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How to draw a charming dog with a simple pencil


Let's start drawing, drawing on a simple sketch. Novice artists can handle it quite well. This option is considered a simple puppy, which is drawn with an ordinary pencil. The skills in the image of this animal will come in handy when you start drawing a cat, so be careful. Having chosen a sheet of paper and finding a suitable pencil, we begin our creative process.

How to draw a puppy:

  1. We put the paper, take a pencil and draw, in the center an oval. The oval should be horizontal.
  2. Now in the upper side of our oval, backing off, a little space, first we add one half-shaft, departing from the first, draw another half-same.
  3. Further, having retreated a small distance from the middle of the lateral part of the first oval, we begin to output a semicircle. The semicircle should end, on the other hand, but at the same distance from the middle of the side. So, we learned how to draw a puppy, or rather, his head.
  4. Then, in the middle of the semi-ovals, we draw a semicircle in the corner. We shade our eyes with a pencil, and do not touch the perimeter after the figure, this is our eye flare. On the oval we draw a round nose, shade it with a pencil. From the nose, draw a dash down, and bring out the puppy's mouth.
  5. Slightly departing from the top of the head, we create ears. They are hanging, as seen in the picture. Approximately in the middle of the ears we draw a segment down, at the bottom we round it and draw a line a little up, on the other hand, add the same foot.
  6. Connect the gap between the paws in a semicircle. We return to the ears, and stepping back a little from the foot, draw a line down, round it, and bring to the foot. On the legs we make small fingers of the dog. So, we learned how to draw a dog in stages, or to be more precise, the body of a puppy.
  7. Now, add the collar to the puppy, between the lower part of the ears on the neck you need to draw two lines, and put ticks or stars between them. You can depict circles with zigzags on the left side, and depict a bone, it turns out that the dog thinks about the bone.

Such a picture does not take much time, if you follow our instructions and steps.

Cute puppy

We offer to continue the work and learn how to draw a dog, but of a different type. In order not to be distracted from the topic with puppies, we will draw a cute puppy. By the way, the image of cute animals is popular, you can draw an owl in addition.

For work you will need a sheet of paper and felt-tip pens. Creative process:

  1. On a sheet, draw two, roughly the same circles. In the center of the figures we draw small circles and a smile. Fill the circles and leave the small circles white. So we get eyes with a glare.
  2. Under the eyes, we draw a likeness of a triangle, but not with sharp corners, but with rounded ones. In the upper corner, draw a line, draw a triangle with a felt-tip pen or pencil, and the corner should remain white. Got eyes and nose. Now from the middle of the nose draw a line down and draw a smile right under the vertical line.
  3. Starting from the upper edge of the eyes, stepping back a little to the side, draw straight lines. Having departed from the line to the side, we derive other segments, but we round them off at the bottom and connect them. Get puppy ears. Now connect them in a semicircle at the top and bottom. So, you learned how to draw a dog, or rather a puppy’s head.
  4. Next, at the junction of the ears and chin of the puppy, draw a line down, turn it to the left side and pull it down. We carry it, not reaching the head, draw a horizontally slightly rounded line at first. On the free edge of the line, make a segment down, make the second foot, as shown in the picture. On the paws add a few dashes.
  5. We draw the body of our puppy with long ticks and attach the tail. Add a collar. Circle our sketch with a marker. And arm ourselves with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.
  6. First, color the eyes with a blue tint. Red, decorate the collar. We will decorate our puppy in brown.

So, we got a cute puppy. If, you know, how to draw a dog in stages with a pencil, then the felt-tip pen can be replaced with a simple pencil, so the image will be even better.

Dog max

Almost every child saw the cartoon "The Secret Life of Pets" and some kind of hero probably looked closely. Therefore, we suggest learning how to draw a dog in stages using a pencil from this cartoon. We will learn to create a character of Max.

