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How to catch a fly in a room: 5 ways


Insects fly well, instantly respond to any movement, almost elusive.

  1. You can catch pests with your hands, but for this you need a quick reaction, skills. Fingers bend towards the palm of your hand, carefully approach the fly without making sudden movements. As if they knock down a fly with a bent palm, quickly bending their fingers into a fist when an insect hits the palm. To catch right away requires experience and training.
  2. It is much easier and faster at home to catch pests with the help of special traps. One of the most common options is fly tape, which is hung from the ceiling with a special pin. Adhesive tape retains properties for about 3 months, gradually catches flying pests. Change as the sticky part is filled - just throw it into the trash can. The price of one piece is from 5 rubles. up to 100 rub. depending on the manufacturers.
  3. You can also catch a fly in the apartment with the help of special lamp traps. It is allowed to use them in any room, in the open air. The lamp operates silently, does not require large energy reserves. It operates on conventional or solar panels, batteries, mains. Attracts flying insects with ultraviolet rays, heat, the smell of carbon dioxide. It draws into the trap with a fan, where the fly sticks to a special adhesive base. Popular patterns Vector Trap, Deluxe, Terminator, Klatronik. Cost from 300 rub. up to several thousand.
  4. Catching a fly at home is easy with a self-made device. How it will work, by what principle - an individual decision. In this case, the fantasy welcomes. Examples of homemade traps are presented below.

Any device will work much more efficiently if you lure a fly. Juices of fruits, berries, sugar, honey, and some other products are used as bait.

Plastic bottle

It will take empty containers from a carbonated drink, preferably mineral water.

  1. Cut off the top. To do this, initially make a hole with a knife, then carefully pass the scissors, cut off the neck.
  2. Turn over the cut part, insert into the bottle. Fix the edges with a stapler, adhesive tape, electrical tape or adhesive. Moment.
  3. Set a trap in any convenient place or hang it from a chandelier, ceiling.

Sugar syrup is used as bait. Pour 5 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar in a pan, pour a little water, so that the liquid slightly covers the grains of the main ingredient. Bring to a boil over low heat. Stir until completely dissolved, allow to cool slightly, pour into a bottle, coat the edges.

To make the improvised device more effective, you should periodically breathe into the bottle. In this way, carbon dioxide accumulates inside, which attracts flies better than any other bait. You can catch pests in a few days.


It is convenient to catch flies with an ordinary tin can from under pet food, conservation. They tear off the paper sticker, wash the jar, and dry it. Tape the outer part of the jar with tape, electrical tape, well pressed with your fingers. After a few minutes they peel off. The surface of the can became sticky.

If you use the trap in the dark, put a small flashlight in the jar, cover it with a lid. Install the structure in any convenient place where you want to catch pests.

Instead of adhesive tape, double-sided tape is allowed, which is not required to be torn off the can. To attract insects, you can drip honey or liquid jam on the surface.

Glass jar

You can catch flies in small banks.

  1. They should be washed, dried.
  2. Apple cider vinegar is poured inside.
  3. Instead of a lid use cling film. It needs to be pressed tightly to the edges, fixed with electrical tape, tape. Carefully make holes with a toothpick and a sharp knife so that the fly can get inside.

The trap will attract insects with the smell of sour apple cider vinegar. Once inside, the pest will not be able to get out. In this way, you can catch a huge number of flies. Reusable containers should be periodically emptied, rinsed, and the whole operation repeated. Pests will be caught as much as the smell attractive to them will come from the trap.

Flies feed on the juices of plants, rotting vegetables, fruits, meat, fish. Attracted by their smell is sour, the taste is sweet. As bait for homemade traps use:

  • sugar syrup
  • a piece of refined
  • apples, pears,
  • raw meat,
  • honey,
  • Apple vinegar,
  • fruit juice.

Most flies are attracted by the smell of rotten. If the trap is set on the street, you can lure with the missing meat, salad, borsch, beer, kvass.

For the extermination of small flies and ordinary house flies, it is recommended to use several methods of struggle. Do not forget about prevention - mosquito nets on windows, doors. Until mid-summer, domestic flies only buzz, irritate the nervous system with their presence, in August they are replaced by lighters that start to bite painfully, cause an allergic reaction.

