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How can I disappear so that no one finds


Perhaps the time has come to “reset” and start all over again. Or maybe such a modern life in which any stranger, if desired, can learn a lot about us, is not entirely suitable for people? Or perhaps you want to escape from several unworthy personalities.

For some reason, you decide to burn your old life, end all ties and remove your presence from Internet.

Your path will be difficult, but not impossible. This is the action algorithm you can follow.

How to retire from the Internet

Mask your steps

Before proceeding with the deletion of all your accounts, you should be aware that even if you delete yourself from all public profiles and delete all email addresses, you will still leave a digital footprint on the Internet if you do not take certain steps. At a minimum, this is using TOR to mask the history of your browser and PGP to protect your messages.

TOR (The Onion Router) appeared not so long ago. Originally conceived by the US Navy as a way to safely spread dissidents in repressive countries, it has become a secret network in a network known as DarkWeb. DarkWeb and its contents are a sufficient amount of information and functions for a completely independent practical application by an ordinary user.

TOR works so that you can completely anonymize your online history. You can work to break your Internet traffic through different cities with the help of various volunteers around the world.

Recently, TOR has acquired its own Internet browser, so now its use has become especially simple. You just need to install it and run it, and your actions will be almost impossible to track.

There is one small caveat: by installing TOR on your home computer, you enable very smart and advanced hackers to learn everything about you. In order to provide additional security, install TOR on a USB drive, and then run it on your computer or in an Internet cafe, that is, from where it is impossible to directly trace your address.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a decent way to securely send your messages. This is a good method if you want to go unnoticed on the Internet. Unlike TOR, PGP is not something that can be called user-friendly. In order to use PGP, you need to download the program. There are many such programs, one of the most successful is Gpg4Win.

1. Download Gpg4Win and install it. During installation, be sure to select a component named GPA.

2. After installing PGP, open the "GNU Privacy Assistant - Key Manager" and select "Keys" - "New Key" from the menu.

3. Create your key and be sure to make a backup. Save it to a USB drive (the file will be with the extension .asc, but it will open in notepad). Everything between phrases - BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK- and -END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK- is your public key.

4. If you want to communicate with someone, first share your public key with him. Then open the GNU Privacy Assistant - Clipboard, enter a text message and encrypt it with the key. Send the encrypted message as usual using email.

5. To receive an encrypted message, you first need to get the sender key. Go to the "GNU Privacy Assistant - Keyboard", open the "Keys" menu and click on "Import Keys". To decrypt the message, go back to the “GNU Privacy Assistant - Clipboard”, paste the encrypted message into the text box, then click “Decrypt” and select the sender’s public key.

The two steps above are not a 100% guarantee of safety. If you configure TOR incorrectly or share your code, not your public key, you will be blocked or hacked. Use these tools correctly.

Disappear from the network

We’ll talk about the next steps below.

Accounts in different applications

Here are the statistics that will blow your brain. According to the security firm Dashlane, the average European has 130 registered accounts per email address. Your identification in real life is associated with too many accounts, and if you want to remove all information about yourself from the network, you will have to work with them all.

The good news is that you have several tools at your disposal, in addition to your memory, that can help you. The first tool is your inbox. Most sites send you an electronic welcome email when you register.

Typically, a welcome phrase uses common phrases that all sites use. You can try searching in your mailbox for key phrases, and what you’ve found may surprise you. If you store old passwords in your browser, then this is another way to search.

In Chrome, find the "Settings" in the upper right corner of the screen, scroll down to the end to the item in the "Advanced Settings" menu and click on it. Continue scrolling until you find the Passwords and Forms field and click Manage Passwords.

With these actions, you will see a list of all the sites where you registered, some of them you may not remember. You can even see the passwords on these services by clicking on the black dots and entering the main password from your computer.

There are also application permissions. Each person has several services that he uses regularly, and which are tied to his account in Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Amazon, etc. On these services you do not have a unique username, but the services use, for example, Facebook, for identification.

What happens if you first delete your account, for example, on Facebook, and then start disconnecting different applications? Many of your accounts will simply continue to exist, while blocking you when you try to sign in. Therefore, accounts on social networks should be deleted last. Many of them first deactivate your page, and after a certain period of time they delete it.

Fortunately, there is a tool that will clean these applications. It is called My Permissions and allows users to find any application or website that is associated with your social media accounts. You do not even need to create a new account in order to use this tool, since it is immediately installed in your browser as a plug-in.