Creative process:

  1. First, sketch the oval. At the bottom of the oval, add two identical circles. This is our nose. Now in the upper left part of the nose, pull the arc down. Approximately in the middle of the nose we stop. Next, draw from the same place, a small arc up, turn it the other way. Bring to half the spout.
  2. Now, a little above the nose, we draw out a round eye. Having stepped aside, we draw the second eye. We represent the filled dots. And circle them in circles more. We make eyebrows above the eyes.
  3. Further, from the unfinished upper part, we begin to output the hanging ear. It looks like a tongue, it can be seen in the picture. Draw a straight line down, lower it below the head.
  4. We finish the ear, on the other hand. Add the neck to our hero, two lines will be required on the neck and we get a neck with a collar. On the collar we add a bone hanging on a string. It’s easier to draw a dog, or rather, the head of our Max.
  5. From the neck we draw a line down and round it. On the other hand, we draw the same figure in the neck, draw unfinished ovals below. We depart from the semi-ovals, from above we begin to display a strip, which we round off from below.
  6. We draw, on the other hand, the same strip with a circle below. Connect them with a dash, and draw the hind legs, separating them in a semicircle from the front legs. Draw the lines on the paws.
  7. We take color pencils. We paint brown ears and a semicircle around the eye. In blue or blue we draw a collar. And in yellow we decorate a stone. The drawing is complete.

If, you know, how to draw Max's dog in stages, you will not encounter complications in the process, but you will draw a drawing in just a few minutes.

The story of the "portrait" of Gray

For a week we “ran” after our dog, recalling “Prostokvashino” with a more than prophetic statement about our case: “I ran after her for half a day to take a picture!” But we never got a beautiful photo. Our tomboy managed to successfully avoid being captured. That tail, then his nose all the time were closer to the lens. After suffering, we went another, simpler way. It turned out that finding the right photo on the Internet that looked like our Gray Dog is easy. That’s why we can draw a dog in stages.

But while we were looking for "Gray", my child and I saw that the choice of potential models is huge. We could draw a husky with a pencil in stages, or a German shepherd, or even a husky. All these are beautiful, graceful and smart dogs. Each of the representatives of her breed has characteristic features that are unique to them, and there are personal qualities and common features for all dogs, for which we love them so much and value their friendship. For example, fidelity and the ability to rejoice at the owner, obedience and frankness (they cannot hide their emotions at all).

Already at the initial stages of working on a dog’s drawing, when we just looked at the varieties of these pets, we learned that they differ in temperament, for example, there are choleric, sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic, we were carried away. We wanted to learn how to draw not just an animal with four paws, ears and a tail, but also to learn how to draw good and grinning dogs, and wanted to try to draw a spaniel, a dachshund or a shepherd with a pencil in stages. But it will be later. In the meantime, our "test of the pen." Today we show how to draw a dog with a pencil in stages, and this will be our one-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback. We took it as a model.

Work plan

It was not at all difficult to draw the dog with a pencil in stages, if you precisely move according to the plan. What does it include:

  • Training,
  • The image of the legs and body of the belly,
  • Work on the face of our pet,
  • The design of the picture.
The step-by-step work plan is clear and simple; it helps people and children even inexperienced in art to quickly master the technique of depicting dogs.

Pug with felt pens

Continuing our theme about dog drawings, offers you to portray a pug. We will work with felt-tip pens, but it is quite possible to replace them with pencils. The drawing is simple, even a preschooler can handle it. The main thing is to adhere to our recommendations and step by step to carry out actions.

How to easily draw a pug dog:

  1. Take a pencil, draw a small oval. In the center of the oval we draw a small oval, draw with a pencil or felt-tip pen the entire nose, except for the middle of a small circle. From the middle of the nose draw a dash down, and draw two lines in different directions.
  2. Connect the painted parts in a semicircle, which is drawn on top of the nose. In the middle we put a few dots. Closer up we draw two circles from different sides. Draw some small circles, draw a line at the bottom and color our circles as shown in the picture.
  3. From below we draw a semicircle - the head. We make the tongue and mouth. We paint the tongue with a pencil.
  4. Draw the ears, draw a semicircular line in the middle of the ears. We draw arcs from the top of the head to the lower edges of the eyes. So, you have learned how to draw the face of a dog.
  5. We continue our torso drawing. We draw an arc from the head down, at the end we draw a straight line, which needs to be rounded and stretched up. Stepping back a bit, we draw such a part of the dog to the left.
  6. Now on the right side we draw an arcuate line down. Round it and draw a line up. On the side we draw another line and get a pug on four legs. Draw his eyebrows and a small tail.
  7. We are equipped with a set of colored pencils or felt-tip pens. We draw blue eyes, light-brown color draw one part of the ears, muzzle, trunk and legs. We take the color a tone darker than the previous one and repeat the sketch of all the listed parts. Now you need to paint in pink on one side of the ears, as shown in the picture. Drawing is finished.

Using the same instructions, it is quite possible to draw a pug puppy.

