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Where to dry clothes if there is absolutely no free space at home: 8 useful ideas


How to organize drying clothes at home is a problem that more and more citizens are facing because of the growing number of apartment buildings without balconies. However, today there are various solutions where to dry clothes in an apartment without a balcony.

Three drying options available to residents of high-rise buildings:

  1. Purchase a suitable clothes dryer.
  2. Using a hair dryer or apartment heater.
  3. Drying in the washing machine.

Tumble dryers

A special unit for drying clothes attracts consumers with maximum convenience. In the machine, you can put a fairly large number of items wet after washing and dry everything in just half an hour.

Special machines have obvious disadvantages. This is primarily the expenditure of funds from the home budget for both purchase and operation. In addition, in a small apartment for the unit, it is problematic to allocate the necessary space.

If the dwelling is not too crowded, you can place the dryer in the bathroom, hallway or kitchen, or put it in a large closet. To hide equipment from view, residents use sliding doors, partitions or curtains.

Floor Dryers

Dryers for hanging clothes are much cheaper and more compact. Depending on the location and design, the following devices are distinguished:

  • floor
  • ceiling
  • wall mounted
  • battery mounts
  • transformers.

Floor dryers deserve attention with an aesthetic appearance and a good degree of compactness. After washing, such a device is decomposed and placed on an empty seat in any room, and when things have dried up - it is folded and placed back in the closet, on the mezzanine, in a niche or pantry.

One floor dryer holds things after one wash in a standard washing machine.

The disadvantage of this device, many housewives consider the need for regular folding-folding.

Ceiling Dryers

A good option where to dry laundry in the apartment is to purchase and install a device similar in principle to the action on clothesline. Moreover, the ceiling dryer is much better:

  • ropes are often replaced by more convenient and reliable plastic or wooden rods,
  • the device can be fixed to the ceiling of the bathroom or the wall under the ceiling is very durable,
  • on the market there are technological models equipped with an elevator mechanism that lowers the ropes (rods), allowing you to hang things without standing on a stool, and then lifts them to a height where they dry, without disturbing anyone.

The main drawback of ceiling fixtures is that with an elevator mechanism they are expensive, and without it you have to get up and get down on a stool / from a stool. In addition, the laundry will dry for a relatively long time in the bathroom due to air humidity, and such a dryer cannot be placed in another room.

Wall Dryers

Wall mounted devices are divided into:

Some of them can be attributed to dryer-transformers, which, when folded, do not take away precious square meters from households and do not spoil the interior.

Convenience of drying and minimum occupied space is an obvious advantage of wall constructions. In addition, the master craftsman can make such a device with his own hand and save money.

The disadvantage is that compact retractable and folding devices hold extremely few things, so drying one wash will last a long time, and more spacious folding structures are less compact and require very powerful fasteners.

Battery mounts

The clothes dryer on the battery is temporarily attached to the radiator or laid out above it and greatly accelerates the drying of washed items during the heating period. While the next batch is erased in the machine, the previous one completely or almost manages to dry.

Along with the advantages of convenience and speed, there is a drawback - in most Russian regions, the heating period lasts for half a year.

Transformer Dryers

Transformers are devices of the greatest compactness, when folded they are also able to "mimic" under the elements of the interior.

This is part of the wall and “battery” dryers and devices integrated into furniture and merging with it or serving as decorative decoration. They can be attached to cabinets and moved apart or recline or hide in a cabinet under the guise of drawers and extend.

The pros and cons of transformers are the same as most wall fixtures.


A dehumidifier is an innovative electrical appliance combining maximum usability with the compactness of the device used.

The principle of using the apparatus for drying clothes:

  1. Remove items from the washing machine and hang them right in the closet, in their places, leaving the doors wide open.
  2. Put a dehumidifier near the cabinet and turn it on.
  3. Absorbing moisture, the device will dry clothes about three times faster than a device for hanging clothes.
  4. After use, the device hides in a closet or pantry, where it takes up very little space compared to a tumble dryer.

The disadvantage of this dehumidifier is its high cost.

Drying with a hairdryer or fan heater

The use of a hairdryer or fan heater is also a real opportunity, how to dry things in an apartment without a balcony. For health, these methods are not more dangerous and not more harmful than others.

When using a fan heater, it is necessary to keep clothes above a stream of air of average power. You can not hang things on the device - they can catch fire.

The hair dryer is only suitable for quick drying of socks, leg warmers, underwear, handkerchiefs and cloth napkins. Larger things will have to be dried for too long - especially clothes made of thick fabric or wool.

Tumble dryer

This method only seems convenient and versatile. With obvious advantages, it has many disadvantages:

  • the need to buy a new washing machine with a drying function,
  • operating costs of the machine,
  • not all things can be dried in such a machine.