After all, you have Google. If you are like most people, you probably registered in different services using the same nickname. Ask the search engine it. For reliability, use several search engines to find everything for sure.

Once you have found and compiled a list of all accounts, proceed to delete them. For some services, the process of deleting an account is very convenient and fast, while deleting others may require a conversation with the site administrator. PGP comes in handy here. Once you delete all accounts, you can proceed to the reprisal of the main centers of life on the Internet.

How to retire from social networks

Social Accounts

After you deleted your accounts on various services, it's time for heavy artillery - social networks. There is good and bad news for you. The good news is that you can completely remove your presence from major social networks. The bad news is that the developers of social networking platforms have done everything possible to make it very difficult for the average user to figure it out.

Fortunately for you, you are reading this guide. The process of deactivating your Facebook account is from the "Security" menu. From there it is possible to deactivate your account, however, in order to completely delete your page, you will need to contact a Facebook support staff.

On Twitter, the process of deleting your account is somewhat simpler. At the bottom of the account settings page is the "delete my account" field. The only condition for confirming the deletion is to enter your password.

Removing your profile from VKontakte is easy. To do this, just go to "My Settings", find the first section there called "General", scroll down the settings page to the end, where you will see "You can delete your page."

An estimated Tumblr social network boasts 300 million users. For the most part, these are teenagers and young people slightly over 20. If you are one of them, then you can safely withdraw from this social network.

Just click on the icon of your account (a shape in the shape of a person in the upper right corner), select the bottom of the page and click "delete my account". You will be prompted for a username and password, and you will be told to stay a bit.

Finally, there is also LinkedIn. You can delete your account from here by going to the "Privacy and Settings" menu, which, in turn, can be found in the floating profile menu on the right side of the screen. There you will find the "Account" at the bottom of the tabs. In the "Useful links" section, you will find the "Delete your account" button.

How to disappear from the network

Control your information

After you have made a list and started deleting your accounts from various services and social networks, you will probably encounter resources on the way to disappear from the Internet that without a fight you will not want to give your account back to. Over time, such sites and services become less and less, because human rights defenders defend the rights of ordinary people, but still they are.

Even communication with customer service may not bring results, so for now, everything is under your control, change the information. Create a fake name, new email address, another city, date of birth, new biography. Be creative, do not use details from your personal life.

During these changes, be sure to use TOR, as well as a computer that cannot be followed by you while you are setting up your new data. Otherwise, your invented story will surely bring you the present.

Leave the internet

Change your phone number

If you approached the issue of disappearance from the network in all seriousness, then changing the phone number is likely to be one of the first steps that you take. People will still be able to call this number if it is listed on different services, so you need to take a few steps to make sure that you are anonymous.

1) Call your mobile operator to make sure your new number is unregistered.

2) Contact the service to remove your number from the database of telemarketing companies so that they cannot call you.

3) Credit companies also have access to your default phone number. Contact them to make sure they keep your number anonymous.

In this matter, time is important. Be sure to plan everything in advance, because in one day your phone number will not disappear from everywhere.

Delete your email address

An email address is one of your identities that talks about who you are. This should be done last, because deleting mail ahead of time, the process of deleting different accounts will take you much more time. Therefore, first make sure that you have deleted most of your tracks from the Internet and only then deliver the last blow.

For Gmail, in the upper right corner of the screen is "Account". There in the sub-item "Account Settings" you will find "Delete Account". The same procedure is in Microsoft Outlook. Go to, go to the account settings tab and find the delete button. A similar algorithm of actions with Hotmail, which now belongs to Microsoft.

The internet has a good memory. You may have erased all traces of your presence, but sometimes something may come up, like an ocean throwing bottles and driftwood ashore. The only thing you can do in such situations is to be vigilant.

Periodically, once a week, or at least once a month, perform a search to make sure that the situation is in the same condition as you left it. If you decide to build a new life on the Internet, make sure before you start that you can remove everything as easily as create it.

Take with you


This story was written by Benedict for the book Inspired by Music. The book was published in 2009 with the support of the Prince of Wales Foundation and includes stories written by many famous people about how one song changed their life, inspired something, makes you remember some events in life, or just makes them happy.

"How to disappear completely"

I came to South Africa to star in the BBC series Journey to the End of the Earth, and on a free weekend, two friends and I decided to go diving in the stunning Sodwan Bay. Having earned a cold and not eager to go on a trip early in the morning, I selfishly took advantage of my condition and suggested breaking the main rule - not to travel after dark.