Stage 1. Preparation

It includes, first of all, the organization of the workplace.

Learning to draw, starting with auxiliary lines. We make two ovals that only touch each other. Mandatory: the upper oval is almost 2 times smaller than the bottom. And he looks more like an uneven circle.

Even for beginners, this stage will not be difficult, and even a child will cope with it. But in the future it would be nice if the parents helped their baby in phased drawing.

A detailed drawing lesson for beginners

Having painted colored dogs, we propose to make the dog a simple pencil, and shade it. Using our advice and adhering to step-by-step instructions, even a novice artist can cope with the drawing.

Getting started:

  1. On the landscape sheet, draw a large oval. Then a little beyond the boundaries of the oval, draw a circle. To the circle in the upward direction of the right side, we draw two lines. Draw the circle.
  2. Next, to the circle on the right side we draw the half-oval. Dropping a little lower, draw an unfinished rectangle. In the big circle below, draw another circle. We take the dash down from it. And one more identical.
  3. On the other side of the drawn oval, in a vertical position, draw another oval. We take away from him two features curved in some places. Draw the line at the back. Got the outline of the dog’s body.
  4. We take a thicker pencil, and from the top of the dog, stroke along the perimeter, additionally draw the tail, hind legs, front legs of the dog's face. In the open mouth we draw a bone.
  5. Now on the head we draw hanging ears, as shown in the picture. We mark eyebrows and eyes on the face.
  6. Erase all auxiliary lines with an eraser. Circle the outline with a bold or black pencil. We draw all the parts.
  7. Starting from the top of the head, shade the torso. At the end, circle all the drawn parts with a black pencil. We draw traces near the paws. Drawing is finished.

Now, you know how to draw a dog in stages with a simple pencil and felt-tip pens. And if you want to draw a bird, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with one more of our article.

Stage 2. Image of the paws and body of the animal

How to draw a dog paws? To do this, draw lines from the bottom oval, at the end of which there will be soft pads. The front legs are fully visible, we make them in their entire length, taking into account the proportions. The back - only one is visible, and since it is bent, its upper part is depicted in the form of an egg-shaped figure along the lower right side of the oval. And already a small part of the dog’s paw comes from it.

Draw the dog’s neck with two curved lines. On the left side, the case is a little larger.

We make a small circle at the bottom of the upper oval, which will go to the lower one.

Stage 3. Work on the face of our pet

How to perform all the details of the head? To do this, divide the upper oval with two arched lines, horizontal and vertical, into 4 parts.

On the one that runs horizontally, the eyes will be located.

The drawn small circle is also divided in half by a vertical line. In the middle of it will be the nose of the doggie.

On the sides of the muzzle we make drooping ears characteristic of the Rhodesian ridgeback.

We portray the eyes, perform more accurately the nose of the animal.

Stage 4. Making the picture

The basic principles that help to understand how to draw a dog, we have mastered. There are nuances that will make our picture look like the original. Namely, we carry out “fingers” on our paws, do not forget about the tail.

--> -->
We remove all unnecessary lines. We bring the necessary details.

Circle each part of the picture with the desired color. Do not forget that the Rhodesian Ridgeback, although a smooth-haired breed, nevertheless, has tiny woolly hairs.

Now, having selected the desired color, paint the picture. Before us appears our Gray.

This picture is quite simple. Having already mastered a little, you can try more complex models, for example, to figure out how to draw husky dog or some other breed. Good luck with this!

1. The structure of the skeleton of the dog

To create a believable pose, you first need to understand the structure of the dog’s skeleton. The problem is that there are so many dog ​​breeds, and they are all very different. To solve this problem, let us return to the past - to their common ancestor, the wolf.

Now we will analyze the complex skeleton into simple parts that are easy to remember.

When we understand the structure, we can create any breed. Before building a pose, you first need to look at the photo sample. Because Each breed has its own unique traits, you need to mark them before building. Of course, this does not mean that you constantly have to resort to samples. You just need to understand the difference between your breed and the wolf!

If you want to draw a puppy, just make your head bigger. If this is a large breed puppy, he will have unusually large paws.

The skeleton itself is not the only thing that makes up the pose. The animals need joints to move, so you need to understand them before drawing anything other than a fixed profile. In this, dogs are very similar to cats, so I suggest you take a look at the first step of my tutorial on drawing cats.

When you are sure to study it, you can draw a pose.

