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10 Ways to Treat Yourself - Beloved


Our morning belongs to household chores, the day to work, the evening to caring for loved ones. How to find time for yourself beloved and spend it in such a way as to find spiritual harmony?

Our every day is filled with cares and deeds from early morning to late evening. Our morning or part of it belongs to the house, and the day to work. We usually give evening to the care of loved ones. But there are only twenty-four hours in a day, and it is extremely important to devote at least part of the time to yourself - the “costs” for a shower, makeup, manicure or sleep do not count.

“For yourself” moments will help you improve your mood, increase your self-esteem, and physical tone.

The fashionable concept of me-moment (from English me - "I, my" - and moment, that is, "moment, time") Is not a brief respite in a series of everyday worries (“I’ll lie down for 15 minutes and go to cook pasta”), but a real philosophy of beauty and harmony, which should turn into a nightly ritual of gaining internal and external attractiveness. Hours or minutes devoted to oneself will help to love oneself, to reveal new talents and the brink of one’s self

Me-moment: the components of happiness

So, what will help you escape from daily worries, feel the fullness of the joys of life and discover new strengths and opportunities in yourself? Take into service the simple and very pleasant secrets of a harmonious vacation!

In the evening, when all the worries are behind, and you can finally let go of everything, that sweet moment “for yourself” comes. Viewing mail and your pages on social networks, blogging, online English lessons are doubly pleasant “in the company” of a cup of your favorite tea or hot chocolate.

1. Start the morning in a new way.

The daily routine has long been overwhelming ... I want something new, but you yourself drive yourself into the strict framework of how a mother or wife should behave. Accordingly, first duties and deeds, and then everything else ... for which time usually does not remain.

Get up an hour earlier! And spend it on what you LIKE, whether it’s a walk in the fresh air, a short meditation, your favorite compositions even before everyone has risen ... Thus, you are charged with energy and harmony right in the morning

The first 12 minutes after waking up are the basis of the whole day. How you spend this time depends on how your day goes.

<By the way, I shot and made the movie myself when we were resting near Yalta.>

2. Allow yourself to do nothing

I understand that every more or less organized woman has a daily schedule for the weeks ahead ... after all, women are more responsible (with all due respect to men) in resolving everyday issues.

And if you suddenly have a free minute, you will most likely find right there what to do with yourself.

And you try not to do ANYTHING ?! Lying on the couch for half an hour after waking up ... soak up the bath ... chat with friends on the phone)))

And most importantly: DO NOT scold yourself for wasting time!

You are not a draft horse to work nonstop.

3. Give yourself a treat at the spa

I wanted to write about body care and relaxation at home ... But if you have small children at home, or you work in the daytime and come home only in the evening, when the whole family is assembled, it is unlikely that you will be able to relax 100% ...

Modern spa salons offer a full range of services: from massage and aromatherapy to pools and thermal baths with beautiful music and candles.

Once a month, you can definitely afford to escape from household chores and enjoy to the fullest!

4. Go shopping

When you have just enough money in your wallet so as not to stretch your legs to the payday, the idea of ​​going shopping causes a sharp rejection: "What am I going to do there ?!"

But modern shopping centers are whole conglomerates of beautiful shops, cozy cafes, entertainment centers ...

Women are essentially visual, they absorb the diversity of the world with EYES. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of going shopping, trying on everything that your eyes caught on, drinking coffee in a pleasant environment ...

It’s NOT necessary to spend money))) And you get a lot of pleasure.

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5. Arrange a meeting with friends

I will not ask when was the last time you met with close friends live ... In the era of cell phones and the Internet, communication became virtual and one-on-one.

Yes, you can hold a group video meeting on Skype, but is it really a substitute for lively support, warm hugs, talking about nothing .... There are always questions and situations that you can share only in person.

6. Pause cooking

I do not urge you to stop cooking at all ... but you can make a small break.

In almost any city today, you can order food at home: pizza, sushi or any other dish from the menu (depending on where you live).

A more romantic option: invite your husband / beloved man to a romantic dinner in a cafe or restaurant.

<There is no alcohol in our family, but the picture is pretty ...>

7. Spend the evening together with your loved one

Unsettled life gradually kills even the most ardent feelings. Especially when there are a lot of children in the house.

Agree with relatives / friends / nanny that they will look after the kids for a couple of hours ... and themselves ...

Have an unforgettable evening for yourself and your loved one. With candles, a light dinner, a sensual movie and a bath with rose petals.

How much is enough of your imagination.

8. Do something that is constantly running out of time

Surely, your to-do list has a favorite activity / I, which you constantly postpone until you have free time.

Free time is an illusion, it may not be in the next 10 years. And what, will you put off what you like to do for such a long time ?!

What do you like to do? To sew? To knit? Paint? Write? Re-read your favorite book?

Or maybe you have long planned to go to the hairdresser, do a manicure ...

DO it! Stop procrastinating! You live once.

<A long-standing dream of seeing a killer whale came true in San Diego, California, where we set aside a whole day to visit Sea World Park >


I am a realist by nature, and I understand perfectly well that after this article you can do something one of this list.

Make and forget in the daily routine of affairs.

But how great it will be if EVERY day you allow yourself a little joy: prepare for YOURSELF a fruit salad, eat your favorite cake / ice cream ... our life is made up of such trifles!

2. Do a manicure or pedicure

Add a few drops of essential oil and shower gel to a bowl of warm water, dip your hands or feet in it and turn on your favorite series. If you do not have a special set for manicure and pedicure, simply move the cuticle with a damp towel. Then use a scrub and apply your favorite nail polish.