I will always remember that in the car the song Radiohead played "How to disappear completely." This wonderful track was in the middle, the window was down, and we enjoyed the journey. It was then that the trouble began. The front right tire burst, and after a hundred years we finally stopped to replace it. It was eight in the evening, pitch darkness and two hours drive to the house. Cars drove along the road, but the rule is: you never stop, even if other drivers may be in trouble. We were left to our own devices.

I tried to change the wheel, but I am not a mechanic and could not correctly put the jack. Theo and Denise phoned the South African equivalent of the Automobile Association, but there was little hope of their appearance. We were all tense and nervous, but we didn't say anything to each other. Stories with car thefts were very fresh in our memory.

Suddenly, we saw a group of six people moving towards us from dark thickets. It all happened very quickly. Theo calmly told us not to look at them and do whatever they ordered. They put us facing the car, with their hands on their heads, they had some kind of weapon.

They searched all of us for weapons and valuables, and we very regretted that we paid for the diving course in cash - we had nothing in our wallets except credit cards.

They shoved us back into the car, and I remember thinking: they want to kill us in the car and then push it off the road. Theo and Denise were in the back seat, and I had to sit in the front passenger seat on the lap of one of those people, my back rested against the windshield, my head was lowered. I was terribly scared. Everything seemed unreal. The guy I was sitting on began to search me again, his touch freaked me out, I looked right at him and said: “What are you doing? What do you want? Just take everything we have, but don’t touch us. ” Denise tried to argue with them, but Theo, the owner of the car and a resident of Johannesburg, told her to shut up. He began to speak on our behalf.

They rolled the car from the road to the bushes. When we drove off the sandy track into the dark, my ass hit the stereo, and suddenly the very Radiohead track that we had listened to before started. The car stopped, we were pulled out of it and told to kneel and keep our hands on our heads. I tried to get up, because I realized that I was going to be sick, but they ordered us to kneel down and took off our shoes. We stood in a position convenient for killing, with a blanket draped over our heads to muffle the shots, under the road with heavy trucks, rushing over us with a roar - an ideal cover for shooting. They rolled us off the road to rob and shoot, and then fix the car and leave unnoticed. “That's it!” I thought.

We waited, but nothing happened. Then they removed the blanket from us, demanded to name the owners of the phones and cards they found and explain why we did not have money or drugs. Since Theo was a South African, he mostly spoke to them. In the eyes of criminals, South Africans are less valuable than the British, so when he began to explain that Denise and I were not South Africans, but English actors, he selflessly helped us gain a higher status in the eyes of our captors, although at the same time I was afraid that in this way we become a more valuable commodity for redemption.

Meanwhile, these people replaced a flat tire. They intended to go somewhere to withdraw money from our cards. Having no idea of ​​the danger in which I was, disoriented by nausea and standing in a very uncomfortable position, I again tried to get up. For them, it became a sign of panic or attempted escape. They ordered me to get up and climb into the trunk. From under the closed lid I heard my cries. I don’t remember having panic, but I must have screamed because the lid had opened. I tried to explain to them that this was a bad idea, but they again slammed the lid.

What do they do with others? Are they going to kill them while I'm locked here? I heard Dan say, "Please don't kill him." Lord, they are going to shoot me in the trunk! Крышка открылась, и я начал хладнокровно врать им, что у меня клаустрофобия, и из-за недостатка воздуха у меня мог случиться приступ паники, я мог умереть и стать проблемой для них. «Труп в багажнике, проблема, плохо!» Крышка опять захлопнулась. Много споров. Крышка опять открылась, и мне сказали вылезти.

Они отвели меня на небольшой холмик подальше от остальных. Я споткнулся и поранил голову о землю. Again they put me on my knees, tied my hands behind my back with shoelaces from the sneakers they had previously selected. I heard: “We are not going to harm you, but one mistake and we will kill you. Lie on the ground. " I could hear them bring others, and Dan calmly says that she’s frozen and asks to tie her to me to keep warm. Theo was not heard, and I was afraid that the worst had happened, but, fortunately, they brought him to the same place and tied him up. I heard that the car was leaving, and only two of the whole gang remained to guard us.

I lay on my side with my eyes closed and my ear pressed to the ground. I was numb from stillness and cold. I felt blood flowing down my face, and I heard insects scratching in the dark. I thought about the house and how, even when among people, we all die in complete solitude. I started breathing meditation to restore calm, keep energy and stay alert.

At times, it seemed that these people left and then returned. This happened several times ... and then nothing. We decided that they were gone, and began to untie each other. At first, we could barely walk, but gradually hobbled to a road embankment and went out onto the road.

