, at no extra charge, nothing to do ... is a wonderful and friendly place, but no more. As she was in the “gray” zone, she rests without integrating herself with search engines. Everyone else has the same problem. No matter how wonderful the marketplace is, the moment of truth is in visits, views and sales ...
There is no free advertising. But when buying an advertising product, feedback is needed, and at least a small, but a return ... Some of the money, at least a small amount, should go to the development of the site.
On the requests of some goods in the search engines I and Google, there are only two sites with corresponding products. I will not advertise. Just search your products through search engines. Everything will immediately become clear. And hanging out on the court and liking the likes of the masters is a waste of time.
Unfortunately, I did not find a single, truly - lively and motivating site ..
I hope for a fresh analytical article, Tatyana!
Good luck everyone!

.... to the above. Many needleworkers advertise their "favorite" sites, misleading readers and not thinking about other people's time wasted, None of the sites recommended in the comments by readers of this blog can withstand any criticism! There are many tools for checking rankings and visiting sites. Let me give you one example of a site that was recommended here ...

Jewelry: handmade, or bulk purchases

With the growing demand for jewelry, a fashionable direction has appeared - the creation of jewelry with your own hands. In this case, the material, shape can be any. The Internet is replete with an abundance of master classes with a detailed description of how to create your own masterpiece. Anyone who has the desire and time can master these skills. At the same time, the costs are minimal. Among the most incredible products:

  • broken dish necklace,
  • broken glass earrings,
  • beads made of liquid resin (any memorable thing can be put inside each bead, while the bead itself can be of any shape).

No less popular:

  • earrings, rings, headbands decorated with artificial flowers of felt, foamine, gypsum, porcelain,
  • necklace, bracelets made of ribbons, they can be decorated with artificial stones,
  • all kinds of brooches using any improvised decor.

Experienced needlewomen got used to using any material at hand, leaving a minimum of waste. Which makes the manufacturing process quite profitable.

It is worth noting that making jewelry at home as a hobby and as a business requires completely different approaches:

  • You can make jewelry for yourself in your free time from work and other worries. While custom manufacturing requires full commitment. It is worth considering, appreciating your time and willingness to devote it to the cause.
  • Materials Completely different volumes and costs.
  • Workplace. Creating your own masterpiece as a hobby, you can get by with the old desk. But working on order is worth thinking about a serious workplace, because this is the card of every master.
  • A more professional approach to the process of manufacturing jewelry to order, each client should be satisfied with the quality of not only the materials used in the manufacture, but also with the quality of the jewelry itself.
  • When working with jewelry at a professional level, you need to take care of the availability of professional tools that will greatly simplify the manufacturing process.

The increase in demand gave an impetus to an increase in the production of jewelry in factories. This greatly complicated the marketing process of finished products of small traders handmade. This fact is explained by a much lower cost. Minus of such jewelry:

  • standard appearance. They make such jewelry according to standard designs, often these are ordinary copies of expensive jewelry,
  • the use of cheaper materials,
  • there are frequent cases of marriage, low-quality products.

Having decided to open your own business of selling jewelry through the Internet, you should rest on your capabilities. If you have needlework skills and a lot of free time, you can create and sell your jewelry. If either one or the other is missing, it is best to find a good wholesaler.

Creation of advertizing and a set of clients

Having decided which particular goods have the opportunity to trade, it is necessary to study the demand market. To do this, bypass specialized stores, browse more than one site, fashion catalogs. Only after that it will be possible to either place an order for the supply of jewelry, or create several of their products.

It is not worth purchasing for the first time many product units at once. No one can guarantee a successful sale and profit. It is worth starting with small volumes in order to establish itself. With customer growth, you can expand volumes.

As you know, good advertising guarantees at least more than half the success. Therefore, it should be bright and concise. Do not save on creating flyers and business cards.

Examples of good advertising:

  • Advertising blocks on third-party sites and groups in social networks are perfect. Naturally, you will have to pay for advertising, but this is a necessary expense. To create such an advertisement, you need several good photos of the product, from different angles and a minimum of description. Do not forget to add to the ad text how to view the full catalog of products.
  • Creating your own page, or group in a social network. In it you can lay out a complete catalog and add extensive descriptions, indicate the price. Be sure to add the ability to leave feedback with customers, which will give new customers confidence in the integrity of the seller. It is this group / page that can be advertised on blogs, on sites that are popular.
  • Despite the fact that sales are carried out on the Internet, advertising can be real. These are flyers and business cards. Distributing them should be in crowded places of potential buyers. On the business card there may be photographs of products and a link to the place where the sale is carried out.
  • And, of course, word of mouth. This is the most reliable and proven way of advertising. However, it is available only with the appearance of particularly satisfied customers. Friends can help here.

The spread of jewelry at first

There are several ways to sell jewelry on the Internet. At first, the business will be difficult, since it is necessary to establish itself as a seller. After some time, people themselves will be interested and create orders.

Possible ways of selling over the Internet:

  • Trading floors of the city. Surely there are the most popular sites through which sales are made in the city. Here you can estimate the demand and set the average price for similar products.
  • Social networks. Most of the population spend a lot of their time communicating on social networks. All kinds of thematic groups were created right there. But do not look exclusively for groups that sell. Among all women, there are those who want to look beautiful, but unfortunately do not have time to go shopping. An excellent advertisement would be ads in maternity groups on maternity leave. This also includes groups for children. Little fashionistas will be happy to purchase bright rubber bands, hairpins, headbands, bracelets and other jewelry.
  • ads, in the form of advertising on third-party sites.
  • Sale through online stores. It is not necessary to create your own online store, starting to trade. Initially, you can do it with third parties. With the growing demand for jewelry, you can invest in creating your own shop.