The last drawback is minimized by a combination of two or three options for drying things - part in the machine, part in the dryer for hanging.


Subject to safety precautions, drying clothes with electrical appliances is not dangerous. The room in which things are hung after washing should be regularly ventilated and protected from unpleasant odors. Between washing and hanging clothes should be rinsed well to protect households from the evaporation of washing powder during drying.

Today, consumers have many ways to dry laundered items; everyone chooses a preferred device for this purpose.

1 Why is it dangerous to dry clothes in the apartment

In a residential building, the recommended humidity level is 50-60%. A long stay in a room with high humidity leads to the following consequences:

  • decreased immunity,
  • hypersensitivity to infectious agents,
  • lung problems
  • frequent fungal infections.

In an apartment where humidity is constantly elevated, mold and mold develop much faster. Such conditions are ideal for activating pathogenic bacteria. In addition, detergents used in washing evaporate along with moisture. As you know, most of them contain surface-active substances (surfactants), which have a carcinogenic effect, that is, increase the risk of cancer.

1. High-quality and multi-functional dryer

If your washing machine does not have an automatic drying mode, it's time to purchase a separate dryer. Under the influence of high temperature, linen will dry out in 30-40 minutes. However, this option has a number of disadvantages: this is additional financial expenses, plus such a machine will be difficult to place in a small apartment. And, importantly, not all types of fabrics can be dried in it.

Dryer machine

The most effective way is to use an automatic washing machine. After washing, it produces effective spin and full drying of clothes. There are even models that, after completing all the cycles, give out things that are completely ready for use and do not even need to be ironed.

Important! The cost of such cars is many times higher than the price of ordinary ones. But such investments justify themselves, as this is an investment in health and a favorable microclimate in the house.

Drying clothes on a radiator is not the best option, although many practice this option. Firstly, this leads to premature textile wear. Secondly, it increases the humidity in the room very quickly. But you can properly organize the process and reduce potential harm to health and textiles. To do this, you need to purchase or make a special device with your own hands - a dryer, which is mounted directly on the radiator.

Attention! It is important to choose a design taking into account the weight load on it. If you choose a thin, aluminum model, it may not support the weight of wet items and will deteriorate very quickly.

2. Floor-mounted folding dryer, which is compact

A special folding dryer is ideal for a small apartment without a balcony, due to its compactness and versatility. You can place about one wash on it, so it is better not to accumulate a large number of things. Then the dryer can be folded and cleaned behind a cupboard so that it does not take up much space in the room. You can also take a closer look at the models on casters in the store, so that it would be convenient to roll the dryer to another room if guests suddenly arrive.

Heated towel rail

An indispensable device in the home, where there is no way to hang clothes to be washed on the balcony, is a heated towel rail. Water or electric - it is worth choosing according to your needs and capabilities. It is an effective solution for small amounts of everyday washing. In addition to drying things, it also further reduces air humidity.

Attention! When installing a heated towel rail, you should make sure that the hood works effectively in the room. The lack of air exchange will make the use of the device dangerous due to the accumulation of excess moisture.

3.Wall-mounted folding dryer if there is absolutely no space in the room

The main plus of the hinged device is compactness, it takes up a minimum of space in the room. When you do not need a dryer, you can simply lift it up and forget about its existence for a while. Another advantage in diversity. In stores there are many varieties of such products, so everyone can choose their own product to their liking. As for the cons, the main one is a small capacity. On such a dryer you can place a very small number of things, so it is better to use it as an additional accessory for drying clothes. If desired, such a device can be made independently, saving financial resources.

The dryer is floor

The most popular model that is used in apartments is a folding, floor version. The convenience is that this design is easy to use - to lay out for the duration of use, and then just as quickly and easily folded and sent for storage. Choose a product in the store paying attention to the following parameters:

  • the weight,
  • sustainability
  • permissible maximum load
  • reliability.

Typically, such products are made of lightweight aluminum with plastic parts. But there are budget options made of low-quality metal, which rusts over time.

4. Ceiling dryer - expensive but practical

A ceiling dryer is a modern alternative to clothesline. Judging by the name, it becomes clear that it is mounted on the ceiling. If the apartment does not have a balcony, then you can place the accessory in the bathroom. The main convenience of such a dryer is that it is equipped with a special lift mechanism. When you need to hang your laundry, the rails go down and then go up to dry things directly. That is, you will not need to get up on a chair to place clothes or bedding on the dryer. Another plus is that things will hang under the ceiling and will not interfere with your movement around the apartment. Among the disadvantages of the dryer is the high cost, which is due to the presence of an elevator mechanism.