Method number 1. Plastic film and glass jar

Make a trap for flies, taking a regular cling film and a glass jar with a volume of 0.5-1 l. (If desired, you can replace it with a transparent glass for juice).

  1. Choose a container of a suitable size, fill it with water, retreating from the edges by 5-6 cm.
  2. Mix a large amount of granulated sugar with a dishwashing detergent, pour in apple cider vinegar with a concentration of 6-9%.
  3. Send the resulting mixture to a jar of water, wait for the sugar crystals to dissolve, mix thoroughly.
  4. Cut a piece of cling film measuring 10 * 10 cm., Attach it to the neck of the jar, covering the entire hole.
  5. In cases when the polyethylene does not fit snugly, wrap the neck with tape / tape or secure with an elastic band.
  6. Take a ballpoint pen or kitchen scissors, make a round hole in the surface of the film. Through this hole, the insect will enter the tank.
  7. Place the trap jar on a windowsill or other sunny place, wait for the moment when the fly gets inside.

Method number 3. Paper bag

An effective option for catching flies is the use of purchased Velcro. It is sold in hardware stores or large supermarkets (cost about 50 rubles.).

  1. The trap is a paper tape impregnated with a special composition. A sweet texture attracts flies, and a sticky surface keeps them in place. It is enough to hang Velcro from the ceiling and enjoy the result.
  2. You can also make Velcro on your own. To do this, you need to get a paper bag from under clothes, food or McDonald's. Also prepare granulated sugar and maple syrup in advance.
  3. Take a brown paper bag, cut it into thin even strips about 4-5 cm wide. Pierce a hole with an awl or a rod of a handle at the top of each section, thread a thick rope, tie it with a loop.
  4. Prepare an enameled pan, mix 65 gr in one composition. cane or beet sugar and 125 ml. wedge syrup. Put on the stove, bring the mixture to the dissolution of granules of sand.
  5. Remove the container from the heat, cool, dip each strip into the prepared liquid. Leave the tapes for 8-10 hours so that they are thoroughly saturated. After the expiration date, remove the strips, hold them above the sink so that the glass has excess liquid. Hang on the ceiling in a room with a large accumulation of insects.

Method number 4. Glass beaker

It is not necessary to resort to the above methods, you can catch a fly using an ordinary glass cup or mug. You will also need a thick cardboard sheet or piece of paper.

  1. Wait for the moment when the fly lands on a flat surface (table, wall, window, etc.), begin to move slowly towards it, holding a glass and a sheet of paper in your hands.
  2. Do not make sudden movements, flies clearly pick up the slightest fluctuations. Slowly bring the mug up and cover it with an insect.
  3. Keep the glass close to the surface, slowly begin to push the cardboard under the neck so that the fly is trapped. Turn the mug over, the sheet will serve as a lid.

Method number 5. Hands

If there are no materials, catch the fly with your hands, the method is quite slow, but feasible in the presence of dexterity.

  1. Bend your fingers to get a kind of cup from the palm of your hand. Place the phalanges at the base of the palm quickly and smoothly, then unclench your hand.
  2. Make sure that between the fingers and the middle part there is a space in which the fly will be. For this purpose, a male hand is ideal.
  3. Wait until the fly lands on the surface, bring the non-knowing hand down, and put the "cup" up. Frighten the fly so that it flies into your palm, squeeze your fingers.

It is easy to catch a fly in a room if you stock up on savvy, cunning and patience. Build a fly trap from a plastic bottle, glass jar, or glass. Get a special Velcro from the hardware store or make one yourself. In extreme cases, catch a fly with your bare hands, clasping your palm with a cup.

Ways to catch insects

There are several options that will help a person catch a fly in an apartment using self-made traps. The methods are quite simple, it is important to strictly follow sequential actions. Consider the most popular of them.

The use of glass jars and polyethylene

Using these tools at hand, you can build a simple trap yourself. It is necessary to prepare an ordinary glass jar, with a volume of 1 or 0.5 l and a cling film. Also use an ordinary transparent glass. Now you need to follow these steps:

  • mix a large amount of sugar with a liquid dishwashing detergent, pour the resulting solution into a container,
  • add water with 9% vinegar (a couple of tablespoons) to the mixture,
  • mix well, wait for the sugar to dissolve,
  • carefully wrap the neck of the container with plastic wrap and make a small hole in the center using scissors, a pen, a pencil.