Cars and trucks passed by, we tried to stop them, but it was already about eleven in the evening - cars and trucks did not stop for anyone.

Fifteen minutes after losing hope, we saw a sign and ran. These were a woman-run open-air games store and a souvenir shop, which also served as night truck parking. They greeted us very warmly, comforted our tears and listened to the explanation of what had happened, clutching our heads in dismay and wailing that we had to survive this in their country. I cried when an African's hand reached out to untie one of the laces that remained on my wrist. I wrote while we were waiting for the police and the people from the television company, drinking instant coffee and smoking the best cigarette in my life.

I returned to the place where everything happened. In the daylight, it seemed very small, but it still belonged to us that night. When I hear this Radiohead song, it doesn’t return me to violence and horror, but instead reminds me of a sense of reality, even humor, and at the same time gives reason to hope that I happily survived this small incident in a big country for having to live a fuller life.

Sometimes it is very important to know that a loved one and dear to you, even being at a great distance, thinks of you. Of course, making a guy or a girl bored is almost impossible, but there are several ways to make a person bored.

Get out of his life for a while

First of all, in order to make a person bored, you just need to disappear from his life for a while. It is clear that if you are always nearby, it is quite logical that no one will miss you. An ideal option would be a small business trip or a trip to distant relatives. Undoubtedly, voluntarily leaving a loved one is not an easy task. But only in this way can you give him the necessary space and time so that he can realize your absence, as well as how much you are dear to him, and he needs you.

Pretend you're busy

If you are thinking about how to make him bored, then know that a great option would be to simply pretend to be very busy with some kind of business. If a young man or girl asks you what you are so busy with, then you just have to laugh it off and not give a direct answer. You can even tell some funny story that happened to you recently. So you can kill two birds with one stone: show how cheerful and cheerful you are, and also demonstrate the richness of your life. The effect is not long in coming, but also your soulmate may have a feeling of uselessness, abandonment, and not just sadness about you.

Remind of pleasant moments

Can't figure out how to make you miss your other half? Meanwhile, pleasant memories can, like nothing else, inspire longing for a loved one. For example, when talking on the phone, you can ask a young man or girl whether he or she remembers your last trip to a restaurant or a trip to southern countries. Develop this theme, immerse yourself in memories along with your other half. After the conversation is over, fond memories will still warm your soulmate and inspire you. By the way, such periodic reminders of pleasant moments in common give a person reason to think about how much you are dear to him and how much good you have in common.

Forget something from him

Thinking how to make a guy get bored? Then for sure you do not live together. In this case, a great way to make a young man think of you as often as possible is to accidentally “forgotten” some thing, for example, a comb, earring, book or CD. Each time she catches his eye, he will involuntarily remember you. In this case, the main condition should be that this strategically forgotten thing should not be returned to you urgently, for example, like a mobile phone, keys or wallet.

Be the one you cannot forget

And how to make a girl bored? Very simple - you must always be the soul of the company. She should always be fun and easy near you. The girls are always impressed by the owners of a good sense of humor. Therefore, do not be dull, joke, have fun, entertain your other half. You must be a holiday person to her. Next to you, she should always experience joy and positive emotions, then in your absence she will be very sad and sad. And this means that the girl herself will look for meetings with you, or at least hope for your call. But in general, before puzzling how to make a man or a woman bored, think, maybe your chosen one or the chosen one already misses you, at this very moment. Maybe she just can't call you right now for some very important reasons. Life is a complicated thing, anything can happen. Better pick up the phone yourself, call your other half and ask how she is doing. She will definitely be glad to hear your voice.

Disappear for a while ... Completely.
One of the biggest difficulties after the breakup is the suspension of all kinds of contacts with your ex. You saw each other daily and talked to each other over the past few months, and maybe even years. It may seem unnatural to cut off all contacts completely overnight, especially if you were friends before you became lovers. It is possible that you listened to a touching speech entitled “Let's stay friends”, the essence of which we will touch on a little later.

Getting out of your ex-man’s radar is sometimes physically difficult, especially if you are spinning in the same social circles. You may encounter him at school, in the office, in the circle of mutual friends, or somewhere in the neighborhood. In such a situation, accidental contact is inevitable and you will have to limit yourself to a simple “hello” and “bye,” especially at first. This may actually be an easier task than you think, because he left you, so that in any case, when you meet with him, he will feel awkward.