Folding clothes dryers

A great tool for drying things in the apartment. Such dryers can be transported to any room, they are lightweight, durable, take up very little space when folded, but a lot of clothes and linen are placed on them. If the design of the dryer allows you to arrange clothes at different levels, then hang large items, such as duvet covers, because air circulates better there, which means that clothes dry more efficiently.

Roller construction outside the window

Drying outside is the best option. And if there is no balcony, then you can equip a place for these purposes immediately outside the window. To do this, special dryers are sold in stores that are securely fixed to the windowsill or window frame.

Important! When selecting it is important to consider personal safety. The size and shape of the structure must be such that its use does not pose a threat to life, especially if the installation will be carried out in a high-rise building above the second floor.

Electric dryers

Thanks to the additional heating, these dryers allow drying clothes much faster. Despite the higher price compared to conventional folding dryers, electric ones become a salvation for young mothers or in cases of caring for bed patients, that is, in situations where washing and drying things becomes an almost continuous process.

Dresses, shirts, jeans and shorts can be hung on hangers. So they will dry faster than on a dryer surrounded by other wet things. And at the same time they will smooth out, large folds will disappear on the fabric. Things will be much easier to iron.

Right place

You also need to choose the right place to dry things. The higher the humidity in the room, the longer the clothes dry. Therefore, bathrooms and kitchens do not fit well. In addition, a damp cloth readily absorbs odors, such as the aromas of food being cooked. It is best to place the dryer in the sun in a well-ventilated area.

Ceiling and wall mechanism

On sale there are very convenient ready-made models of dryers, the installation of which is carried out on the ceiling or wall. Their mechanism makes it easy to extend the structure during use and mask in the interior so that they do not violate harmony. There are dozens of compact and mobile options that are convenient to use and do not spoil the overall picture of the interior.

Air Dryer

However, ventilation and central heating do not always cope with high humidity, which not only complicates the drying of things, but also leads to the appearance of a variety of fungi and an increased risk of colds in the cold season. You can adjust the air humidity using a special dryer. It will allow you to keep the air humidity in the room within the normal range (approximately 45-60%) during drying of linen and clothes.

Acquisition of air dryer

Today various types of humidifiers are popular. But for those who are forced to constantly dry their laundry indoors, it is more important to purchase a dehumidifier to prevent mold and protect their health from high humidity. There are multifunctional moisture absorbers with humidifiers and sensors that determine the level of air performance and maintain a normal microclimate.

3 Useful Tips

To comfortably and safely wash and dry clothes in the apartment, you should follow a few simple rules.

  1. It is necessary to provide the highest quality rinse. If you are using an automatic washing machine, you must set the additional rinse.
  2. While the laundry is drying, open the window to allow for more efficient air exchange.
  3. In no case should you hang your washed clothes over a gas stove or heaters with an open incandescent spiral. This may cause a fire.
  4. To keep the laundry fresh after drying in the room, it is important to add conditioner when washing.

As you can see, the lack of a balcony is not a problem. Using these simple tips, you can dry clothes in the apartment without negative consequences for health and repair.

5.Wall-mounted folding dryer - for those who immediately wash a lot of things

Such a dryer is not only compact, but also designed to accommodate a large number of things. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the mounts, otherwise the device will quickly break. Also try to observe the measure - do not hang too much clothes on the dryer, otherwise it will be deformed and cease to fulfill its functions. Если же вы выберете деревянную модель, то она еще и прекрасно впишется в стильный интерьер ванной комнаты или гостиной, смотря, где вы собираетесь сушить белье.

6.Сушилка для мелких вещей, которая выдвигается

Выдвижная сушилка размещается под столом в спальне или под столешницей на кухне, поэтому ее очень легко спрятать, когда в устройстве нет нужды. It is perfect for a small apartment, due to its small size and functionality. But, just like the folding model, it can only be used in tandem with another dryer or for drying small items (underwear, socks, tights, t-shirts, children's clothes).

7. Dryer, which is mounted on a battery

This option is ideal in winter, early spring or late autumn, when the heating period lasts in the apartments. It involves quick drying of things. Even if you have a balcony, such a dryer model will be no less relevant, because when it rains or snows outdoors, the clothes will not be able to dry for a long time. And near the radiator clothes enough to hang the night to be completely dry.

8. Bathroom clothes dryer for delicate clothes

Such devices are the best helpers of the hostess. They are lightweight, compact, they can be folded when they are not needed, and can be easily transferred to another room. Most of all, such devices are suitable for drying delicate clothes, which are contraindicated in squeezing hands or drying in a washing machine. Just hang them on the dryer and the water will drain directly into the bathroom.

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