3. The muscular structure of dogs

To give your dog a body, you can take simplified muscle mass. That's all you need if you draw a long-haired dog, such as an Afghan hound - no one will see the muscles under its hair!

In my example, I added simplified muscle mass for both dogs.

If you want to draw a short-haired dog, you need to know more. More detailed muscles are useful when you need to emphasize the strength of the dog.

My little dog family is now very muscular!

3. How to draw dog paws

Although they look very similar, the front and hind legs are not the same, as are our arms and legs. On the "arms" or forepaws there is a thumb called a dewclaw. And the wrist ball on the "legs" or hind legs is called a defect.

Dogs, like cats, walk at their fingertips. They do not have real claws, they are more like nails and are not used in battles.

To draw a dog's paw, start with four bent lines as shown below.

Now you can draw the contours of the paws and add nails. Do not make them pointed and sharp. They constantly grind down, since they cannot be drawn in like cats.

Coat the paw with hair, leaving the pads visible.

How to draw a paw from the front:

My dogs now have cute paws!

4. How to proportionally draw the head of a dog / wolf

Let's start with the head of the wolf and adjust it to different breeds. First draw a circle.

Draw a symbolic nose at the bottom of the muzzle.

Sketch the outlines of the skull.

At the top of the head, draw the ears.

Then add the forehead.

Now you can add eyes between the lines of the forehead. The center line of the circle should cross them exactly in the center.

If you want to draw a puppy, you need to change this scheme a little:

  • Глаза будут круглее и помещены under центральной горизонтальной линией,
  • Мордочка тоже может быть круглее и короче,
  • Уши - мягкие и легко складывающиеся,

Если хотите нарисовать профиль собачьей головы, нужны другие направляющие линии. Снова начните с круга и добавьте морду.

Добавьте нос на кончик морды.

Use additional guide lines to find a place for the eye.

What about other breeds? Many of them really do not look like a wolf. This is not a problem - just resize the elements of the head, adjust the space between the eyes, etc.

Looking at the sample, attach a large circle, its center lines and check all the proportions. Most likely, you will remember this on the first try!

I added heads to my dogs.

5. How to draw a dog / wolf eye

First draw an oval.

Add a rim of eyelids.

Add the corners of the eye.

Draw the pupil. Remember that its size depends on the amount of light.

Add light areas around the eye. Imagine them for centuries and eyebrows.

To create depth, add a shadow under the upper eyelid (it is in front) between both light areas and inside the eye itself.

To draw an eye in profile, start with a teardrop shape rather than an oval. Everything else is almost the same.

Now you know how to draw a wolf eye. The main difference between the wolf and the canine eye is that in dogs the rim of the eyelids is not always so dark, and their eyes are always rounder (therefore you can see the white area of ​​the eyeball). The most popular eye color in dogs is brown, and wolves have mostly amber / yellow eyes (and never are blue!).

6. How to draw a dog nose

It is easy enough! Start with the anchor, then draw a fin on its top. Now close the form and draw the nostrils in the shape of commas. Done!

If you want to draw a nose in profile, draw only half of the anchor and fin, and attach a ball to them.

7. How to draw dog ears

The ancestor of dogs, the wolf, has pointed ears, and the same is in dogs of many breeds. They are easy enough to draw. The fluffier the dog, the more furry ears (compare the German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute).

So where did hanging ears come from? All puppies are born with hanging ears, as their supporting structures are not yet developed. Dogs were bred so that they became more friendly and sociable than wolves, people wanted dogs to have a character like wolf puppies. As a result, we got adult dogs with puppy features - playful, curious, infantile and sometimes with soft hanging ears.

When drawing hanging ears, remember their origin. Start with a hard base and then break them. It should also be remembered that in the process of improving the breeds, some hanging ears became longer and wider, losing their typical triangular shape. Like a royal spaniel.

8. We draw a dog mouth

The mouth protects dogs from overheating, therefore, rapid breathing is normal for them. By drawing a dog with an open mouth, you will create a cute, natural smile. Look at the image below and remember the layers. This is important for creating a realistic dog mouth!

I added all the elements of a dog’s face.

9. A few words about dog hair

If you want to learn how to draw wool, check out this tutorial on how to draw wool. Here I will show you how important wool is for creating a silhouette. Please note that the dogs below are the same size. Always start with postures and simplified muscles before drawing wool to avoid mistakes. Also, the shorter the coat, the more attention needs to be paid to the muscles.