Calling your ex right after the break is the worst thing you can do. Even if you accept the gap as it is, there is a part of you that wants to return your ex-man. This part of you is demanding that it wants to know how it works, with whom it is, how long it is with the other, and when it will be at home. There are things that you took for granted when you were together, including the ability to share with each other the details of daily events.

Now, however, you must realize that it is no longer the right to count on such information. No matter how difficult it is for you to put up with this, his life and his schedule are now his purely personal affair.

But this is only part of the answer to the question why you should not call him. The other part is even more important: how does he perceive you . The most important moments of your breakup take place during the first hours and days after he said about the breakup. No matter how long you have been together, your man expects you to call him.

Ego - a huge part of the male psyche and no matter how you broke up - delicately or exchanging hurt feelings, in any case, it will wait and even want to receive a call from you, but not for the reasons that you think.

from a man’s point of view:

A girl always calls after a break. Usually because she thinks she hasn’t expressed everything and wants you to hear it. Or she calls with less convincing motive, such as the need to pick up the discs left in your house. In any case, the call ends with one or the other: tears or anger. Sometimes both. The girl is considering new possibilities for answers to the arguments you have presented, and this always ends with a new argument and conflict. Or she continually scrolls the history of your relationship in your head and begins to sob into your pipe about past good times.

In any case, this is unpleasant. We already broke up ... I do not want to argue anymore. And last of all, I want to feel guilty for those good times that we had, especially if I want to leave them as pleasant memories. A call right after a break is always bad news.


No. You do not have it. Possession of discs is not worth the risk that comes with contact with the former. It may seem that light contact with the former will not do any harm - this is not so. You only convinced yourself of this. You do not need new answers, no bullet point, or anything like that in the same vein. And if your main goal is to return your beloved, then these little things are simply irrelevant. Try to realize it.


Of course not. These things are even worse than calls. Without voice intonation, these messages will be misunderstood. Remember: your ex is expecting this. He will consider any of your contact with him as a sign of weakness. You can send the most innocent message, but it will not matter, for him it is only your desire to be together again. He can sit with friends and say to them: “Oh my God, again!”, After your next message.

Do not do so. By disappearing from the radar of a former man, you are taking the first step towards returning to a new relationship. Imagine it mentally. The clearer you imagine, the stronger you will be. Close your eyes and imagine for a moment how your ex checks his phone, looking for a message or missed call ... and finds nothing. Pleasant feeling, right? Enjoy it. The absence of any action on your part is now the most important action that you can take!

from a man’s point of view:

If the girl does not call after the break, I think. Where's she? What is she doing, with whom is she now? With family, with friends? Call anyway. They always call.

You see what happens in a man’s head after a break with you, when you have no contact with him. He does not want to believe that you do not call him without a substantial reason. His ego does not allow him. His ego longs for you to call, because the very fact of your call will confirm his confidence that you need him more than he needs you. This is exactly what he wants! The worst option for him is that maybe it’s you who do not need him at all. Maybe you are fine without it. No matter what type of man you are dealing with, such a prospect can seriously scare him.

Such a scenario, if you can adhere to it, will arouse the first doubts in the thoughts of the former. Suddenly, he will begin to rethink the gap. Is he ready to rush back into your arms? Perhaps not yet, but he will begin to ask himself the same question, why are you fine without him. And he, definitely , a little confused by the lack of your calls. And if he planned to use a safety net for your gap, then several threads in it already burst.

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Information about each of us is stored on the Internet. Profiles on social networks, data on the cloud, old posts on forums that we have long forgotten about, and much more.

For those who decide to start life from scratch, we are in website have drawn up an action plan on how to remove all information on the Internet about yourself.

Let's start with social networks.

In each social network, you can delete your account. Remember in which social networks you registered, and you will be removed from each. When you deactivate your account, your name, photos and most of the materials that you shared with your friends are automatically deleted. In case you change your mind, social networks provide an opportunity to restore the page. VKontakte, for example, you can restore a page within 7 months.

Recall the past

Remember where you ever registered. Have a diary at LiveJournal at school? Go to your profile and delete your account. If you have forgotten the password, there is a reminder on each site - you need to enter your email address and you will receive an email with the old password. And also e-mails are stored letters - confirmation of registration. After reviewing the history of correspondence, you can find forgotten forums and sites.

We contact the management of sites

From some sites you will not be able to delete the information yourself. In this case, you need to contact the webmasters. Their email address can usually be found in the "Contact Us" section. Write them a letter and ask them to delete data about you. On some sites, you can contact the administration in the "Email Us" section.