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How and what to play with budgies


Because of boredom and during your absence, parrots find themselves entertainment that you might not like, for example, biting pieces of leaves from flowers or damaging your interior (furniture, cabinets). In particular, they like to fly into the kitchen to feast on, no matter how tasty, because of tenacious claws they will be able to lift the lid from the sugar bowl and sprinkle sugar on the table, pick up a spoon with honey and fly with it into the hall, etc. So that various misunderstandings do not happen in your absence, you need to occupy and entertain the parrot, and direct its inventive qualities in the right direction. Here you will find 8 ways to take a parrot and at the same time pamper it delicious.

1) Take a wooden spoon and bake various seeds in it with peanut butter, eggs and the addition of a small amount of honey. After cooking we hang up a spoon, for example, on a chandelier and your parrot will be provided with employment for several hours.

2) We take a wire (preferably galvanized) and string on it balls of wood (you can take from old beads) interspersed with various dried fruits and nuts. We suspect what happened to any vertical pole and the lesson from boredom is provided to your parrot. The point in this method is that the lower the parrot will advance, the more difficult it will be to enjoy various goodies.

3) We make the same garland described above (you can add pieces of limestone) and hang it across the corner, and your parrot will be full and satisfied.

4) You can fix a small piece of limestone on a previously prepared vertical board, and you will give the parrots the opportunity to feel happy, because this is how free parrots in nature extract various minerals on the rocks.

5) Prepare and hang gingerbread cookies with honey or sprinkle them with various nuts. So you provide the parrot employment for a couple of hours.

6) Take a wooden stick in the form of a fishing rod and hook a favorite parrot nut onto the place of bait. So you can play with him, or during your absence, fix this fishing rod on some sort of cabinet and you can go quietly about your business, without worrying about spoiled furniture or chaos in the kitchen.

7) The easiest way for you according to ingenuity (you will need to do it once) and entertaining for a parrot is to take a piece of wood and make not too deep holes in it, and put seeds and nuts in these holes. So your parrot will not get tired very much, but it will be full and keen on getting food from the hole, which will take it for a while.

8) Resourcefulness and quick wits will help him develop this method. To do this, we hang bags with nuts and seeds on the rope, and other bags should be empty (each time using this method, we change the bags). This method will not let your parrot get bored and will help to develop intellectual abilities in it.
But the main thing to remember is that the complication of the process of obtaining food in some methods should occur gradually, since if the parrot does not get it, interest will disappear and it will again begin to spoil furniture and peck flowers. It is also worth noting that it is not recommended to provide him with several methods at once, it is better to wait until the parrot gets bored with one method and after that give him the opportunity to use another.

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How to make friends with a wavy

If you recently got a budgie, take a closer look at it and get used to each other. If the bird is afraid of you, then there can be no talk of any games. Do not make noise near the pet, do not make sudden movements and do not offend him.

Gradually the bird will behave calmer near you. You can understand how calm the wavy is from a simple experiment. Sit with your head at or above the parrot. Distance - no more than half a meter, i.e. close enough. Look at the bird and watch the behavior. Is the pet sitting still and watching you closely? He is afraid of. A relaxed wavy will calmly blink, scratch and fingering with its beak.

The taming of the budgie begins with tactile contact. Saying the name of the bird, slowly put your hand into the cage and stop it at the level of the legs. The wavy will sit on your palm. Otherwise, wait a while or try another time.

Budgie toys

When the wavy gets used to his hands, you can start playing with him. You can use anything you like as toys. After all, the budgerigar is like a three-year-old child who is interested in the new and the unusual. And it’s not necessary to buy special toys. Suitable household items:

  • plastic plugs
  • matches
  • various boxes
  • paper,
  • pencils, pens,
  • rubber bands, hairpins,
  • rings, bracelets, etc.

These things can simply be laid out on the table when you release the wavy fly. He will sit down to rest, and an unusual little thing will attract his attention. And then a matter of technology. You can help the bird: take away the toy from him, hide it under other objects, throw it to the side, etc.

How to play with a wavy

How often you play with the budgie will determine his mood and attitude towards you. Do not expect the bird to sit on your shoulder or eat out of your hands if you pay attention to it once a week. Wavy needs regular communication and games.