General rules

First you need to choose the right tool. Exactly the pencil leaves a trace that can be adjusted, to erase or slightly correct if desired.

Simple pencils are soft and hard.

If the letter B is written on the pencil, this means that the core is soft. If you saw the letter H, then such a pencil is more rigid, it is used to trace contours. And the figure, which is sometimes located next to the letter, indicates the degree of this softness or rigidity.

For drawing dogs choose a medium hard tool.We also need a sheet of paper and an eraser. It is better to stock up on paper thoroughly. And the eraser’s quality determines how well it erases unnecessary lines.

Pencil drawing

Consider the step-by-step instructions on how to draw a dog sitting sideways.

  1. Draw the eye. It may well be a thick dot on a piece of paper that is clearly visible.
  2. We draw a head. To do this, you need to draw a semicircular line above the eye.
  3. Draw the face and nose. Draw a curved line from the end of the semicircle, which is located near the eye.
  4. We draw a mouth. We draw the line that we drew from the end of the semicircle to the nose a little lower.
  5. Draw the ear. We remember that the dog in the figure will sit sideways, which means that he will have one ear, as well as the eye. The shape of the ear can be different, according to the desire of the artist: oval, round, spiky.
  6. If the ear is long and hanging, then from its bottom draw a curved line down, which will the back of the dog. In other cases, this can be done from the free end of the semicircle.
  7. From the opposite side draw the chest.
  8. At the end of the back you need to depict tail.
  9. Draw the front and back legs. The front is represented by straight lines running down from the chest, and the back looks like a curved line facing the stomach, which will be the final stage in the figure.

If the instructions are still not very clear, then the image will help you deal with all the subtleties. By the way, the resulting profile can remind the dog breeder of a beagle puppy, Samoyed husky, Shiba Inu or Akita Inu.

By cells

Using all the same tools, you can easily depict a dog in the cells. Only the sheet is needed for the notebook.

Similar drawings are called graphic dictations.

Their essence is to following certain tasks, circle a specific number of cells in one direction or another. Graphic dictations develop not only fine motor skills, coordination of movements, but also form a child’s spatial thinking. How to draw a dog in the cells? Consider one of the tasks.

  1. Draw a dot on paper.
  2. Then draw a line in two cells to the right.
  3. One cell up and again two cells to the right.
  4. One box up and one box to the right.
  5. Five cells down.
  6. Seven cells to the right.
  7. Two cells up and one to the right.
  8. Three cells down and one to the left.
  9. Seven cells down.
  10. Two cells to the left and one up.
  11. One to the right and three cells up.
  12. Six cells to the left.
  13. Four cells down and two to the left.
  14. One cell up and one to the right.
  15. Three up and one left.
  16. Five cells up.
  17. Three cells to the left and two up.

It is worth following this instruction exactly, be careful, and the outline of the dog will appear on the notebook sheet.

Graphic tasks differ in complexity, so you can always choose the most suitable for a particular child.

Draw a husky dog

Everyone loves such a breed of dogs as husky, every child dreams of a puppy. Invite him to draw a husky dog ​​with a pencil. How to do it? The instruction is very simple, contains 8 steps.

  1. First we need to draw a body outline. To do this, draw an oval that will serve as the body and a circle, slightly superimposed on top of the oval, which will be the head.
  2. We draw paws. The limbs are parallel to each other. To do this, draw two oblique lines under the body and head.
  3. The contour of the paws can be depicted slightly curved. For each paw, two oblique lines going to the body.
  4. Small circles indicate the feet.
  5. Now we need to erase the extra parts and bend the back of our animal, as well as give shape to other parts of the body: stomach, chest.
  6. We draw on the head triangular ears of medium size. In this breed, they are located close to each other, and the ends are pointed up.
  7. The slightly rounded head tapers towards the nose, which is slightly lengthened and draw a bold dot.
  8. There remained a couple of strokes as bends on the head and face and eyes.

The picture is painted in black and white combination of colors, only the eyes will be blue.

In creating a drawing the main thing is to follow the sequence of actions and in no case to rush. In order for the drawing to turn out to be as accurate as possible, each of its details must be drawn with special care.

Well, that’s all, the instruction on how to draw a husky dog ​​with a pencil is completed in stages for beginners. It remains to notice that the details are of great importance, because they make the image alive.

We hope that our detailed instructions will help parents and kids to create their own masterpieces easily and with joy.

Additionally, check out a short video on how to draw a dog with a pencil easily and beautifully: