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How to quickly peel and chop garlic - chef's advice


The use of garlic as an odorous seasoning is a classic of traditional cooking. For example, laying in a cauldron with a preparing pilaf of several garlic bulbs (whole) gives the rice a special tenderness and piquancy. The exhausting intoxicating aroma of meat, carrots and garlic pilaf is the favorite dish of most of our fellow citizens. But most often, garlic is laid in products in powdered form.

Previously, there were only two options for chopping garlic. Slices cleaned of dense scales were either ground with a pestle in a mortar, and the process required certain efforts and time, or they were cut into small fractions with a sharp knife. With today's choice of kitchen appliances and cooking utensils, turning garlic into a juicy slurry has become much easier. What are the options that modern housewives are considering striving to save both time and labor?

Hand-held garlic box or electric blender? What to prefer?

Now pre-peeled garlic can be passed through a manual or electric meat grinder. This is especially convenient if you need to obtain a large amount of the final product. Another method is to load a blender or a food processor into the bowl, close it with a lid and gently move your hand, drowning the appliance button for a few seconds, turn whole garlic wedges into a juicy aromatic mass.

But the most popular way of chopping sharp onions among culinary experts around the world, despite advances in household appliances, has been and remains the option of using a garlic. The fact is that the use of a hand press allows you to load raw slices of vegetable into the cylinder. And not everyone likes to peel garlic. And this process takes a lot of time, especially if the teeth are very small.

The device has a few more names - garlic press, garlic press, garlic press. The process of purifying the pulp of the vegetable occurs due to the forcing of the cloves through a solid surface (metal, aluminum) with small holes. To facilitate pressure, there is a piston inside the device that moves inside a small cylindrical vessel with a net.

There are a great many models of garlic ladies in the market of cookware and cookware. According to the reviews of experienced cooks, when choosing appliances, stop at the presses equipped with blunt pins on the bottom, which in the process of mashing clean the mesh openings from the remnants of the pulp of the product.

There is another obvious advantage of using a mechanical garlic press. Numerous reviews of professionals in the cook business indicate that the teeth pressed through the garlic stand differ from the sliced ​​ones with a knife with a more pronounced aroma and benefit, since such a product undergoes maximum tissue destruction. As you know, the characteristic smell of the plant is due to the presence of allicin - an sulfide of organic origin with powerful antiseptic and antioxidant properties, and it is formed only by mechanical destruction of the original substance of the bulbs - alliin.

In addition, it is believed that the garlic passed through the press has a light and delicate taste, compared with the pulp obtained by other methods, except grinding in a mortar. This is due to cutting off the bitter notes of the stem. The more tender the consistency of garlic gruel, the more evenly distributed in any dish aromatic components of hot seasoning. But this is a purely subjective opinion of adherents of the use of garlic in the economy.

Some skeptics argue that garlic gadget is not functional enough, unlike the blender, not to mention a food processor, as it is used for only one process - mashed cloves. However, it is not. With the help of the device, you can crush other small products, for example, olives, capers, chipotle, or receive small portions of onions, which are often needed to prepare traditional medicine (drops from a cold, acne mask, paste against baldness, etc.). So the choice of how to grind garlic in our own kitchen remains with each of us.

And how do you mashed garlic during the preparation of hot dishes, cold appetizers or minced meat? Share your valuable experiences and opinions with all the inhabitants of the Internet in the comments below!

Process of chopping garlic

Separate the cloves from the head. To do this, put it on a plank, roots away from you. With a sharp blow of the palm towards the roots, break the bulb of garlic and separate all the cloves.

With a small knife, make an incision around the perimeter of the end of the clove, put it on the board and hit the side surface of the knife blade.

Hard skin should crack, cloves easily fall out of it. If broken without a preliminary cut, a large amount of waste is formed, and garlic is poorly separated from the peel. This complicates the slicing process and reduces the efficiency of using spices.

Hold the clove with the fingers of your left hand, and cut it into thin strips with your right. Be careful, the knife blade should not reach the soft tissues of the fingers, but should rest against the index nail. In this form, garlic can be stewed or added to sunflower oil to obtain aromatic salad dressings.

For sauces, slicing is not appropriate. Put the clove on the board, cover it with the blade of a wide knife and crush it with a strong blow of the palm of your right hand. The shock hand should simultaneously move down and forward, crush the knife blade and grind the garlic. Repeat if necessary.

A crushed clove will release the essential oil, it smells very strong and sticky to the touch. To increase the effect, finely cut the crushed clove and smear it with a knife on the board. It should be cut with swinging movements of the knife, which eliminates the likelihood of injury to the hands.

After each pass, rub the garlic strongly, collect it together and cut it again with the swinging movements of the knife blade.

This should be repeated until a homogeneous, strongly smelling mass is obtained. Now it can be used for its intended purpose.


Thus prepared garlic can be added to mayonnaise, cold sauces, tomato paste, etc. It will not crunch under your teeth, only a specific flavor will remain from the garlic. It is this effect that the cook strives to achieve during cooking. One clove prepared by the above technology smells stronger than a whole head cut in the usual way.

The beneficial properties of garlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It contains more than 150 biologically active substances. In addition, garlic is a valuable source of B, C, D, PP vitamins and minerals, including potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and selenium. The rich composition of garlic does not end there: it also contains carbohydrates, proteins, organic acids, volatile, essential oils and enzymes.

Regular use of this product strengthens the immune system, increases the body's defenses, helps fight infections and inflammations, and soothes the nervous system. Garlic is also useful for the heart and blood vessels: it increases the strength of contractions of the heart muscle and normalizes heart rate, reduces the risk of blood clots, and relieves vascular spasm. Garlic is also useful for the digestive system: it normalizes the intestinal microflora and improves digestion.

How to choose garlic

When choosing garlic, you should pay attention to two important characteristics: hardness and dryness. The fruits of garlic should be resilient, without dents or suppurations. In this case, garlic should in no case be wet: this is a sure sign that it begins to rot.

As for the size of the fruit, it is better to choose medium garlic - it has the most delicate and refined taste. Try to touch the cloves: in ripened fruits, they are carefully probed. If garlic began to sprout, it is better not to buy it, since most likely it has already lost all its beneficial properties.

How to peel garlic

Garlic is usually a lot of trouble in the kitchen. Often it is not so easy to peel it. True, not if you know a couple of culinary tricks. Put the garlic cloves in a metal or ceramic bowl or colander, cover and shake vigorously for 15-30 seconds. The husk after such a “shake” is separated from the garlic. If after shaking some garlic still remains in the husk, repeat the manipulation again.

How to chop garlic

Garlic is used for cooking various dishes, including gastronomic masterpieces. As a rule, chopped garlic is indicated in the list of ingredients. As a rule, housewives around the world take a special press and crush garlic through it. But this method is not welcomed by professional chefs.

Of course, it all depends on what you want to cook. Press "crushes" garlic into pieces that harmoniously fit into a salad dressing or garlic oil. After the press, the garlic in the pan is “baked” too quickly and gets a rancid taste.

Grind the garlic with a regular knife. First you need to cut it into as small pieces as possible, and then press it to the cutting board several times with the back of the knife.

How to get rid of the smell of garlic

The essential oils contained in garlic are sticky and often leave an unpleasant odor that lasts a long time on your hands. You will need a stainless steel tong or other steel object that you need to rub with your hands under cold water for 10-15 seconds. Steel helps to neutralize an unpleasant odor - it’s all a chemical reaction that involves steel and garlic molecules.

If there was nothing suitable at hand, try using the old proven method. Use hot water and laundry soap. The latter need to wash their hands thoroughly, and then rinse them with water.