The trap is ready. In this way, you can attract a fly, it will fly to the smell of sweets and will certainly fit into the hole.

Using a plastic bottle

Mineral water, Pepsi-Cola, other drinks are almost always in every house. Container from under them is an excellent material for all kinds of crafts, including traps for flies.

Plastic bottle fly trap

To catch insects with their help, you need to follow simple steps:

  • cut off the top of a one or two liter plastic bottle,
  • mentally divide it into 3 equal parts.
  • pour 1/3 of granulated sugar, pour in so much water and wait for the crystals to dissolve,
  • add food coloring of a blue (or other) saturated color that attracts flies,
  • pests will not be caught in yellow, orange and red color, since such shades scare them away,
  • turn over the cut-off part (with a neck) and put in a bottle with the prepared mixture.
  • the fly penetrates through the funnel; it cannot get out.

The trap is put in places where flies most often appear. Instead of this mixture, you can prepare a solution consisting of granulated sugar, detergent for dishes and vinegar 9% in a ratio of 3: 1: 1.

Paper bag application

At home, you can catch flies with the help of paper bags and ribbons, constructing traps from them. To make Velcro, you need linseed oil and wax. Melt 10–20 grams of wax in a metal can on fire, add 150 g of linseed oil and 1 tsp. honey. Mix everything thoroughly, let the mixture cool and soak it with paper strips, cut about 7 cm wide and 30-40 cm long. Similarly, you can prepare a mixture of rosin (2 parts), castor oil (1 part), a small amount of honey or jam .

I live outside the city in a private house. In summer, windows and doors are often open, so flies fly constantly. I usually buy tape at the store. I liked the Raptor products. Sometimes you have to do it yourself on the basis of wax and flaxseed. Good bait for flies.

Sticky fly trap

You can catch flies with paper bags. Today in supermarkets such packages for products are always available. Do not throw them away, they will come in handy on the farm. For the trap should:

  • cut it into strips 2.5-3 cm wide,
  • make small holes in the upper part of each, pull a rope through them and tighten with a loop,
  • add 120 ml maple syrup to a wide container, add 2 tbsp. l brown and white sugar
  • put strips in the prepared solution and leave them for several hours for complete impregnation,
  • remove sticky tapes from the bowl, allow excess liquid to drain and hang them in the places where flies are most crowded.

Using hands

You can try to catch flies using your hands. If the house did not have the necessary materials, you can use your own hands as a trap. This method is rather slow, but getting used to it, it is quite feasible. Hands will receive a small charge. To catch a house fly with your hands, you need to do the following:

  • bend your fingers so that a cup is obtained from the palm - a kind of trap,
  • make several movements as a workout: quickly squeeze your palm, bending your fingers to the base,
  • leave a small space inside the squeezed palm,
  • as soon as the fly sits on the surface, you should carefully approach it (do not make sudden movements that frighten off the insect),
  • now you need to wave the palm folded into the cup two cm from the fly,
  • squeeze the palm, bending the fingers to the base,

The insect, sensing movement, will fly up and will be inside the trap.

Catch a fly

In order not to crush the fly, do not squeeze your fingers very much, otherwise it can be crushed.

I tried using this method. It turned out to be quite complicated for me. But once it happened - I caught this annoying fly. I prefer to use other methods - Velcro, fly swatter, trap from the can.

Glass cup application

You can catch flies using a trap from an ordinary glass cup and a sheet of cardboard. As soon as the insect sits on the surface, you need to move slowly, without scaring it away, holding a glass and cardboard in your hands. Carefully, without sudden movements, cover the container with a fly, then slowly insert a sheet under it and turn the bowl over. The fly will be trapped. After that, it can be studied or released into the wild. In this way, you can quite easily lure insects.

Now it’s known how to catch a fly in a room using hand-made traps. It is necessary to get rid of these pests, since they often use garbage as food. Food should be stored in places inaccessible to them, do not forget to throw garbage on time. To prevent insects from entering the house and apartment through windows and doors, it is recommended to install mosquito nets on them.