Each item can be described as a place with increased competitiveness. Therefore, a novice entrepreneur will have to keep a “blow”. It is worth luring potential customers with special offers and pleasant bonuses. You need to think through them carefully and in advance so as not to lose money. Our goal is to make a profit.

Calculating the cost of the finished product is simple:

  • If this is a DIY jewelry, then you should add up the entire amount of the spent materials and add the amount to which the master evaluates his work. However, it is worth watching the average price in the market. Do not overstate it, but too low a price can cause distrust and unnecessary doubts.
  • If these are purchasing products, then it is necessary to add a percentage to the wholesale price, which includes transport costs and the seller’s work. Usually this amount does not exceed 10%. When setting the price, you need to be guided by many factors: the average price on the market, demand (if it is a fashionable product that has just appeared on the market, the price can be overestimated, if the product is not for sale - arrange a sale), exchange rates and others.

It is worth buying jewelry at the time of big discounts. Typically, large manufacturers arrange sales with discounts of up to 70%. Such a solution would be most beneficial.

Payment methods, how to create an atmosphere of trust among new customers

Not many buyers are willing to work with the seller on a full prepaid basis. This is due to the sophisticated imagination of scammers. At first, it may be worth thinking about other forms that will secure the buyer, creating a positive image for the seller. Payment can be made in the following way:

  • Full payment when picking up jewelry from hand to hand.
  • Payment by bank card. This can be a prepayment of the entire amount, or divided into 2 parts: before sending the goods, and after receiving.
  • Payment through 3 persons. This option is possible when using the services of mail, courier.

Create a trusting atmosphere will help positive feedback from people who have already made a purchase. You can do this in the review book on the site, in the group where the payment is made.

You can also ask your customers to add photos that were taken at the time of unpacking the jewelry. These will be real photos that will help potential buyers evaluate the seller’s work.

When distributing jewelry over the Internet, special attention should be paid to the issue of delivery. This is a sensitive topic. Unfortunately, common cases of fraud complicate the sale process itself. Buyers' trust is quite difficult to earn, therefore, in the beginning, businesses will have to make concessions, which can cause high costs.

Jewelry delivery can be carried out in the following ways:

  • delivery by courier,
  • mailing jewelry
  • use of other convenient delivery services,
  • pickup.

When choosing a delivery method, it is worth considering all the percentages that the delivery service takes and warn the buyer in advance so that he can choose the most suitable option. This will help determine the amount of payment, if the work is carried out on full prepayment.

To avoid confusion and delivery problems, it is important to organize the whole process correctly by distributing the days of the week. So, for example, the first half of the week you can collect orders, then create and sort and select any day for immediate delivery. All the rules regarding order fees and their delivery should preferably be written on the trading page. This will allow the buyer to prepare in advance, and the seller will save time by answering standard questions.

The more transparent the trading scheme, the more confidence the buyer has in the seller.

In this case, the delivery of hand-made products requires a special approach, since it takes a certain amount of time to make jewelry to order. Therefore, it is worthwhile to more carefully evaluate your time without creating an atmosphere of overload.

Business expansion

When the business gained wide momentum, and there were so many customers that could not be counted, we can talk about expanding our business.

If from the beginning it wasn’t reasonable to create your own website, since this is a costly business, not only financially, but profit and success cannot be guaranteed. Now it’s time to find a good developer who will create a beautiful site with well-organized sections. The main thing is a professional appearance. It is worth remembering the advertising, and PR your site on all possible sites as much as it is allowed there. Ideal sites of the city where trade is made, fashion and beauty sites, thematic forums.

It is possible that after the expansion, there will be a desire to open its outlet. Pay special attention to the opening shopping centers. However, it will pay special attention to the premises that will function there: cinemas, playgrounds, cafeterias and other entertainment, without which the shopping center will not be able to provide a large flow of people.

The most important rule when choosing a room is a guide to the number of people visited. The larger the flow, the higher the percentage of sales, the less likely the forced costs of a new move.

With the expansion of the business, you can think about expanding the staff. So, if these are products made by oneself, then there will be a need for “additional hands”. This is a responsible choice, as the products will be manufactured on behalf of. Distributing flyers, business cards, creating advertising texts and their placement can also be entrusted to outsiders. To manage a group created in a social network, you can find a responsible administrator working for the result. All these are additional costs, which, with high desire and persistence, take profits.

You can offer your cooperation to “famous” seamstresses and online stores in the city who can advertise your goods, naturally for a fee. If a retail outlet is open in a shopping center, you can try to negotiate with neighboring clothing stores. This will not only make advertising for the jewelry outlet, but will also give more chances to sell the jewelry itself.

Like any undertaking, trade in jewelry through the Internet requires not only cash costs, but also time. Чтобы достичь определенного успеха, необходимо большое количество клиентов. Набрать клиентскую базу и удержать довольно сложно, из-за высокой конкуренции в отрасли.But, if you love your job, constantly improve your business, pleasantly surprising, customers will constantly be added.