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How to bind a person?


Bondage in sex games allows you to realize dozens of interesting scenarios. Linking helps you feel better about your partner, switch roles, and feel a stronger desire. But how to tie a partner if special handcuffs are not at hand? Restriction of movements can be carried out by improvised means. Shawls, stockings, belts are in every home.

Home Bond Rules

Binding is a very sensual practice, but it is important to approach it consciously. In uncomfortable poses, you can not fix a person for a period of more than 30 minutes. Extremities may flow, blood circulation is disturbed. If the tug of war is very strong, then its duration should be limited to 10 minutes.

Bondage is a voluntary practice. The contactee must agree to use this technique. And he must have the right to terminate the process at any time. For this, a stop word is used; when pronouncing it, all shackles are removed. It is necessary to think over a signal or a word in advance, and then remember about it.

During the fixation of the partner, you need to monitor his condition. Redness of the skin, suffocation can be dangerous. It is necessary to control health, to avoid life-threatening situations.

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Sometimes there are situations when you need to immobilize a person with the help of improvised means. We will talk about how to tie a person using a rope, belt, stick.

It is the rope that gives the most reliable result. There are a lot of options for tying with a rope. We will tell you about the simplest methods.

  • By ordinary winding the rope, tie the wrists of the hands of the opponent (preferably behind the back or behind the head), fix the ends. Then tie your legs around the ankles and also lock the ends. Now it remains only to tie together a coiled rope on his hands with a rope on his feet.
  • Take a very long rope. Tie your wrists around it, and wrap the body as tightly as possible with the remaining long tip. Do not forget to fix the rope and the ankles of the legs. Secure the tip of the rope with a tight knot. Note that this method is effective only if you wrapped the body really tight enough and the rope is securely fixed. Otherwise, you only have a little time to find a better way to tie the enemy or wait for help.
  • Lay your opponent face down on the floor. Tie the hands behind the back, the remaining end of the same rope (if length allows) or tie the ankles of the legs with another rope. Now bend your opponent’s knees, lifting your feet up, and tie the ankles and wrists together. In this position, a person is guaranteed not to budge. However, note that it will be impossible to transport it without assistance in this position.
  • Wrap your opponent’s hands behind your back and tie your thumbs together. The ends of the rope can be thrown over the shoulders and then already tie them in front or behind the torso.

It is also quick and convenient to tie a person with a belt from trousers.

  • Fold the belt in half, thread the tip into the buckle. Pass your hands into the resulting double loop. Tighten the tip tightly and fasten to the buckle. Similarly, you can tie the legs.
  • Wrap the opponent’s hands behind his back, bend at the elbows and secure them with a belt slightly higher than the bend.

An ordinary tool can also be an excellent tool for holding down enemy movements.

  • Lay your opponent face down on the floor. Along the back, lay a long stick, wrap the man’s hands behind it, bend your legs at the knees, lifting your feet up. Next, tie the hands and ankles of the feet as explained in paragraph 3 of the “Rope” section.
  • Put a stick on the shoulders of a standing opponent. Get your hands behind it (similar to holding the beam). Now tie the hands to the stick with a rope.
  • You can also try to immobilize a person only with a stick. To do this, get a stick around the neck, throw a person’s hands on it (as if holding a rocker). Now try to throw behind a stick and legs bent at the knees. If a person has sufficient flexibility and does not resist, then you will succeed. Otherwise, it will be better to resort to the additional help of ropes or belts.

These are the main options for connecting a person. Choose any suitable one, but never forget about the safety of the person you are linking to - do not overdo it.

How to tie a partner?

In a modern house it’s not always possible to attach a person to something. The batteries are no longer metal, they break easily with serious resistance. Traces of bondage remain on the furniture. Therefore, it is possible to fix the limbs of a person so that he cannot move, but at the same time does not spoil the surrounding objects. How to do it?

  • Tie your hands behind your back. It is embodied simply, but there is an important nuance: do not then lay the person on his back. He can lay his hands out if he settles on them. And with insufficient stretching, stretching can occur.
  • Tie your hands with your feet. Combining the wrists and ankles, it will immobilize the person. This can be done front or rear. When strapping behind, there may not be enough flexibility, so the binding materials must be longer to compensate for the missing distance.
  • Fixing on the bed. If a clothesline or tape is used, they can be placed under the mattress. The individual ends of the bonding material are placed on different sides of the bed. As a result, a person is fixed on it, and his weight does not allow bondage to move.
  • You can tie a person to a chair or to a table. Suitable for bondage doors and handles on them. It takes only a little imagination, and it turns out to find the right place. But linking is only part of the game. Therefore, it is important to consider further actions in advance.
Bondage is an interesting practice. But it’s not very convenient to bind a partner with improvised means, bruises can occur. If you want a safe game without marks on the body, use special devices to fix a person from a sex shop.