Does the parrot love you so much that it constantly flies after you around the apartment? Play hide and seek with him. Hide behind a curtain or under a table and start calling for a bird from there.

The game is suitable for busy people spending time at the computer or cooking. Does the parrot crave attention? Tease him! Whistle in turn, talk to him in different tones, respond to a tweet.

Get a treat

Put a piece of apple or cucumber under a small box (from under sweets, from under tablets). If the bird can quickly get a treat, complicate the game: take a heavier box and make a hole in it, into which only the head of the parrot passes. He will be able to see the food, but getting it will not be so easy.

Playing with budgies is really fun. These amazing birds make everything so funny and fun that you will be happy to spend time with them.

What you need to know about budgie toys

Due to lack of time, not all owners can devote enough time to their feathered friend. In fact, there are quite a few ways of entertainment, most of which are simple to implement. For example, you can watch a little parrot and find out what he likes to do most. If the bird likes to splash in the water, then you should buy a small bath for these purposes, where the parrot can bathe when he himself wants to. Other pets are indifferent to water, but just love to gnaw and sort through a variety of objects that need to be provided to the bird.

It is important to remember that the bird cage is the permanent home of the pet. It is in this place that it is necessary to equip the best conditions and equip with suitable devices. A swing is best suited; a bird can swing and play on them. Another interesting entertainment is the mirror, where the pet will consider its reflection. In addition, thanks to the mirror, the parrot will feel that he is not alone in the cage, so he will not feel lonely.

But a cozy cell is not the main thing. Sometimes the owner may notice that the feathered friend is bored and sad. The reason for this may be insufficient attention from the owner. If the parrot has depression, you need to give it at least 30 minutes a day. Even this short period is enough for the pet to understand that he is not alone, but someone needs and is surrounded by care.

  • The birds have a cheerful disposition, sometimes you need to change the toys of the parrot so that they are not tired.
  • The entertainment item should be small so that the pet is not afraid.
  • All toys must be safe, before placement in the cage, you need to check them for the presence of small disassembled parts.
  • If the toy breaks, you need to throw it away. The rest of the bird's toys need to be washed so that dirt and germs do not accumulate.
  • With a new entertainment, the bird must first get used to it, for this the toy must first be placed outside the cage, to demonstrate how you can have fun with it.


  • Do not forget to check the safety of toys. See if the parrot can get stuck in them.
  • Do not let pets play with coins and keys. Their composition is very harmful and toxic to animals due to the content of zinc. Any metal objects for games are dangerous.
  • Constantly monitor the parrot outside the cage so that it is not injured.
  • It is impossible that the pet is in contact with saliva, it can be a mortal danger.
  • Do not feed birds with unsuitable food. The list of hazardous products includes: coffee, sweets, alcohol, chocolate, nuts and honey. These products are dangerous for birds and their use can end in disrepair.
  • Do not spread pungent odors near the bird, be it perfume, deodorant, scented candles or cigarettes. If the owner smokes, then before touching the pet, he must wash his hands.
  • When at home it is boring, it would be ideal to make a feathered pet a couple, then neither he nor the owner will be bored. Birds will have fun calling and playing. But it is important that the pets fit together in character.
  • Do not leave the wastebasket in the room where the parrot lives. A pet may accidentally get stuck there and fail to get out.
  • Parrots perfectly remember speech, therefore constantly watch what you say in the presence of a bird.
  • Do not allow the parrot to touch the wires, it can gnaw them, which will cause irreparable harm.
  • You can’t feed your pet a lot of fruits and vegetables, this leads to digestive problems, dehydration and even death.
  • Make sure all entertainment items fit the size of the bird.
  • If the bird house is set below two meters from the floor, and there are cats among the pets in the house, it would be better to hang the cage above or select a “cat” room where it is forbidden for the bird to fly, and a “bird” room where cats are not allowed.
  • You can not force a bird to leave the cage if the pet does not want to. He may just be tired. Try releasing it later.
  • Close to the cage, it is strictly forbidden to use cookware with non-stick coating, which, when heated, emits toxic gases that quickly kill the budgie.

Many toys in the cage help the budgie develop and have fun while the host is away. Of course, such entertainment is a fascinating pastime for the pet. But, wondering how to cheer a parrot, you need to remember that nothing can replace the cares and love of the owner. Therefore, you need to devote more time to the bird, then it definitely will not get bored.